SNS instrument layout. Click for details.

Instruments at the Spallation Neutron Source

SNS currently has 17 instruments available for users. Each instrument is designed to complement the other instruments in the suite and to benefit several different areas of science.

If you're unsure which instrument(s) would most benefit your research, or if you would like to request capabilities that you don't see here, please contact our user office.

All SNS Instrument fact sheets are also available in this single PDF document.

Available to Users

Beam Line Fact Sheet Instrument Name Contact
1B PDF NOMAD Nanoscale-Ordered Materials Diffractometer Jörg Neuefeind
2 PDF BASIS Backscattering Spectrometer Eugene Mamontov
3 PDF SNAP Spallation Neutrons and Pressure Diffractometer Chris Tulk
4A PDF MR Magnetism Reflectometer Valeria Lauter
4B PDF LR Liquids Reflectometer John Ankner
5 PDF CNCS Cold Neutron Chopper Spectrometer Georg Ehlers
6 PDF EQ-SANS Extended Q-Range Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Diffractometer William Heller
7 PDF VULCAN Engineering Materials Diffractometer Ke An
11A PDF POWGEN Powder Diffractometer Ashfia Huq
11B PDF MaNDi Macromolecular Neutron Diffractometer Leighton Coates
12 PDF TOPAZ Single-Crystal Diffractometer Christina Hoffmann
13 PDF FNPB Fundamental Neutron Physics Beam Line Geoffrey Greene
14B PDF HYSPEC Hybrid Spectrometer, polarized Barry Winn
15 PDF NSE Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer Michael Ohl
16B PDF VISION Vibrational Spectrometer Christoph Wildgruber
17 PDF SEQUOIA Fine-Resolution Fermi Chopper Spectrometer Matt Stone
18 PDF ARCS Wide Angular-Range Chopper Spectrometer Doug Abernathy

In Commissioning or Under Construction

Beam Line Fact Sheet Instrument Name Contact
1A PDF USANS Ultra-Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument Michael Agamalian
9 PDF CORELLI Elastic Diffuse Scattering Spectrometer Feng Ye


Beam Line Instrument Name
unassigned SERGIS Spin-Echo Resolved Grazing Incidence Scattering
10 VENUS Versatile Neutron Imaging Instrument at the Spallation Neutron Source
unassigned ZEEMANS Neutron Scattering at High Magnetic Fields

Instrument Support

Support Area For general SNS instrument support, contact Bobby Cross.
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