Publications from Research Conducted at HB-3A

The following 103 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2017 17 Publications

Berlijn T., Snijders P.C., Delaire O., Zhou H.D., Maier T.A., Cao H.B., Chi S.X., Matsuda M., Wang Y., Koehler M.R., Kent P.R., Weitering H.H., Itinerant Antiferromagnetism in RuO 2 Physical Review Letters, 118, 7, 077201 (2017).
Dun Z.L., From Pyrochlore to the Tripod Kagome Lattice: Magnetism of New Compound Family A2RE3Sb3O14 (A= Mg, Zn; RE = Pr, Nd, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Yb) Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2017).
Li L., Zheng Q., Zou Q., Rajput S., Ijaduola A.O., Wu Z., Wang X.P., Cao H.B., Somnath S., Jesse S., Chi M., Gai Z., Parker D.S., Sefat A.S., Improving superconductivity in BaFe2As2-based crystals by cobalt clustering and electronic uniformity Scientific Reports, 7, 949 (2017).
Liu J.Y., Hu J., Graf D., Zou T., Zhu M., Shi Y., Che S., Radmanesh S.M., Lau C.N., Spinu L., Cao H.B., Ke X., Mao Z.Q., Unusual interlayer quantum transport behavior caused by the zeroth Landau level in YbMnBi2 Nature Communications, 8, 1, 646 (2017).
Liu J.Y., Hu J., Zhang Q., Graf D., Cao H.B., Radmanesh S.M., Adams D.J., Zhu Y., Cheng G.F., Liu X., Phelan W.A., Wei J., Jaime M., Balakirev F., Tennant D.A., DiTusa J.F., Chiorescu I., Spinu L., Mao Z.Q., A magnetic topological semimetal Sr1−yMn1−zSb2 (y, z < 0.1) Nature Materials, 16, 905–910 (2017).
May A.F., Liu Y., Calder S., Parker D.S., Pandey T., Cakmak E., Cao H.B., Yan J.Q., McGuire M.A., Magnetic order and interactions in ferrimagnetic Mn 3 Si 2 Te 6 Physical Review B, 95, 17, 174440 (2017).
McGuire M.A., Garlea V.O., KC S., Cooper V.R., Yan J.Q., Cao H.B., Sales B.C., Antiferromagnetism in the van der Waals layered spin-lozenge semiconductor CrTe 3 Physical Review B, 95, 14, 144421 (2017).
Munsie T.J., Synthesis and Characterization of Constrained Magnetism in Niobates Ph.D. Dissertation, McMaster University (2017).
Munsie T.J., Wilson M.N., Millington A., Thompson C.M., Flacau R., Ding C., Guo S., Gong Z., Aczel A.A., Cao H.B., Williams T.J., Dabkowska H.A., Ning F.L., Greedan J.E., Luke G.M., Neutron diffraction and μ SR studies of two polymorphs of nickel niobate NiNb 2 O 6 Physical Review B, 96, 14, 144417 (2017).
Stock C., Rodriguez E.E., Bourges P., Ewings R.A., Cao H.B., Chi S.X., Rodriguez-Rivera J.A., Green M.A., Competing spin density wave, collinear, and helical magnetism in Fe 1 + x Te Physical Review B, 95, 14, 144407 (2017).
Tan X., Garlea V.O., Kovnir K., Thompson C.M., Xu T., Cao H.B., Chai P., Tener Z.P., Yan S., Xiong P., Shatruk M., Complex magnetic phase diagram with multistep spin-flop transitions in La0.25 Pr0.75 Co2 P2 Physical Review B, 95, 2, 024428 (2017).
Wang W., Song Y., Hu D., Li Y., Zhang R., Harriger L.W., Tian W., Cao H.B., Dai P.C., Local breaking of fourfold rotational symmetry by short-range magnetic order in heavily overdoped Ba ( Fe 1 − x Cu x ) 2 As 2 Physical Review B, 96, 16, 161106(R) (2017).
Zhai K., Wu Y., Shen S., Tian W., Cao H.B., Chai Y.S., Chakoumakos B.C., Shang D., Yan L., Wang F., Sun Y., Giant magnetoelectric effects achieved by tuning spin cone symmetry in Y-type hexaferrites Nature Communications, 8, 519 (2017).
Zhang Q., Ye F., Tian W., Cao H.B., Chi S.X., Hu B., Diao Z., Tennant D.A., Jin R., Zhang J., Plummer W., Manganese-induced magnetic symmetry breaking and its correlation with the metal-insulator transition in bilayered S r 3 ( R u 1 − x M n x ) 2 O 7 Physical Review B, 95, 22, 220403(R) (2017).
Zhao Z.Y., Wu Y., Cao H.B., Zhou H.D., Yan J.Q., Three-dimensional magnetic interactions in quasi-two-dimensional PdAs 2 O 6 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 29, 23, 235801 (2017).
Zou T., Lee C.C., Tian W., Cao H.B., Zhu M., Qian B., dela Cruz C., Ku W., Mao Z.Q., Ke X., G -type magnetic order in ferropnictide CuxFe1−y As induced by hole doping on As sites Physical Review B, 95, 5, 054414 (2017).

2016 32 Publications

Cao H.B., Banerjee A., Yan J.Q., Bridges C.A., Lumsden M.D., Mandrus D., Tennant D.A., Chakoumakos B.C., Nagler S.E., Low-temperature crystal and magnetic structure of α−RuCl3 Physical Review B, 93, 13, 134423 (2016).
Chi S.X., Uwatoko Y., Cao H.B., Hirata Y., Hashizume K., Aoyama T., Ohgushi K., Magnetic precursor of the pressure-induced superconductivityLD-- in Fe-ladder compounds Physical Review Letters, 117, 4, 047003 (2016).
Diao Z., Thermoelectric Properties of Novel Layered Transition-Metal Compounds Ph.D. Dissertation, Louisiana State University (2016).
Hu Y., Chen C.W., Cao H.B., Makhmudov F., Grebenkemper J.H., Abdusalyamova M.N., Morosan E., Kauzlarich S.M., Tuning Magnetism of [MnSb4]9- Cluster in Yb14MnSb11 through Chemical Substitutions on Yb sites: the Appearance and Disappearance of Spin Reorientation Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138, 38, 12422-12431 (2016).
Jiang S., Liu C., Cao H.B., Birol T., Allred J.M., Tian W., Liu L., Cho K., Krogstad M.J., Ma J., Taddei K.M., Tanatar M.A., Hoesch M., Prozorov R., Rosenkranz S., Uemura Y.J., Kotliar G., Ni N., Structural and magnetic phase transitions in Ca0.73 La0.27 FeAs2 with electron-overdoped FeAs layers Physical Review B, 93, 5, 054522 (2016).
Kinoshita M., Seki S., Sato T.J., Nambu Y., Hong T., Matsuda M., Cao H.B., Ishiwata S., Tokura Y., Magnetic Reversal of Electric Polarization with Fixed Chirality of Magnetic Structure in a Chiral-Lattice Helimagnet MnSb2O6 Physical Review Letters, 117, 047201 (2016).
Li L., Cao H.B., Parker D.S., Kuhn S.J., Sefat A.S., Persistent magnetism in silver-doped BaFe2As2 crystals Physical Review B, 94, 13, 134510 (2016).
Li Z.Y., Li X., Cheng J.G., Marshall L.G., Li X.Y., dos Santos A.M., Yang W., Wu J.J., Lin J.F., Henkelman G., Okada T., Uwatoko Y., Cao H.B., Zhou H.D., Goodenough J.B., Zhou J.S., Anomalous bulk modulus in vanadate spinels Physical Review B, 94, 165159 (2016).
Liu J.Y., Hu J., Cao H.B., Zhu Y., Chuang A., Graf D., Adams D.J., Radmanesh S.M., Spinu L., Chiorescu I., Mao Z.Q., Nearly massless Dirac fermions hosted by Sb square net in BaMnSb2 Scientific Reports, 6, 30525 (2016).
Ma J., Kamiya Y., Hong T., Cao H.B., Ehlers G., Tian W., Batista C.D., Dun Z.L., Zhou H.D., Matsuda M., Static and Dynamical Properties of the Spin-1/2 Equilateral Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet Ba3CoSb2O9 Physical Review Letters, 116, 087201 (2016).
May A.F., Calder S., Cantoni C., Cao H.B., McGuire M.A., Magnetic structure and phase stability of the van der Waals bonded ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2 Physical Review B, 93, 1, 014411 (2016).
Rodriguez E.E., Cao H.B., Haiges R., Melot B.C., Single crystal magnetic structure and susceptibility of CoSe2O5 Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 236, 39–44 (2016).
Sanjeewa L.D., Garlea V.O., McGuire M.A., McMillen C.D., Cao H.B., Kolis J.W., Structural and magnetic characterization of the new one-dimensional S = 5/2 antiferromagnetic chain system SrMn(VO4)(OH) Physical Review B, 93, 224407 (2016).
Sefat A.S., Li L., Cao H.B., McGuire M.A., Sales B.C., Custelcean R., Parker D.S., Anomalous magneto-elastic and charge doping effects in thallium-doped BaFe2As2 Scientific Reports, 6, 21660 (2016).
Sinclair R., Cao H.B., Garlea V.O., Lee M., Choi E.S., Dun Z.L., Dong S., Dagotto E., Zhou H.D., Canted magnetic ground state of quarter-doped manganites R 0.75Ca0.25MnO3 (R  =  Y, Tb, Dy, Ho, and Er) Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 29, 6, 065802 (2016).
Song Y., Yamani Z., Cao C., Li Y., Zhang C., Chen J.S., Huang Q.Z., Wu H., Tao J., Zhu Y., Tian W., Chi S.X., Cao H.B., Huang Y.B., Dantz M., Schmitt T., Yu R., Nevidomskyy A.H., Morosan E., Si Q., Dai P.C., A Mott insulator continuously connected to iron pnictide superconductors Nature Communications, 7, 13879 (2016).
Susner M.A., Conner B.S., Saparov B., McGuire M.A., Crumlin E., Veith G.M., Cao H.B., Shanavas K.V., Parker D.S., Chakoumakos B.C., Sales B.C., Flux growth and characterization of Ce- substituted Nd2Fe14B single crystals Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 434, 1-9 (2016).
Taddei K.M., Magnetism in the iron-based superconductors: The determination of spin-nematic fluctuations as the primary order parameter and its implications for unconventional superconductivity Ph.D. Dissertation, Northern Illinois University (2016).
Tan X., Synthesis and investigation of ternary intermetallics as itinerant magnets Ph.D. Dissertation, Florida State University (2016).
Tan X., Fabbris G., Haskel D., Yaroslavtsev A.A., Cao H.B., Thompson C.M., Kovnir K., Menushenkov A.P., Chernikov R.V., Garlea V.O., Shatruk M., A Transition from Localized to Strongly Correlated Electron Behavior and Mixed Valence Driven by Physical or Chemical Pressure in ACo2As2 (A = Eu, Ca) Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138, 8, 2724-2731 (2016).
Tan X., Yaroslavtsev A.A., Cao H.B., Geondzhian A.Y., Menushenkov A.P., Chernikov R.V., Nataf L., Garlea V.O., Shatruk M., Controlling Magnetic Ordering in Ca1–x Eux Co2 As2 by Chemical Compression Chemistry of Materials, 28, 20, 7459–7469 (2016).
Tian W., Cao H.B., Wang J.C., Ye F., Matsuda M., Yan J.Q., Liu Y., Garlea V.O., Agrawal H.K., Chakoumakos B.C., Sales B.C., Fishman R.S., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Spin-lattice coupling mediated multiferroicity in (ND4)2FeCl5·D2O Physical Review B, 94, 214405 (2016).
Wang A., Zaliznyak I.A., Ren W., Wu L., Graf D., Garlea V.O., Warren J.B., Bozin E.S., Zhu Y., Petrovic C., Magnetotransport study of Dirac fermions in YbMnBi2 antiferromagnet Physical Review B, 94, 165161 (2016).
Wang J.C., Ye F., Chi S.X., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Cao H.B., Tian W., Gooch M., Poudel N., Wang Y.Q., Lorenz B., Chu C.W., Pressure effects on magnetic ground states in cobalt-doped multiferroic Mn1−xCoxWO4 Physical Review B, 93, 15, 155164 (2016).
Wang Q., Park J.T., Feng Y., Shen Y., Hao Y., Pan B., Lynn J.W., Ivanov A.S., Chi S.X., Matsuda M., Cao H.B., Birgeneau R.J., Efremov D.V., Zhao J., Transition from Sign-Reversed to Sign-Preserved Cooper-Pairing Symmetry in Sulfur-Doped Iron Selenide Superconductors Physical Review Letters, 116, 19, 197004 (2016).
Wang Q., Shen Y., Pan B., Hao Y., Ma M., Zhou F., Steffens P., Schmalzl K., Forrest T.R., Abdel-Hafiez M., Chen X.J., Chareev D.A., Vasiliev A.N., Bourges P., Sidis Y., Cao H.B., Zhao J., Strong interplay between stripe spin fluctuations, nematicity and superconductivity in FeSe Nature Materials, 15, 159–163 (2016).
Wang Q., Shen Y., Pan B., Zhang X., Ikeuchi K., Iida K., Christianson A.D., Walker H.C., Adroja D.T., Abdel-Hafiez M., Chen X.J., Chareev D.A., Vasiliev A.N., Zhao J., Magnetic ground state of FeSe Nature Communications, 7, 12182 (2016).
Wu Y., Interactions between local magnetic moments and itinerant charge carriers in Fe-based systems Ph.D. Dissertation, Louisiana State University (2016).
Yang H., In-situ Neutron Diffraction Studies on Phase Transformation and Functional Behaviors of Ni(Mn)-Fe-Ga Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys Ph.D. Dissertation, Northeastern University China (2016).
Ziatdinov M., Banerjee A., Maksov A., Berlijn T., Zhou W., Cao H.B., Yan J.Q., Bridges C.A., Mandrus D., Nagler S.E., Baddorf A.P., Kalinin S.V., Atomic-scale observation of structural and electronic orders in the layered compound α-RuCl3 Nature Communications, 7, 13774 (2016).
Zou T., Cao H.B., Liu G.Q., Peng J., Gottschalk M., Zhu M., Zhao Y., Leao J.B., Tian W., Mao Z.Q., Ke X., Pressure-induced electronic and magnetic phase transitions in a Mott insulator: Ti-doped Ca3Ru2O7 bilayer ruthenate Physical Review B, 94, 4, 041115(R) (2016).

2015 14 Publications

Ari-Gur P., Garlea V.O., Cao H.B., Ge Y., Aaltio I., Hannula S.P., Koledov V.V., Neutron Diffraction Study of the Martensitic Transformation and Chemical Order in Heusler Alloy Ni1.91Mn1.29Ga0.8 Materials Today, 2, 3, S853–S857 (2015).
Calder S., Kim J.W., Cao G., Cantoni C., May A.F., Cao H.B., Aczel A.A., Matsuda M., Choi Y., Haskel D., Sales B.C., Mandrus D., Lumsden M.D., Christianson A.D., Evolution of competing magnetic order in the Jeff=1/2 insulating state of Sr2Ir1−xRuxO4 Physical Review B, 92, 165128 (2015).
Cao H.B., Zhao Z.Y., Lee M., Choi E.S., McGuire M.A., Sales B.C., Zhou H.D., Yan J.Q., Mandrus D., High pressure floating zone growth and structural properties of ferrimagnetic quantum paraelectric BaFe12O19 APL Materials, 3, 062512 (2015).
Dun Z.L., Ma J., Cao H.B., Qiu Y., Copley J.R., Hong T., Matsuda M., Cheng J.G., Lee M., Choi E.S., Johnston S., Zhou H.D., Competition between the inter- and intra-sublattice interactions in Yb2V2O7 Physical Review B, 91, 064425 (2015).
Li L., Cao H.B., McGuire M.A., Kim J.S., Stewart G.R., Sefat A.S., Role of magnetism in superconductivity of BaFe2As2: Study of 5d Au-doped crystals Physical Review B, 92, 9, 094504 (2015).
Ma J., Lee J.H., Hahn S.E., Hong T., Cao H.B., Aczel A.A., Dun Z.L., Stone M.B., Tian W., Qiu Y., Copley J.R., Zhou H.D., Fishman R.S., Matsuda M., Strong competition between orbital ordering and itinerancy in a frustrated spinel vanadate Physical Review B, 91, 020407(R) (2015).
Poudel L., dela Cruz C., Payzant E.A., May A.F., Koehler M.R., Garlea V.O., Taylor A.E., Parker D.S., Cao H.B., McGuire M.A., Tian W., Matsuda M., Jeen H., Lee H.N., Hong T., Calder S., Zhou H.D., Lumsden M.D., Keppens V., Mandrus D., Christianson A.D., Structural and magnetic phase transitions in CeCu6−xTx (T=Ag,Pd) Physical Review B, 92, 214421 (2015).
Poudel N., Lorenz B., Lv B., Wang Y.Q., Ye F., Wang J.C., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Chu C.W., Effects of Nickel Doping on the Multiferroic and Magnetic Phases of MnWO4 Integrated Ferroelectrics, 166, 1, 17-29 (2015).
Ren Z., Combined neutron, transport and material based investigation in Ca3Ir4Sn13 Ph.D. Dissertation, Boston College (2015).
Sinclair R., Ma J., Cao H.B., Hong T., Matsuda M., Dun Z.L., Zhou H.D., Evolution of the magnetic and structural properties of Fe1−xCoxV2O4 Physical Review B, 92, 13, 134410 (2015).
Taddei K.M., Sturza M., Chung D.Y., Cao H.B., Claus H., Kanatzidis M.G., Osborn R., Rosenkranz S., Chmaissem O., Cesium vacancy ordering in phase-separated CsxFe2-ySe2 Physical Review B, 92, 9, 094505 (2015).
Taylor A.E., Berlijn T., Hahn S.E., May A.F., Williams T.J., Poudel L., Calder S., Fishman R.S., Stone M.B., Aczel A.A., Cao H.B., Lumsden M.D., Christianson A.D., Influence of interstitial Mn on magnetism in the room-temperature ferromagnet Mn1+(delta) Sb Physical Review B, 91, 22, 224418 (2015).
Tian W., Svoboda C., Ochi M., Matsuda M., Cao H.B., Cheng J.G., Sales B.C., Mandrus D., Arita R., Trivedi N., Yan J.Q., High antiferromagnetic transition temperature of the honeycomb compound SrRu2O6 Physical Review B, 92, 100404 (2015).
Wang M., Yi M., Cao H.B., dela Cruz C., Mo S.K., Huang Q.Z., Bourret-Courchesne E., Dai P.C., Lee D.H., Shen Z.X., Birgeneau R.J., Mott localization in a pure stripe antiferromagnet Rb1−δFe1.5−σS2 Physical Review B, 92, 121101 (2015).

2014 9 Publications

Calder S., Saparov B., Cao H.B., Niedziela J., Lumsden M.D., Sefat A.S., Christianson A.D., Magnetic structure and spin excitations in BaMn2Bi2 Physical Review B, 89, 064417 (2014).
Chi S.X., Ye F., Zhou H.D., Choi E.S., Hwang J.K., Cao H.B., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Magnetoelectric coupling tuned by competing anisotropies in Mn1-xNixTiO3 Physical Review B, 90, 144429 (2014).
Hong T., Schmidt K.P., Coester K., Awwadi F.F., Turnbull M.M., Qiu Y., Rodriguez-Rivera J.A., Zhu M., Ke X., Aoyama C.P., Takano Y., Cao H.B., Tian W., Ma J., Custelcean R., Zhou H.D., Matsuda M., Magnetic ordering induced by interladder coupling in the spin-1/2 Heisenberg two-leg ladder antiferromagnet C9H18N2CuBr4 Physical Review B, 89, 174432 (2014).
Li C.W., Ma J., Cao H.B., May A.F., Abernathy D.L., Ehlers G., Hoffmann C., Wang X.P., Hong T., Huq A., Gourdon O., Delaire O., Anharmonicity and atomic distribution of SnTe and PbTe thermoelectrics Physical Review B, 90, 214303 (2014).
McGuire M.A., Cao H.B., Chakoumakos B.C., Sales B.C., Symmetry-lowering lattice distortion at the spin reorientation in MnBi single crystals Physical Review B, 90, 174425 (2014).
Mesa D., Neutron scattering studies of unusual spin structure and local correlation in complex oxides Ph.D. Dissertation, Louisiana State University (2014).
Zhou S., Mishra T., Wang M., Shatruk M., Cao H.B., Latturner S.E., Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Magnetic Properties of Novel Intermetallic Compounds R2Co2SiC (R=Pr, Nd) Inorganic Chemistry, 53, 6141-6148 (2014).
Zou T., Dun Z.L., Cao H.B., Zhu M., Coulter D., Zhou H.D., Ke X., Excess hole induced high temperature polarized state and its correlation with the multiferroicity in single crystalline DyMnO3 Applied Physics Letters, 105, 052906 (2014).
Zou T., Dun Z.L., Cao H.B., Zhu M., Zhou H.D., Ke X., Tuning the ferroelectric state in multiferroic TbMnO3 single crystal by a trapped-charge-induced internal electric field Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 10, 104101 (2014).

2013 13 Publications

Cao H.B., Chakoumakos B.C., Chen X., Yan J.Q., McGuire M.A., Yang H., Custelcean R., Zhou H.D., Singh D.J., Mandrus D., Origin of the phase transition in IrTe2: structural modulation and local bonding instability Physical Review B, 88, 115122 (2013).
Fancher C.M., Texture and anisotropy in the bismuth sodium titanate system Ph.D. Dissertation, Purdue University (2013).
Ghimire N.J., Complex magnetism in noncentrosymmetric magnets Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2013).
Kiswandhi A., Brooks J.S., Cao H.B., Yan J.Q., Mandrus D., Jiang Z., Zhou H.D., Competition between the structural phase transition and superconductivity in Ir1-xPtxTe2 as revealed by pressure effects Physical Review B, 87, 121107 (2013).
Ladd M., Palmer R.A., Neutron diffraction from single crystals Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography: Analysis by X-rays and Neutrons Springer (2013).
Ma X., Flux Growth and Physical Properties of Rare Earth Aluminides and Tetrelides Ph.D. Dissertation, Florida State University (2013).
Podlesnyak A.A., Ehlers G., Cao H.B., Matsuda M., Frontzek M., Zaharko O., Kazantsev V., Gubkin A.F., Baranov N.V., Temperature-driven phase transformation in Y3Co: neutron scattering and first-principles studies Physical Review B, 88, 024117 (2013).
Ratcliff II W., Yamani Z., Anbusathaiah V., Gao T.R., Kienzle P.A., Cao H.B., Takeuchi I., Electric-field-controlled antiferromagnetic domains in epitaxial BiFeO3 thin films probed by neutron diffraction Physical Review B, 87, 140405 (2013).
Rodriguez E.E., Sokolov D.A., Stock C., Green M.A., Sobolev O., Rodriguez-Rivera J.A., Cao H.B., Daoud-Aladine A., Magnetic and structural properties near the Lifshitz point in Fe1+xTe Physical Review B, 88, 165110 (2013).
Yan J.Q., Cao H.B., McGuire M.A., Ren Y., Sales B.C., Mandrus D., Dy-V magnetic interaction and local structure bias on the complex spin and orbital ordering in Dy1-xTbxVO3 (x=0 and 0.2) Physical Review B, 87, 224404 (2013).
Yan J.Q., McGuire M.A., May A.F., Cao H.B., Christianson A.D., Mandrus D., Sales B.C., Flux growth and physical properties of Mo3Sb7 single crystals Physical Review B, 87, 104515 (2013).
Ye F., Chi S.X., Chakoumakos B.C., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Qi T., Cao G., Magnetic and crystal structures of Sr2IrO4: a neutron diffraction study Physical Review B, 87, 140406 (2013).

2012 9 Publications

Cao H.B., Cantoni C., May A.F., McGuire M.A., Chakoumakos B.C., Pennycook S.J., Custelcean R., Sefat A.S., Sales B.C., Evolution of the nuclear and magnetic structures of TlFe1.6Se2 with temperature Physical Review B, 85, 054515 (2012).
Frontzek M., Ehlers G., Podlesnyak A.A., Cao H.B., Matsuda M., Zaharko O., Aliouane N., Barilo S., Shiryaev S.V., Magnetic structure of CuCrO2: a single crystal neutron diffraction study Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 24, 16004 (2012).
Ke X., Qian B., Cao H.B., Hu J., Wang G., Mao Z.Q., Magnetic structure of quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnetic TaFe1+yTe3 Physical Review B, 85, 214404 (2012).
May A.F., McGuire M.A., Cao H.B., Sergueev I., Cantoni C., Chakoumakos B.C., Parker D.S., Sales B.C., Spin reorientation in TlFe1.6Se2 with complete vacancy ordering Physical Review Letters, 109, 077003 (2012).
Mesa D., Ye F., Chi S.X., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Tian W., Hu B., Jin R., Plummer E.W., Zhang J., Single-bilayer E-type antiferromagnetism in Mn-substituted Sr3Ru2O7: neutron scattering study Physical Review B, 85, 180410 (2012).
Wang C.H., Lumsden M.D., Fishman R.S., Ehlers G., Hong T., Tian W., Cao H.B., Podlesnyak A.A., Dunmars C., Schlueter J.A., Manson J.L., Christianson A.D., Magnetic properties of the S=1/2 quasisquare lattice antiferromagnet CuF2(H2O)2(pyz) (pyz = pyrazine) investigated by neutron scattering Physical Review B, 86, 064439 (2012).
Ye F., Chi S.X., Cao H.B., Chakoumakos B.C., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Custelcean R., Qi T., Korneta O.B., Cao G., Direct evidence of a zigzag spin-chain structure in the honeycomb lattice: A neutron and x-ray diffraction investigation of single-crystal Na2IrO3 Physical Review B, 85, 180403 (2012).
Ye F., Chi S.X., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Cao H.B., Liang K.C., Wang Y.Q., Lorenz B., Chu C.W., Magnetic order and spin-flop transitions in the cobalt-doped multiferroic Mn1-xCoxWO4 Physical Review B, 86, 094429 (2012).
Zhao J., Cao H.B., Bourret-Courchesne E., Lee D.H., Birgeneau R.J., Neutron-diffraction measurements of an antiferromagnetic semiconducting phase in the vicinity of the high-temperature superconducting state of KxFe2-ySe2 Physical Review Letters, 109, 267003 (2012).

2011 8 Publications

Chakoumakos B.C., Cao H.B., Ye F., Stoica A.D., Popovici M., Sundaram M., Zhou W., Hicks J.S., Lynn G.W., Riedel R.A., Four-circle single-crystal neutron diffractometer at the High Flux Isotope Reactor Journal of Applied Crystallography, 44, 655-658 (2011).
Marty K., Christianson A.D., Wang C.H., Matsuda M., Cao H.B., VanBebber L.H., Zarestky J.L., Singh D.J., Sefat A.S., Lumsden M.D., Competing magnetic ground states in nonsuperconducting Ba(Fe1-xCrx)2As2 as seen via neutron diffraction Physical Review B, 83, 060509 (2011).
Sales B.C., McGuire M.A., May A.F., Cao H.B., Chakoumakos B.C., Sefat A.S., Unusual phase transitions and magnetoelastic coupling in TlFe1.6Se2 single crystals Physical Review B, 83, 224510 (2011).
Saparov B., Calder S., Sipos B., Cao H.B., Chi S.X., Singh D.J., Christianson A.D., Lumsden M.D., Sefat A.S., Spin glass and semiconducting behavior in one-dimensional BaFe2-6-Se3 (g=0.2) crystals Physical Review B, 84, 245132 (2011).
Wang M., Wang M., Li G.N., Huang Q.Z., Li C.H., Tan G., Zhang C., Cao H.B., Tian W., Zhao Y., Chen Y.C., Lu X.Y., Sheng B., Luo H.Q., Li S., Fang M.H., Zarestky J.L., Ratcliff W., Lumsden M.D., Lynn J.W., Antiferromagnetic order and superlattice structure in nonsuperconducting and superconducting RbyFe1.6+xSe2 Physical Review B, 84, 94504 (2011).
Ye F., Chi S.X., Bao W., Wang X.F., Ying J.J., Chen X.H., Wang H.D., Dong C.H., Fang M.H., Common crystalline and magnetic structure of superconducting A2Fe4Se5 (A=K,Rb,Cs,Tl) single crystals measured using neutron diffraction Physical Review Letters, 107, 137003 (2011).
Ye F., Fishman R.S., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Podlesnyak A.A., Ehlers G., Mook H.A., Wang Y.Q., Lorenz B., Chu C.W., Long-range magnetic interactions in the multiferroic antiferromagnet MnWO4 Physical Review B, 83, 140401 (2011).

2010 1 Publications

Laver M., Forgan .M., Magnetic flux lines in type-II superconductors and the ''hairy ball'' theorem Nature Communications, 1, 45 (2010).