Dong Ma

Dong Ma

Position: Instrument Scientist

Beamline: BL-7

Instrument: Engineering Materials Diffractometer

Group: Engineering Materials

Facility: Spallation Neutron Source

Contact: or (865) 806-9872

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

Instrument Scientist, VULCAN, Chemical and Engineering Materials Division (2010-present).
User support and instrument operation/development; Ongoing research activities include
diffraction studies of nanostructured ferritic alloys (co-PI, BES program) and bulk metallic glasses.

Research Associate, Neutron Scattering Science Division (2005-2010).
Investigated atomic structure, phase transformation and mechanical properties of bulk amorphous
alloys using neutron and synchrotron x-ray scattering (LDRD program).

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

Research Associate, Department of Materials Science & Engineering (2003-2005).
Conducted solidification processing of aluminum alloys and microstructure characterization for
thermodynamic database development (GM&DOE-funded program); Designed and developed
new bulk metallic glasses (DARPA-funded program).


National University of Singapore, Singapore
Doctor of Philosophy (Materials Science, 2002)

Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China
Master of Engineering (Materials Science & Engineering, 1996)
Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Science & Engineering, 1993)



-​Atomic structure characterization by neutron and synchrotron x-ray diffraction, in particular, total scattering

-Phase transformation and mechanical properties of amorphous and polycrystalline alloys

-Radiation tolerant materials for service in extreme environments

-Solidification and thermodynamics

Selected Publications

​G. M. Stoica, A. D. Stoica, M. K. Miller and D. Ma, “Temperature-dependent elastic anisotropy and mesoscale deformation in a nanostructured ferritic alloy”, Nature Communications, 5:5178, 2014.

Y. Wu, W.H. Liu, X.L. Wang, D. Ma, A.D. Stoica, T.G. Nieh, Z.B. He and Z.P. Lu. “In situ neutron diffraction study of deformation behavior of a multi-component high-entropy alloy”, Applied Physics Letters, 104:051910, 2014.

D. Ma, A. D. Stoica, X-L. Wang, Z. P. Lu, D. Brown, and B. Clausen. “Elastic moduli inheritance and weakest link in bulk metallic glasses”, Physical Review Letters, 108:085501, 2012. (Highlighted by News and View in the April-2012 issue of Nature Materials).

Y. Wu, D. Q. Zhou, W. L. Song, H. Wang, Z. Y. Zhang, D. Ma, X.-L. Wang and Z. P. Lu, “Ductilizing Bulk Metallic Glass Composite by Tailoring Stacking Fault Energy”, Physical Review Letters, 108:245506, 2012.

L. Yang, M. K. Miller, X.-L. Wang, C. T. Liu, A. D. Stoica, D. Ma, J. Almer, and D. Shi, “Nanoscale solute partitioning in devitrified metallic glass”, Advanced Materials, 201:305-308, 2009.

D. Ma, A.D. Stoica and X.-L. Wang, “Power law scaling and fractal nature of medium range order in metallic glasses”, Nature Materials, 8:30-34, 2009.

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D. Ma and Y. A. Chang, “Competitive formation of ternary metallic glasses”, Acta Materialia, 54:1927-1934, 2006.

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D. Ma, H. Cao, K. C. Hiesh, L. Ding and Y. A. Chang, “Bulkier glass formability enhanced by minor alloying additions”, Applied Physics Letters, 87:171914, 2005.

D. Ma, H. Tan, D. Wang, Y. Li and E. Ma, “Strategy for pinpointing the best glass-forming alloys”, Applied Physics Letters, 86:191906, 2005.

H. Tan, Y. Zhang, D. Ma, Y.P. Feng and Y. Li, “Optimum glass formation at off-eutectic composition and its relation to skewed eutectic coupled zone in the La based La-Al-(Cu,Ni) pseudo ternary system”, Acta Materialia, 51:4551-4561, 2003.

A. S. Wong, D. Z. Chi, M. Loomans, D. Ma, M. Y. Lai, W. C. Tjiu, S.J. Chua, C. W. Lim and J. E. Greene, “F-enhanced morphological and thermal stability of NiSi films on BF2+-implanted Si(001)”, Applied Physics Letters, 81:5138-5140, 2002.

D. Ma, Y. Li, S. C. Ng and H. Jones, “Unidirectional solidification of Zn-rich Zn-Cu peritectic alloys-I Microstructure selection”, Acta Materialia, 48:419-431, 2000.

D. Ma, Y. Li, S. C. Ng and H. Jones, “Unidirectional solidification of Zn-rich Zn-Cu peritectic alloys-II Microstructural length scales”, Acta Materialia, 48:1741-1751, 2000.

D. Ma, W. Q. Jie, Y. Li and S. C. Ng, “Effect of weak convection on lamellar spacing of eutectics”, Acta Materialia, 46: 3203-3210, 1998.

ResearcherID: G-5198-2011

Awards, Honors and Memberships

ORNL Supplemental Performance Award (2012)
Shaanxi Province of China Scientific & Technological Advancement Award (2004)
Ministry of Education of China Scientific & Technological Advancement Award (1999)

Professional Affiliations:
Key Reader, Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A
Member of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
Member of the Materials Research Society (MRS)
Member of the Neutron Scattering Society of America (NSSA)


Y. A. Chang, H. Cao, D. Ma, L. Ding, K. C. Hsieh, “Zr-rich bulk metallic glass alloys”, US7368023B2, 2008.