Neutron Science Analysis Resources

We provide data and computing resources to neutron scattering facility users via either beam line computers or through a remote analysis cluster. We have developed an automated system that flows data from the data acquisition system (DAS) into the data management system via a process we call "live cataloging." During this process, data are packaged and placed in the data archive. Data are organized by facility/instrument/proposal, and the portal facilitates browsing or searching for data. Data access is restricted to the experiment team members, instrument team members, and administrative personnel. If the principal investigator wishes, these data can be made public.

Personalized User Portal

Users can create new proposals, access existing proposals, and view proposal status through their personalized User Portal. In addition, helpful information that guides our users through important processes such as training, site access requests, and remote analysis services can be accessed through the User Portal. Helpful web links to other useful ORNL sites are also available via the portal.

Getting Access to Resources

Our computing resources require an XCAMS User ID. Once you have an XCAMS user ID, you can request access to the portal. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get an XCAMS user ID
  2. Request access to computer resources

Services Provided

A number of tools such as data reduction, 2D visualization, a sample activation calculator, and other facility-developed and community-produced applications are available. Applications are made available both on-site at the instrument analysis computers and through our remote data analysis cluster.

Facility-produced applications

  • Data reduction per instrument
  • Event data histogramming
  • Special-purpose utilities

Community-produced applications

Commercial Applications
(limited availability)