ORNL User Week 2010

September 13 – 17, 2010, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

ORNL has an extensive history of collaborative research with colleagues in academia, other national laboratories and industry. Over 3000 scientists and engineers visit ORNL annually to discuss and perform research, and more than 85% of research articles involving ORNL staff now include co-authors from other institutions. While research facilities and organizations have hosted focused workshops, it is infrequent that more than a few of the ORNL facilities and research divisions come together to jointly present summaries of research initiatives on a topic of national importance Рsupporting the research underpinning advances in solar energy and energy storage.

Goals of ORNL User Week

  • Highlight opportunities for collaboration with ORNL researchers in the areas of Solar Energy and Energy Storage.
  • Assist scientists and engineers in identifying ORNL staff and facilities that can support research in these areas.
  • Receive feedback from users on new experimental capabilities required to support future research needs.

Topical Areas of the Users Week Include:

  • Modeling including materials design and function
  • Characterization of materials properties and in situ characterization
  • New materials development
  • Performance evaluation
  • Materials processing

Why Researchers from Universities and Industry Should Attend:

  • ORNL staff representing many disciplines and user facilities will attend.
  • Visitors will personally meet ORNL staff to discuss ongoing research and R&D needs
  • Tours will be available of designated ORNL user facilities