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Michelle Everett

Michelle Everett

Scientific Associate

Spallation Neutron Source

Michelle Everett is a Scientific Associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She enjoys working in her yard, tabletop gaming, and playing video games. Michelle has been at the lab since 2015.

I work with past users, current users, and future users. When I come into work, I look at my schedule to make sure I have talked to all the users I need to, have ordered everything I need for upcoming experiments, and have visited the instrument to make sure there are no issues. I also spend time working with my colleagues to create instrument upgrades.”

“We are always pushing boundaries and working hard to perform new kinds of experiments. If you come to people with solutions, they listen to you, so I always try to approach problems with a can-do attitude. All of the effort we put forth is critical for helping ORNL and the Neutron Sciences Directorate produce world-leading science each day.”

–Michelle Everett