Neutron Powder Diffraction Workshop

August 31, 2011 - September 2, 2011

High-Flux Isotope Reactor • Spallation Neutron Source • Oak Ridge National Laboratory



About the Workshop

Neutron powder diffraction is a widely used tool for structural characterization of a wide variety of materials such as superconductors, energy storage materials such as batteries, solid oxide fuel cells, zeolites, ferroelectrics etc. The aim of this workshop is to give members of the powder user community an (1) introduction to neutron powder diffraction, (2) how to choose between instruments at Oak Ridge for their research, (3) the proposal process, (4) experience of data collection and (5) finally Rietveld analysis of data collected at two general purpose powder instruments namely HB2A at HFIR and POWGEN at SNS.

Participants will have the option of bringing one of their own samples for which data can be collected and analyzed at the workshop. Samples should be 2-3 cubic cm of powdered sample. The sample can be a loose powder or pressed into pellets or cylinders, and must fit into a 1 cm diameter x 5 cm can. Data can be collected at a temperature between room temperature and 15K. However, in this case a short 2 paragraph proposal will have to be submitted which will be reviewed for scientific merit and feasibility.

There is no registration fee for this workshop, but registration is required in sufficient time to receive training and approval for access to Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Attendance is limited and there is a possibility of limited reimbursement for travel expenses.