September 26, 2022
Polarized Neutron Diffraction and Spectroscopy: Applications to Quantum Materials

About the School

Polarized neutron measurements allow one to better understand intertwined orders in quantum materials by unambiguously distinguishing between the structural and magnetic scattering features and determining the direction of magnetic moments and their fluctuations....

October 3, 2022
Magnetic Structure Determination from Neutron Diffraction Data (MagStr)

About the School

The school will provide hands-on training and lectures on how to determine magnetic structures from powder and single-crystal neutron data. The techniques and theory of representational analysis and magnetic space groups will be introduced by leading experts and...

October 18, 2022
Neutron Scattering for Framework Materials (Virtual)

This virtual event is the first in the SHUG Breakthrough Symposia. The topic will be Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and related porous crystalline materials such as zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs). The two-hour symposium is designed to showcase the...

October 24, 2022
5th ICFA Mini-Workshop on Space Charge 2022

Welcome to the web-page for the 5th ICFA Mini-Workshop on Space Charge. Originally intended for 2021, we are very pleased to invite you to join us in Knoxville, TN, USA on October 24-26, 2022. This follows previous successful meetings at CERN (2015,2019), TU Darmstadt (2017), and Oxford (2015),...

October 27, 2022
ORNL Soft Matter Symposium 2022

Advanced soft materials are critical for solving societal challenges. Developing novel soft materials requires in-depth understanding of the relationships between processing structures and dynamics. The 2022 ORNL Soft Matter Symposium will facilitate an exchange of ideas between diverse teams...

November 8, 2022
JACoW Team Meeting 2022

Welcome to the draft web-page Jacow Team Meeting, JTM2022, we are very pleased to invite you to join us in Knoxville, TN, USA on November 8-11, 2022.  The pre team meeting is planned from 7-8 November.