Magnetic Charge Defects Relaxation in 2D-Topology Show Perpetually Active Nanomagnet

March 27, 2024
Dynamic state in nanomagnetic honeycomb lattice as evidenced by neutron spin echo (NSE) at q values corresponding to the distances between nearest neighboring and next nearest neighboring vertices.

Scientific Achievement

Showed that thermally tunable permalloy 2D-lattice exhibits a perpetual dynamic state due to self-propelled magnetic charge defect relaxation.

Significance and Impact

Highlights importance of neutron spin echo for studying nanomagnetic systems and reveals how the lattice manifests a perpetual dynamic state due to new magnetic quasi-particle kinetics without an external magnetic field or electric current.

Research Details

  • Nanostructured permalloy specimen in the form of honeycomb 2D-lattice was fabricated and dynamically characterized by neutron spin echo spectroscopy, tuned to detect the magnetic scattering signal.
  • Dynamic Monte-Carlo and classical micromagnetic simulations revealed the existence of perpetually active quasi-particles.

Jiasen Guo, Pousali Ghosh, Daniel Hill, Yao Chen, Laura Stingaciu, Piotr Zolinerczuk, Carsten Ullrich and Deepak Singh,
“Persistent Dynamic Magnetic State in Artificial Spin Ice,”
Nature Communication 14, 5212 (2023). DOI: