Magnetic Toroidicity in a Triangular Co2+-based Collinear Antiferromagnet

March 27, 2024
(a) Magnetic structure from single-crystal neutron diffraction. (b) Temperature evolution of (0, 1, -1) magnetic peak intensity. (c, d) Calculated vs. observed intensities (5K, nuclear & magnetic peaks) and (25K, nuclear peaks only), respectively

Scientific Achievement

A large off-diagonal magnetoelectric coefficient evidences  magnetic toroidicity in CoTe6O13.

Significance and Impact

Collinear spins acting to induce toroidicity offer opportunities to design next-generation magnetoelectric materials with functional application potential.

Research Details

  • Symmetry analysis suggests the existence of toroidal moments induced by locally canted collinear spins.
  • Supporting temperature- and field-dependent dielectric permittivity measurements were performed.

Xianghan Xu, Yiqing Hao, Shiyu Peng, Qiang Zhang, Danrui Ni, Chen Yang, Xi Dai, Huibo Cao & R. J. Cava,
“Large off-diagonal magnetoelectricity in a triangular Co2+-based collinear antiferromagnet,”
Nature Communications 14, 8034 (2023).