Additional Synchrotron X-Ray Measurements

NOMAD has an ongoing collaboration with the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory. If you have an approved NOMAD proposal, we will collect complementary x-ray total scattering data at beam line 11-ID-B.

Rules and Guidelines

Samples will be measured only at room temperature in ambient conditions.

  • We will measure only the samples that are directly related to your NOMAD proposal.
  • Samples previously measured with neutrons will not be accepted, even if released by SNS or your local radiation protection officer.
  • 11-ID-B is dedicated to collection of high-quality PDF. It is not a high-resolution x-ray diffraction instrument.
  • Samples have to be shipped to the NOMAD beam line, not to APS.
  • Samples have to arrive no later then 2 weeks before APS beam time.
  • Actual dates of the experiment will be announced to users via e-mail several months before the experiment.
  • Only powder samples can be measured, so grind your single crystal well.
  • We will pack your powder samples into kapton capillaries; however, you are welcome to do it yourself. Here is how:

Working with Samples at 11-ID-B

Shipping Samples for X-ray Measurements

  • You MUST send MSDS forms for your samples to Mikhail Feygenson. If no MSDS forms are available, provide the forms for each separate element in your sample. Also, describe any potential hazard associated with your sample.
  • When shipping your samples, make sure you include a list of the samples, their chemical composition, density, and the IPTS number of your NOMAD proposal.
  • Avoid using very long names—remember we will have to mark 2 mm thin capillaries with it.
  • The samples must be shipped to:
        Attention: X-Ray PDF samples
        Neutron Sciences User Sample IPTS # XXXX, Beam line 1B
        Oak Ridge National Laboratory/SNS Site
        Chestnut Ridge, Bldg 8920
        Oak Ridge, TN 37830