IPTS Proposal Form

The Integrated Proposal Tracking System (IPTS) guides proposers through the proposal submission process. Before beginning, it is a good idea to know what information is required in a proposal. The list below outlines the content in each section of a proposal.

General Information

  • Select the Proposal Type best suited for the experiment
  • Fill out the initial proposal information
  • Fill out Principal Investigator (PI) information

Instrument Selection

  • Select the desired HFIR and/or SNS instrument(s)
  • Request the number of days to needed for the experiment
  • Identify the Instrument Scientist you have been in contact with

Funding/Research Areas

  • List the funding sources
  • List the scientific research areas for the experiment


  • Enter sample description(s)
  • Fill out any special requirements for sample handling and storage

Sample Environment


  • Identify hazards and safety considerations for the experiment and/or materials

Team Members

  • List your team members (if applicable)

Relevant publications

  • Select relevant Publication(s) from experiments at SNS or HFIR authored by team members listed on your proposal (if applicable).

Statement of Research

  • Enter the Abstract for the Statement of Research
  • Attach the completed Statement of Research
  • Attach the completed Crystallographic Information (CIF) (if applicable)
  • Attach the completed CNMS Appendix (if applicable)
  • Statement of Research Template