The Structure of a Fast-Charging Lithium Anode

December 4, 2020
The Structure of a Fast-Charging Lithium Anode
(left) Crystal structure of DRS-Li3V2O5. Red balls represent O, the blue tetrahedron represents Li in tetrahedral sites, and the green octahedron represents Li/V shared octahedral sites. (right) Neutron diffraction patterns of DRS-Li3V2O5 and lithiated DRS-Li3+xV2O5

Scientific Achievement

Li3V2O5 anode material forms a disordered rocksalt structure (DRS) with large numbers of vacant tetrahedral sites capable of hosting Li ions.

Significance and Impact

Anodes based on Li3V2O5 hold the promise of fast charging and long-life Li-ion batteries and improved safety compared to graphite anodes.

Research Details

  • (DRS)-Li3V2O5 was synthesized and characterized by X-ray spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy.
  • The electrochemical properties were mapped using standard battery testers.
  • Joint Rietveld structural refinement of neutron and X-ray data was carried out on Li3+xV2O5 with various lithiations.

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