Nanoscale Ordered MAterials Diffractometer Workshop
NOMAD 2011

September 12 - 13, 2011

High-Flux Isotope Reactor • Spallation Neutron Source • Oak Ridge National Laboratory



About the Workshop

The acronym NOMAD stands for Nanoscale Ordered MAterials Diffractometer. It is a diffractometer located at the Spallation Neutron Source and is designed for the determination of pair distribution functions from a wide range of materials spanning from dense gases to long range ordered crystalline materials. It combines a large accessible Q range, large detector coverage with high intensity while maintaining good resolution. For a typical sample of the order of ~0.5cm3 good statistical accuracy can be achieved in minutes or even seconds of data acquisition time.

This one and a half day workshop is intended to give an overview over the capabilities of the instrument with an emphasis on hands on experiments. Suggestions of participant provided samples are welcome. Those can be either standard samples or sample with immediate scientific interest. No safety concerns withstanding it is expected that these samples will be measured with useful accuracy during the workshop.

We hope to see you in Oak Ridge soon.


a) Scattering from SiO2 glass rod to Q=50Å-1 in about 20 min,
b) Scattering from 0.6g of diamond powder, data acquisition time 1s.