The Liquids Reflectometer at SNS

Liquids Reflectometer

The reflectometry beam line at SNS consists of two separate instruments sharing the same primary shutter, one specialized in soft matter/liquids experiments and the other in magnetism (see Magnetism Reflectometer).

The Liquids Reflectometer is designed for viewing horizontal surfaces and is used for a wide range of science. Data rates and Q-range covered at a single scattering angle setting are sufficiently high to permit "real-time" kinetic specular reflectivity on many systems. Time-resolved phenomena such as chemical kinetics, solid-state reactions, phase transitions, and chemical reactions in general are accessible for study.


Researchers are using the LR to study a broad range of problems in these and related scientific fields.

  • Phase separation in polymer films
  • Inorganic templating at air/water interfaces
  • Complex fluids under flow
  • Vesicles and gels
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Surfactants at interfaces
  • Interfacial structure in drug delivery systems
  • Membranes and their intermolecular interaction
  • Protein adsorption
  • Critical phenomena in fluid systems
  • Biocompatibility and sensors