List of ORNL point of contacts for STS Instrument Concepts


  • EXPANSE - Changwoo Do ( - Wide angle neutron spin echo spectrometer optimized for broad dynamics ranges of both energy and momentum transfers aiming to visualize slow dynamics via space-time correlation functions.
  • TITAN - Barry Winn ( - a cold neutron multi-modal instrument for extreme environments.
  • CHESS Gabriele Sala ( - Cold neutron chopper spectrometer optimized for very small samples
  • BWAVES - Eugene Mamontov ( - Indirect geometry spectrometer with high energy resolution and a very broad dynamic range of energy transfers.

Large Scale Structures

  • Cygnus - Wei-Ren Chen  ( - Small and wide-angle neutron diffractometer/spectrometer capable of profiling hierarchical structures and fast dynamic processes from sub-nano to micrometer length scales.
  • M-STAR - Valeria Lauter ( - (Magnetism Second Target Advanced Reflectometer) Advanced Polarized Neutron Reflectometers optimized for magnetism, small samples and 3D characterization (transverse and lateral) of nanosystems with multiple length scales
  • QIKR - John Ankner ( - Horizontal-surface general-purpose reflectometer optimized for rapid specular reflectivity measurements


  • Pioneer - Huibo Cao and Yaohua Liu ( - High Q-resolution Polarized Single Crystal Neutron Diffractometer
  • EWALD - Leighton Coates ( -  Enhanced wide angle Laue diffractometer optimized for small macromolecular single crystals
  • VERDI - Ovi Garlea, Stuart Calder ( - Versatile diffractometer with full polarization analysis capability for complex magnetic structure studies in powders and single crystals


  • MENUS - Ke An ( -  Multimodal transformational material engineering beamline with unprecedented capabilities


  • CUPI2D - Hassina Bilheux ( - (Complex, Unique and Powerful Imaging Instrument for Dynamics): Fast dynamic processes in natural and engineered materials using in-situ and combined Bragg-edge and neutron grating interferometry techniques