Mayank Aggarwal

Mayank Aggarwal

Position: Clifford G. Shull Fellow

Facility: Spallation Neutron Source


- Graduate Mentor and Research Assistant (2010 – 2013) University of Florida , FL (USA).

- Teaching Assistant (Fall 2011) University of Florida, FL (USA).

- Research Assistant (2008 – 2009) South Carolina Center for Biotechnology, SC (USA).

- Teaching Assistant (2007 – 2008) Claflin University, SC (USA).


- Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences (2013) from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the College of Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

- M.S. in Biotechnology (2009) from the Department of Biology, Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC.

- B.Tech. in Biotechnology (2007) from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University, NOIDA, India


- ​Isoform Specific Drug Design Targeting Human and Prokaryotic Carbonic Anhydrases, uing Neutron Diffraction

- Understand the Underlying Bases and Features that Impart Thermostablity to Proteins

Selected Publications

Aggarwal M, Kondeti B, Chingkuang Tu, Maupin CM, Silverman DN, and McKenna R; Structural insight into activity enhancement and inhibition of H64A carbonic anhydrase II by imidazoles; IUCrJ; 2014 Mar; 1: 129-35.

Aggarwal M, Kovalevsky AY, Silverman DN, McKenna R, and Fisher SZ; Neutron protein crystallography reveals unique details of clinical drug binding to a human target enzyme; Neutron News; 2013 Oct; 24(4): 20-23.

Aggarwal M, Kondeti B, and McKenna R; Anti-convulsant/Anti-epileptic carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: A patent review; Expert Opin Ther Pat.; 2013 May; 23(6): 717-24.

Aggarwal M, Boone CD, Kondeti B, Tu CK, Silverman DN, and McKenna R; Effects of cryoprotectants on the structure and thermostability of human carbonic anhydrase II – acetazolamide complex; Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr.; 2013 May; 69(Pt.): 860-5.

Aggarwal M, Boone CD, Kondeti B, and McKenna R; Structural annotation of human carbonic anhydrases. J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem; 2013 Apr; 28(2): 267-77.

Aggarwal M, Kondeti B, and McKenna R; Insights towards sulfonamide drug specificity in alpha carbonic anhydrases; Bioorg Med Chem.; 2013 Mar; 21(6): 15256-33.

Fisher SZ, Aggarwal M, Kovalevsky AY, Silverman DN, and McKenna R; Neutron diffraction of acetazolamide-bound human carbonic anhydrase II reveals atomic details of drug binding; JACS; 2012 Sep; 134(36): 14726-9.

Aggarwal M, McKenna R; Update on carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: A patent review (2008 – 2011); Expert Opin Ther Pat.; 2012 July; 22(8): 903-15.

Carta F, Aggarwal M, Maresca A, Scozzafava A, McKenna R, Masini E, Supuran CT; Dithiocarbamates strongly inhibit carbonic anhydrases and show antiglaucoma action in vivo; J Med Chem. 2012 Feb; 55(4): 1721-30.

Carta F, Aggarwal M, Maresca A, Scozzafava A, McKenna R, Supuran CT; Dithiocarbamates: a new class of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Crystallographic and kinetic investigations; Chem Commun (Camb). 2012 Feb; 48(13): 1868-70.

Biswas S, Aggarwal M, Güzel O, Scozzafava A, McKenna R, Supuran CT; Conformational variability of different sulfonamide inhibitors with thienyl-acetamido moieties attributes to differential binding in the active site of cytosolic human carbonic anhydrase isoforms; Bioorg Med Chem. 2011 Jun; 19(12): 3732-8.


Pacchiano F, Aggarwal M, Avvaru BS, Robbins AH, Scozzafava A, McKenna R, and Supuran CT; Selective hydrophobic pocket binding observed within the carbonic anhydrase II active site accommodate different 4-substituted-ureido-benzenesulfonamides and correlate to inhibitor potency; Chem. Commun. (Camb). 2010 Nov; 46(44): 8371-3.

Awards, Honors and Memberships

Shull Fellowship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge, TN), 2013 – 2015.

University of Florida (UF) 38th Annual Medical Guild Award for Graduate Research, 2013.

UF HHMI Science for Life Graduate Student Award, 2013.

Boyce Award for the Graduate Research in the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, UF 2013.

American Crystallography Association (ACA) Conference Travel Grant (New Orleans, LA), 2011.

Best Poster Award by Journal of Chemical Crystallography at ACA 2011.

UF Medical Guild Research Incentive Award, 2011.

UF Grinter Fellowship Award, 2009 – 2011.

UF Alumni Graduate Program Award, 2009 – 2012.

Best student award for the Class of 2007 at Claflin University.