Mission Statement

Neutron reflectometry is a neutron scattering technique sensitive to surface and interfacial structures of thin films extending a length scale of 0.5 nm to 350 nm. It is used to study interfacial phenomena in the fields of soft matter science, bioscience and materials science.

Instrument Description

The Liquids Reflectometer is designed for measuring specular and off specular neutron reflectivity from horizontal liquid surfaces, tilted solid surfaces, and tilted solid/liquid interfaces


Researchers are using the LR to study a broad range of problems in these and related scientific fields.

  • Phase separation in polymer films
  • Inorganic templating at air/water interfaces
  • Complex fluids under flow
  • Vesicles and gels
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Surfactants at interfaces
  • Interfacial structure in drug delivery systems
  • Membranes and their intermolecular interaction
  • Protein adsorption
  • Critical phenomena in fluid systems
  • Biocompatibility and sensors
  • Corrosion reactions
  • Interfacial reactions in energy storage materials