Adam Aczel

Adam Aczel

Position: Instrument Scientist

Beamline: CG-4C, HB-1A

Instrument: Cold Neutron Triple-Axis Spectrometer, Fixed-Incident-Energy Triple-Axis Spectrometer

Group: Triple-Axis Spectroscopy

Facility: High Flux Isotope Reactor

Contact: or (865) 978-0118

Positions Held

Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist — 2013–present
Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist
Quantum Condensed Matter Division
Neutron Sciences Directorate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, USA

Postdoctoral Research Associate — 2010–2013
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Quantum Condensed Matter Division
Neutron Sciences Directorate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, USA


Doctor of Philosophy (Physics) 2005 - 2010
McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
Collaborators: G.M. Luke (Ph.D. supervisor), Y.J. Uemura, M. Jaime
Research Projects: Crystal growth and high magnetic field measurements of quantum magnets, mSR measurements of exotic magnets and unconventional superconductors
Thesis Title: Studies of Bose-Einstein condensates in magnetic insulators

Bachelor of Science (Physics Honours – Co-op) 2001 – 2005
University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada
Minor: mathematics


I study strongly-correlated electron systems with neutron scattering, muon spin rotation/relaxation (mSR), and high magnetic field methods. I am especially interested in the magnetic ground states of frustrated magnets and the spin dynamics of functional materials, including half-metallic magnets and magnetic semiconductors.

Selected Publications

  1. A.A. Aczel, L. Li, V.O. Garlea, J.-Q. Yan, F. Weickert, M. Jaime, B. Maiorov, R. Movshovich, L. Civale, V. Keppens, and D. Mandrus, Magnetic ordering in the frustrated J1-J2 Ising chain candidate BaNd2O4, Physical Review B 90, 134403 (2014)
  2. G.J. MacDougall, I. Brodsky, A.A. Aczel, V.O. Garlea, G.E. Granroth, A.D. Christianson, T. Hong, H.D. Zhou and S.E. Nagler, Magnons and a two-component spin gap in FeV2O4, Physical Review B 89, 224404 (2014)
  3. J.Y.Y. Lin, A.A. Aczel, D.L. Abernathy, S.E. Nagler, W.J.L. Buyers and G.E. Granroth, Using Monte Carlo ray tracing simulations to model the quantum harmonic oscillator modes observed in uranium nitride, Physical Review B 89, 144302 (2014)
  4. A.A. Aczel, P.J. Baker, D.E. Bugaris, J. Yeon, H.-C. zur Loye, T. Guidi and D.T. Adroja, Exotic magnetism on the quasi-FCC lattices of the d3 double perovskites La2NaB’O6 (B’ = Ru, Os), Physical Review Letters 112, 117603 (2014)
  5. A.A. Aczel, D.E. Bugaris, J. Yeon, C. de la Cruz, H.-C. zur Loye and S.E. Nagler, Coupled Nd and B’ spin ordering in the double perovskites Nd2NaB’O6s (B’ = Ru, Os), Physical Review B 88, 014413 (2013)
  6. A.A. Aczel, D.E. Bugaris, L. Li, J.-Q. Yan, C. de la Cruz, H.-C. zur Loye and S.E. Nagler, Frustration by competing interactions in the highly-distorted double perovskites La2NaB’O6 (B’ = Ru, Os), Physical Review B 87, 014435 (2013)
  7. A.A. Aczel, G.E. Granroth, G.J. MacDougall, W.J.L. Buyers, D.L. Abernathy, G.D. Samolyuk, G.M. Stocks and S.E. Nagler, Quantum oscillations of nitrogen atoms in uranium nitride, Nature Communications 3, 1124 (2012)
  8. G.J. MacDougall, V.O. Garlea, A.A. Aczel, H.D. Zhou, and S.E. Nagler, Magnetic order and ice rules in the multiferroic spinel FeV2O4, Physical Review B 86, 060414(R) (2012)
  9. S.R. Dunsgier, A.A. Aczel, C. Arguello, H. Dabkowska, A. Dabkowski, M.-H. Du, T. Goko, B. Javanparast, T. Lin, F. Ning, H.M.L. Noad, D.J. Singh, T.J. Williams, Y.J. Uemura, M.J.P. Gingras and G.M. Luke, Spin ice: magnetic excitations without monopole signatures using µSR, Physical Review Letters 107, 207207 (2011)
  10. A.A. Aczel, G.J. MacDougall, F.L. Ning, J.A. Rodriguez, S.R. Saha, F.C. Chou, T. Imai, and G.M. Luke, Absence of static magnetic order in lightly-doped Ti1-xScxOCl down to 1.7 K, Physical Review B 83, 134411 (2011)
  11. T.J. Williams, A.A. Aczel, E. Baggio-Saitovitch, S.L. Bud’ko, P.C. Canfield, J.P. Carlo, T. Goko, H. Kageyama, A. Kitada, J. Munevar, N. Ni, S.R. Saha, K. Kirschenbaum, J. Paglione, D.R. Sanchez-Candela, Y.J. Uemura, and G.M. Luke, Superfluid density and field-induced magnetism in Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 and Sr(Fe1-xCox)2As2 measured with muon spin relaxation; Physical Review B 82, 094512 (2010)
  12. A.A. Aczel, T.J. Williams, T. Goko, J.P. Carlo, W. Yu, Y.J. Uemura, T. Klimczuk, J.D. Thompson, R.J. Cava, and G.M. Luke, Muon spin rotation/relaxation measurements of the non-centrosymmetric superconductor Mg10Ir19B16, Physical Review B 82, 024520 (2010)
  13. A.A. Aczel, Y. Kohama, C. Marcenat, F. Weickert, M. Jaime, O.E. Ayala-Valenzuela, R.D. McDonald, S.D. Selesnic, H.A. Dabkowska, and G.M. Luke, Field-induced Bose-Einstein condensation of triplons up to 8 K in Sr3Cr2O8, Physical Review Letters 103, 207203 (2009)
  14. T.J. Williams, A.A. Aczel, E. Baggio-Saitovitch, S.L. Bud’ko, P.C. Canfield, J.P. Carlo, T. Goko, J. Munevar, N. Ni, Y.J. Uemura, W. Yu, and G.M. Luke, Muon spin rotation measurement of the magnetic field penetration depth in Ba(Fe0.926Co0.074)2As2: Evidence for multiple superconducting gaps; Physical Review B 80, 094501 (2009)
  15. T. Goko, A.A. Aczel, E. Baggio-Saitovitch, S.L. Budko, P.C. Canfield, J.P. Carlo, G.F. Chen, Pengcheng Dai, A.C. Hamann, W.Z. Hu, H. Kageyama, G.M. Luke, J.L. Luo, N. Ni, D. Reznik, D.R. Sanchez-Candela, A.T. Savici, K.J. Sikes, N.L. Wang, C.R. Wiebe, T.J. Williams, T. Yamamoto, W. Yu, and Y.J. Uemura, Superconductivity coexisting with phase-separated static magnetic order in (Ba,K)Fe2As2, (Sr,Na)Fe2As2 and CaFe2As2; Physical Review B 80, 024508 (2009)
  16. A.A. Aczel, Y. Kohama, M. Jaime, K. Ninios, H.B. Chan, L. Balicas, H.A. Dabkowska, and G.M. Luke, Bose-Einstein condensation of triplons in Ba3Cr2O8; Physical Review B 79, 100409(R) (2009), Paper of editor’s choice
  17. W. Yu, A.A. Aczel, T.J. Williams, S.L. Bud’ko, N. Ni, P.C. Canfield, and G.M. Luke, Absence of superconductivity in single phase CaFe2As2 under hydrostatic pressure; Physical Review B 79, 020511(R) (2009)
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  19. G.J. MacDougall, A.A. Aczel, J.P. Carlo, T. Ito, J. Rodriguez, P.L. Russo, Y.J. Uemura, S. Wakimoto and G.M. Luke, Absence of Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry in the Pseudogap State of the High Temperature La2-xSrxCuO4 Superconductor from Muon Spin Relaxation Measurements; Physical Review Letters 101, 017001 (2008)
  20. Y. J. Uemura, T. Goko, I. M. Gat-Malureanu, J. P. Carlo, P. L. Russo, A. T. Savici, A. Aczel, G. J. MacDougall, J. A. Rodriguez, G. M. Luke, S. R. Dunsiger, A. McCollam, J. Arai, Ch. Pfleiderer, P. Boni, K. Yoshimura, E. Baggio-Saitovitch, M. B. Fontes, J. Larrea, Y. V. Sushko, and J. Sereni, Phase separation and suppression of critical dynamics at quantum transitions of itinerant magnets: MnSi and (Sr1-xCax)RuO3; Nature Physics 3, 29 (2007)

Awards, Honors and Memberships

Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship, 2005–2009, National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Awarded to a high caliber scholar engaged in a doctoral program in the natural sciences or engineering.

Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award, 2005–2006, Golden Key International Honor Society. Awarded to an outstanding graduate student who excels in the areas of academics, leadership, and service.


  • American Physical Society
  • Golden Key International Honor Society
  • Neutron Scattering Society of America