SNS-HFIR User Group

The SNS-HFIR User Group (SHUG) consists of all persons interested in using the neutron scattering facilities at Oak Ridge. It provides input to the management on user concerns, provides a forum for keeping the entire community informed of issues and progress at these facilities, and serves as an advocacy group for neutron scattering science at these facilities.

The initial bylaws for SHUG were adopted at the first SNS user meeting in the fall of 1998. The Executive Committee for SHUG was nominally formed in the summer of 1999 and had its first meeting by conference call in January of 2000. Officers were elected in April of 2000.

Anyone who is interested in expressing concerns or ideas is strongly encouraged to contact any of the members of the Executive Committee or other special committees as appropriate. We can only represent you to the extent that we communicate with each other.

Send an email to to join the SNS and HFIR users mailing list. You can choose to receive information from the SNS, HFIR, SHUG, and other neutron scattering groups.

Contact the SHUG Executive Committee:

Talk to SHUG

You email will be received directly by members of the SHUG Executive Committee.
SHUG EC will ask for your permission before communicating any identifying details to NScD management.