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Featuring Former Neutron Sciences Director Ian Anderson

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Under Pressure: Using Diamonds to Research Oil Clogs, Earthquakes and Global Warming

Dr. Ian Anderson talks Diamonds with Erin Donovan.

Researching Huntington’s Disease


The segment features Chris Stanley and research at the Bio-SANS instrument that is providing insight into the mechanisms of Huntington's Disease. This fatal late-onset neurodegenerative disorder affects 1 out of every 10,000 Americans and unfortunately has no cure. With small-angle neutron scattering (SANS), researchers are addressing long-standing questions regarding the structures of the smallest and most elusive protein oligomers considered to be the neurotoxic species in Huntington’s Disease.

Turning Switchgrass into Fuel for Your Car


Making Medicine Work for You


Dr. Ian Anderson took WBIR into TOPAZ to see what the machine does. It actually “uses protein crystals to act as an amplifier and it boosts the signal to a level where we can actually record them with instruments such as TOPAZ and from that we can actually reconstruct the structure of the protein and identify how the actual protein actually breaks down antibiotics on the molecular level.”

Student Scientists


Some of the science world’s future stars are wrapping up studies in Oak Ridge.

Dr. Ian Anderson gets a charge out of batteries


Today, Dr. Anderson explains the work done on batteries and the future their work holds for us all.

Ian Anderson has explaining ORNL down to a science


Dr. Ian Anderson is the Associate Laboratory Director for the Spallation Neutron Source at ORNL. He will bring to Live at Five at Four viewers a look at the amazing work being done in the science field right in our own backyard. He started with what SNS does.

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