2023 Neutron Advisory Board


The Neutron Advisory Board (NAB) reports to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Director and advises the Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for Neutron Sciences on strategic issues related to science missions and national needs in order to maximize scientific impact and ability to deliver maximum benefit to ORNL, the Department of Energy, the national and international neutron scattering communities, and other national and international scientific communities.


The NAB members are appointed by the Laboratory Director’s Office and serve staggered terms of three years to provide continuity. The NAB has approximately 12 nationally and internationally prominent leaders who span a broad scientific and technological breadth, provide insight on research directions and policy, provide perspectives from the broader community, and have relevant experience with large scientific facilities.

Charge and Responsibilities

The ORNL Laboratory Director, in consultation with the ALD, provides the NAB with a written charge and agenda prior to each meeting. Through advice and counsel, the NAB assists the ALD for Neutron Sciences in setting the strategic vision for neutron sciences at ORNL. With the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) and the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) being critical assets to the neutron science community, the investments in and policy for science programs associated with these facilities help shape science agendas worldwide. The NAB is charged with providing candid advice, counsel and recommendations on the following areas to the ALD:

  • Strategic facility and scientific investments,
  • National investments in neutron source infrastructures,
  • Recommendations and priorities from the SNS and HFIR User Community (SHUG) and other advisory committees,
  • Timing and direction of investments,
  • Neutron scattering capabilities and capacity,
  • Instrument development and upgrades,
  • Scientific focus, and
  • Staffing and critical collaborations within the community.

NAB members help serve as the Neutron Science Directorate’s (NScD) representative to the neutron scattering community, and in turn, represent the neutron scattering community’s needs to NScD. NAB members mentor NScD staff and the organization, providing counsel on specific scientific areas and facility operations. Periodically, NAB members participate in seminars, workshops and talks hosted by NScD.

The NAB meets annually at ORNL, with a typical meeting duration of two days. The Board is asked to review operating schedules, instrument development plans, strategic plans, and other planning tools throughout the year, as appropriate, to ensure that investments maximize the benefit to the neutron science community.