The Laue Diffractometer at HFIR



IMAGINE is a state-of-the-art neutron image-plate single crystal diffractometer. It provides atomic resolution information on chemical, organic, metallo-organic and protein single crystals that will enable their chemical, physical and biological structure and function to be understood. The instrument will therefore benefit communities with interest in pharmaceuticals, minerals and other inorganic crystals, small molecules, molecular organo-metallic crystals and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) molecular crystal structures and will enable the neutron crystal structure of oligo-nucleotides and proteins to be determined at or near atomic resolutions (1.5 Å).


Robert McQuenney, deputy ALD for Neutron Sciences, signs off the completion of the IMAGINE comissioning. IMAGINE enters the general user program just four years after its joint funding by the National Science Fundation and DOE BES.


Supra-Molecular Crystallography

  • Single molecule magnets (SMMs)
  • Metal-organic-frameworks (MOFs)
  • Polyoxometalates  (POMs)

Materials under Extreme Environment

  • 1 Mb and cryogenic temperatures
  • Phase transitions
  • Magnetic Transitions

Protein Structure-Function

  • Hydrogen atoms in proteins
  • Enzymology
  • Ligand complexes
  • Drug design