Data Analysis and Management

Monitor Experiments

Active experiments at HFIR instruments can be monitored using
Active experiments at SNS instruments can be monitored using

Analyze Experiment Data

Data from HFIR instrument experiments can be accessed using
Data from SNS instrument experiments can be accessed using

Data Analysis and Visualization Software

Data Management Practices

Neutron Sciences Directorate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Version 1

Contact: Thomas Proffen, Director Neutron Data Analysis and Visualization

These guidelines describe the current data management resources, practices, and policies of the Neutron Sciences Directorate (NScD). They apply to data generated from neutron scattering experiments at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) and the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). Any changes to these guidelines will be communicated to current and prior facility users in a timely fashion.

Data Management

NScD provides data and computing resources to neutron scattering facility users via beam line computers or a remote analysis cluster. Automatic cataloging of SNS raw data enables search capabilities and easy access. The inclusion of HFIR data in the same catalog is currently being implemented. Neutron Science Analysis Resources provides more information on available tools for data management.

Data Preservation

NScD retains a copy of all raw data collected at SNS and HFIR. Preservation of reduced and derived data is the responsibility of the user.

Data Access and Sharing

Access to SNS raw data sets is restricted to users identified with the unique corresponding proposal number assigned by ORNL Neutron Sciences’ Integrated Proposal Tracking System (IPTS). The Principal Investigator may request additional users be granted access to experimental data. HFIR data access is currently being migrated to the same access system. The user’s institution must complete a User Agreement before conducting an experiment at SNS or HFIR. The standard User Agreement, approved by DOE, defines ownership of technical data.