Vickie Lynch

Position: Software Scientist

Beamline: CG-4D

Instrument: Laue Diffractometer

Group: Scientific Data Analysis

Division: Neutron Technologies Division

Facility: Spallation Neutron Source


Phone: (865) 250-4795

​Vickie Lynch specializes in high performance computing. She is a developer for the Mantid project, responsible for the optimization workflow for the CAMM project, and a member of the Panorama DOE workflow project.


MS in Applied Mathematics, University of Tennessee


High performance computing and numerical methods

Selected Publications

"Analyzing diffuse scattering with supercomputers", T. M. Michels-Clark, V. E. Lynch, C. M. Hoffmann, J. Hauser, T. Weber, R. Harrison and H. B. Burgi, Journal of Applied Crystallography, Volume 46, Part 6, pages 1616-1625.

"Integration of neutron time-of-flight single-crystal Bragg peaks in reciprocal space," Schultz, A.J., Jørgensen, M.R.V., Wang, X., Mikkelson, R.L., Mikkelson, D.J., Lynch, V.E., Peterson, P.F., Green M.L. & Hoffmann, C.M. (2014). J. Appl. Cryst. 47.

“Neutron Science TeraGrid Gateway,” Vickie Lynch, Meili Chen, John Cobb, Jim Kohl, Steve Miller, David Speirs and Sudharshan Vazhkudai, 2010 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 251 012097.

"Beyond Single-Crystal Structure Determination Interpretation of 3D Disorder Diffuse Scattering," Hans Beat Bürgi, Jürg Hauser, Vickie Lynch, paper submitted to The First Element: In Memory of Bob Bau session, 2010 ACA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, July 24-29, 2010.

"BCYCLIC: A parallel block tridiagonal matrix cyclic solver," S.P. Hirshman, K.S. Perumalla, V.E. Lynch, R. Sanchez, Journal of Computational Physics 229 (2010) 6392#6404.

“Determination of Long-Range Correlations by Quiet-Time Statistics,” V. E. Lynch, B. A. Carreras, R. Sanchez, B. LaBombard, B.Ph. van Milligen, D. E. Newman, Phys. Plasmas, 12, 052304 (2005).

“Numerical Methods for the Solution of Partial Differential Equations of Fractional Order,” V. E. Lynch, B. A. Carreras, D. del-Castillo-Negrete, K. M. Ferreira-Mejias, and H. R. Hicks, J. Comput. Phys. 192/2, 406 (2003).

“Numerical Tokamak Turbulence Calculations on the Cray T3E,” V. E. Lynch, J-N. Leboeuf, B. A. Carreras, J. D. Alvarez, and L. Garcia, Proceedings of Supercomputing '97 (1997).

“Multi-CPU Plasma Fluid Turbulence Calculations on a Cray Y-MP C90,” V. E. Lynch, B. A. Carreras, J. N. Leboeuf, B. C. Curtis, and R. L. Troutman, Proceedings of Supercomputing '93, 308 (1993).

“Performance of a Plasma Fluid Code on the Intel Parallel Computers,” V. E. Lynch, B. A. Carreras, J. B. Drake, J. N. Leboeuf, and P. Liewer, Proceedings of Supercomputing '92, edited by IEEE Computer Society, p. 286 (1992).

Awards, Honors and Memberships

Martin Marietta Energy Systems Technical Achievement Award, 1985.

Martin Marietta Energy Systems Joint Publication Awards, 1985, 1987, 1990.

Technical Achievement Award, Association of Women in Science, 1988.