Neutrons help better understand and improve materials, products and processes

ORNL neutrons have helped scores of companies save time and money by identifying ways to improve their materials and manufacturing techniques and make their industrial processes more efficient.

Our experts work closely with you to choose the right experiments and conduct them successfully—usually at little or no cost to you. No technical or scientific experience is necessary. Click on the links below to learn how ORNL neutrons have helped other companies.


Neutrons can internally probe your products and materials all the way down to the atomic level, non-destructively, in real-time and across a wide range of environments--even while they are operating. A partial list of materials and characteristics that neutrons can probe and measure includes:

  • Residual stress
  • Weld quality
  • Magnetic materials
  • Biological processes / structures
  • Drug-target interactions
  • Quantum materials / phenomena
  • Catalysis / chemical processes
  • Internal deviations from design specs
  • Extreme temperature / pressure performance
  • Internal chemical / mechanical processes
  • Microelectronics / data storage

For more information, contact Industrial Liaison.