Sample Environment of the HB-3A Instrument

A list of equipment available at HB-3A can be found in the Sample Environment Equipment Database. The database contains detailed equipment specifications and images, drawings and other documents when available.

Ranges of Environment Conditions

The following conditions are not attainable simultaneously. Refer to the Sample Environment Equipment Database for ranges per equipment.

Temperature: 4–800 K

Magnetic field: 0 to 1T (permanent magnet)

Magnet Magnet

Pressure: Up to 2GPa (BeCu clamp cell)

Pressure Cell Pressure Cell

Electric field: Power supply up to 1100V on sample

Electric field Electric field

Sample Size and Mount

The maximum length of the crystal must be smaller than 5 mm. The minimum crystal size depends on the crystal structure information and the aim of the experiment, however a crystal larger than 1 mm3 would be expected. The crystal will either be glued or wrapped in aluminum foil to an aluminum pin and then mounted to the instrument by the set screw. See the photo “Mounted Crystal” where the square crystal glued on the aluminum pin is mounted to the copper head on the instrument. The “Crystal on the Aluminum Pin” shows the crystal glued on the aluminum pin.

Mounted Crystal

Mounted Crystal

Crystal on the Aluminum Pin

Crystal on the Aluminum Pin