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Conducting Research at SNS and HFIR

Next proposal call deadline is Sep. 5, 2012, 11:59am (EDT) (NOON) for experiment period January–June 2013.

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Beam time is granted through our general user program, which is open to all. To schedule beam time you need to submit a proposal describing the experiment you would like to conduct. In addition, we have opportunities for extended collaboration through programs such as internships and postdoctoral programs.

The instruments at HFIR and SNS can be used free of charge with the understanding that researchers will publish their results, making them available to the scientific community. Our facilities are also available for proprietary research for a fee.

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How Can Neutron Scattering Benefit My Research?

Neutron scattering has applications in almost every technical and scientific field, from biology and chemistry to physics and engineering. Neutrons have unique properties that allow them to reveal properties of materials that other types of probes can not.

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