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Rick Goyette

Rick Goyette

Scientific Associate

Spallation Neutron Source

Rick Goyette is a Scientific Associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He enjoys reading, weightlifting, yoga, scuba diving, and figure skating. Rick spent 16 years at Argonne National Laboratory before coming to ORNL in 2005.

My responsibility is to make sure that when the researcher gets here, the beamline is running at peak efficiency, so they can get their data and then write a fantastic paper and get into a fantastic publication. There’s a lot of different stuff that my job requires, and it’s always fun to get something new I can sink my teeth into.”

“I think you should always take pride in your work and provide a service you’d be willing to put your name to. We’re always looking to improve our practices. I want researchers to go away wanting to come back again and telling all their friends how great a place it was and how good an experience they had.”

–Rick Goyette