Quantum Disordered State of Magnetic Charges

April 8, 2022
Quantum Disordered State of Magnetic Charges
The image on the left depicts the quantum disordered ground states of magnetic charges in nanoengineered magnetic honeycomb lattice at low temperature. Modeling of neutron intensity contour map at T = 5 K suggests a massively degenerate ground state. Top (bottom) panel on the right shows experimental (numerical) result.

Scientific Achievement

It is shown that a quantum disordered magnetic state exists in a nanoengineered honeycomb lattice of connecting permalloy Ni0.81Fe0.19.

Significance and Impact

The work establishes the synthetic nano-dimensioned lattice as a platform to study quantum mechanical phenomena due to emergent magnetic charges.

Research Details

  • The artificial magnetic honeycomb lattice was created using a state-of-the-art nanofabrication scheme where permalloy was deposited on a reactively etched silicon substrate with the hexagonal array produced by a block copolymer.
  • The sample was characterized by specular and off-specular polarized neutron reflectometry at various temperatures and magnetic fields.
  • The scattering was modeled using a distorted wave Born approximation formalism and the results were compared to Monte Carlo simulations of the ideal lattice.

“Quantum Disordered State of Magnetic Charges in Nanoengineered Honeycomb Lattice”

George Yumnam, Yiyao Chen, Jiasen Guo, Jong Keum, Valeria Lauter, and Deepak K. Singh,

Advanced Science, 8 (6), p.2004103 (2021). DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/advs.202004103