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The following 435 publications were retrieved from the Neutron Sciences Publication Database.











  • Jayaprakash A., Singh S., Chahine G., "Bubble dynamics in a two-phase bubbly mixture", Proceedings of the ASME 2010 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, IMECE2010-40509, (2010).
  • Jeon D., Groening L., Franchetti G., "A fourth order resonance of a high intensity linac", Proceedings of PAC09, FR5REP078, (2010).
  • Jeon D., Pogge J., Liu Y., Menshov A., Aleksandrov A., Webster A., Grice W., Assadi S., Nesterenko I., "The laser emittance scanner for 1 GeV H- beam", Proceedings of PAC09, (2010).
  • Jeon D.-O., Aleksandrov A. V., Assadi S., Grice W. P., Liu Y., Menshov A. A., Nesterenko I., Pogge J., Webster A., "The laser emittance scanner for 1 GeV H- beam", Particle Accelerator Conference 2009, (2010).
  • Jiang C., "Optimization of polarized 3He neutron spin filters for neutron scattering", Indiana University, (2010).
  • Jiang M. Q., Meng J. X., Gao J. B., Wang X. L., Rouxel T., Keryvin V., Ling Z., Dai L. H., "Fractal in fracture of bulk metallic glass", Intermetallics 18, 12, 2468-2471, (2010).
  • Johnson D. E., Cousineau S., "Summary of the working group on accelerator system design, injection, and extraction", Proceedings of HB2010, FROP03, (2010).
  • Johnson D. E., Drozhdin A. I., Rakhno I., Vorobiev L. G., Gorlov T., "Project X H- injection design history and challenges", Proceedings of HB2010, MOPD43 , (2010).
  • Johs A., Shi L., Droubay T., Ankner J. F., Liang L., "Characterization of the decaheme c-type cytochrome OmcA in solution and on hematite surfaces by small angle X-ray scattering and neutron reflectometry", Biophysical Journal 98, 3035-3043 , (2010).
  • Jr. F. F.Knapp, Mirzadeh S., Garland M., Ponsard B., Kuznetsov R., "Reactor production and processing of 188W", Production of Long Lived Parent Radionuclides for Generators: 68Ge, 82Sr, 90Sr and 188W, Radioisotopes and Radiopharmaceutical TECDOC Series, (2010).
  • Ju H., "Interaction of trapped hydrogen with dislocations at low-temperature in deformed Pd", University of Illinois, (2010).






  • O'Hagan R. D., Hashemian H. M., McConkey J. B., "On-line monitoring techniques for improved reliability and maintenance of research reactors", 7th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Plant Instrumentation, Control, and Human-Machine Interface Technologies 2010, 590-604, (2010).
  • Odette G. R., Hoelzer D. T., "Irradiation-tolerant nanostructured ferritic alloys: transforming helium from a liability to an asset", JOM 62, 9, 94-92, (2010).
  • Oganessian Yu. Ts., Abdullin F. Sh., Bailey P. D., Benker D. E., Bennett M. E., Dmitriev S. N., Ezold J. G., Hamilton J. H., Henderson R. A., Itkis M. G., Lobanov Yu. V., Mezentsev A. N., Moody K. J., Nelson S. L., Polyakov A. N., Porter C. E., Ramayya A. V., Riley F. D., Roberto J. B., Ryabinin M. A., Rykaczewski K. P., Sagaidak R. N., Shaughnessy D. A., Shirokovsky I. V., Stoyer M. A., Subbotin V. G., Sudowe R., Sukhov A. M., Tsyganov Yu. S., Utyonkov V. K., Voinov A. A., Vostokin G. K., Wilk P. A., "Synthesis of a new element with atomic number Z=117", Physical Review Letters 104, 142502, (2010).
  • Osso J., Knapp Jr F. F., "Principles and operation of radionuclide generators", Sampson���s Textbook on Radiopharmacy, (2010).



  • Raffo-Caiado A. C., Ziock K. P., Hayward J. P., Smith S. E., Bogard J. S., Boehnen C. B., Goncalves J., Sequeira V., Puig D., Peixoto O., Almeida S., Calzetta O., "Combining measurements with three-dimensional laser scanning system and coded aperture gamma-ray imaging system for international safeguards applications", IAEA-CN-184/115, (2010).
  • Ramezanipour F., Greedan J. E., Grosvenor A. P., Britten J. F., Cranswick M. D., Garlea V. O., "Intralayer cation ordering in brownmillerite superstructure: synthesis, crystal, and magnetic structures of Ca2FeCoO5,", Chemistry of Materials 22, 21, 6008-6020, (2010).
  • Raoul J. L., Boucher E., Rolland Y., Garin E., "Treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with intra-arterial injection of radionuclides", Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology 7, 41-49, (2010).
  • Ratcliff II W., Kienzle P. A., Lynn J. W., Li S., Dai P., Chen G. F., Wang N. L., "Magnetic form factor of SrFe2As2 : neutron diffraction measurements", Physical Review B 81, 140502, (2010).
  • Reggiani D., Seidel M., Allen C. K., "Transverse phase-space beam tomography at PSI and SNS proton accelerators", Proceedings of HB2010, MOPD58, (2010).
  • Reggiani D., Seidel M., Allen C. K., "Transverse phase-space beam tomography at PSI and SNS proton accelerators", Proceedings of IPAC'10, (2010).
  • Reis M., dos Santos A. M., "Ci��ncia Hoje'': ��M��S MOLECULARES - rumo aos limites da miniaturiza����o", Jornal da Ci��ncia 46, 275, 40-44, (2010).
  • Reis M., dos Santos A. M., "Magnetismo Molecular", vol. 10 in Topics in Physics, (2010).
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  • Rempe J. L., Condie K. G., Knudson D. L., Snead L. L., "Silicon carbide temperatue monitor measurements at the High Temperature Test Laboratory", INL/EXT-10-17608, (2010).
  • Richards J. D., Cooper R. G., Donahue N., Visscher T., "Development of a neutron-sensitive anger camera for neutron scattering instruments", 2010 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record (NSS/MIC), 1771-1776, (2010).
  • Riedel R. A., Winterberg A. L., Clonts L. G., Cooper R. G., "High speed preamplifier circuit, detection electronics, and radiation detection systems therefrom", U.S. Patent, 7800439.0, (2010).
  • Riemer B. W., Abdou A., Felde D. K., Sangrey R. L., Wendel M. W., "Results from cavitation damage experiments with mercury spallation targets at the LANSCE-WNR in 2008", Proceedings of ICANS-XIX, (2010).
  • Riemer B. W., Wendel M. W., Felde D. K., "Cavitation damage experiments for mercury spallation targets at the LANSCE ��� WNR in 2008", Journal of Nuclear Materials 398, 207-219, (2010).
  • Ritter A., Kuhr B., Hubbard C., Watkins T. R., Boehlert C., Niu X., "Effects of shot peening aluminum alloy A356.2 cast plate with steel", TMS 2010, (2010).
  • Rodriguez J., Aczel A. A., Carlo J. P., Dunsiger S. R., MacDougall G. J., Russo P. L., Savici A. T., Uemura Y. J., Wiebe C. R., Luke G. M., "Study of the ground state properties of LiHoxY1-xF4 using muon spin relaxation", Physical Review Letters 105, 107203, (2010).
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