After Your Visit

  1. Arrange for outbound shipping of samples and equipment
  2. Sign out with your assigned scientist.
  3. Return your badge at the portal as you leave the site.
  4. Publish your results with suitable acknowledgment of ORNL and the instrument used for the experiment (proprietary users are exempt from this requirement) with this credit line:
    This research [or, A portion of this research] at ORNL’s High Flux Isotope Reactor [and/or Spallation Neutron Source, as appropriate] was sponsored by the Scientific User Facilities Division, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, US Department of Energy.
  5. Notify the User Office of all such publications.
  6. Communicate any status changes to the User Office such as: notify the User Office of any changes to your affiliation or contact information, visa status, etc. This will allow us to keep you informed of ORNL neutron scattering activities.