Publications from Research Conducted at CORELLI

The following publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2018 3 Publications

Banerjee A., Lampen-Kelley P., Knolle J., Balz C., Aczel A.A., Winn B., Liu Y., Pajerowski D.M., Yan J.Q., Bridges C.A., Savici A.T., Chakoumakos B.C., Lumsden M.D., Tennant D.A., Moessner R., Mandrus D., Nagler S.E., Excitations in the field-induced quantum spin liquid state of α-RuCl3 npj Quantum Materials, 3, 8 (2018).
Welberry R., Whitfield R.E., Single Crystal Diffuse Neutron Scattering Quantum Beam Science, 2, 1, 2 (2018).
Ye F., Wang J.C., Sheng J.M., Hoffmann C., Gu T., Xiang H.J., Tian W., Molaison J.J., dos Santos A.M., Matsuda M., Chakoumakos B.C., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Tong X., Gao B., Kim J.W., Cheong S.W., Soft antiphase tilt of oxygen octahedra in the hybrid improper multiferroic Ca 3 Mn 1.9 Ti 0.1 O 7 Physical Review B, 97, 4, 041112 (R) (2018).

2017 4 Publications

Haberl B., Dissanayake S., Ye F., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Li C.W., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Matsuda M., Molaison J.J., Boehler R., Wide-angle diamond cell for neutron scattering High Pressure Research, 37, 4, 495-506 (2017).
May A.F., Liu Y., Calder S., Parker D.S., Pandey T., Cakmak E., Cao H.B., Yan J.Q., McGuire M.A., Magnetic order and interactions in ferrimagnetic Mn 3 Si 2 Te 6 Physical Review B, 95, 17, 174440 (2017).
Paddison J., Daum M., Dun Z.L., Ehlers G., Liu Y., Stone M.B., Zhou H.D., Mourigal M., Continuous excitations of the triangular-lattice quantum spin liquid YbMgGaO4 Nature Physics, 13, 2, 117–122 (2017).
Steed C.A., Chae J., Goodall J., Hahn S.E., Improving Scientific Data Analysis Through Multi-touch Enabled Interactive Data Visualization with Applications to Neutron Science Immersive 2017 Workshop at IEEE VIS 2017, (2017).

2016 6 Publications

Duan C., Yang J., Ye F., Louca D.A., Evidence of Nematicity in K0.8Fe1.7Se2 Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, 29, 663-666 (2016).
Matsuda M., Ye F., Dissanayake S., Cheng J.G., Chi S.X., Ma J., Zhou H.D., Yan J.Q., Kasamatsu S., Sugino O., Kato T., Matsubayashi K., Okada T., Uwatoko Y., Pressure dependence of the magnetic ground states in MnP Physical Review B, 93, 10, 100405(R) (2016).
Tian W., Cao H.B., Wang J.C., Ye F., Matsuda M., Yan J.Q., Liu Y., Garlea V.O., Agrawal H.K., Chakoumakos B.C., Sales B.C., Fishman R.S., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Spin-lattice coupling mediated multiferroicity in (ND4)2FeCl5·D2O Physical Review B, 94, 214405 (2016).
Wang J.C., The tuning of magnetism in multiferroic materials and strongly spin-orbital coupled materials Ph.D. Dissertation, Renmin University of China (2016).
Wang J.C., Liu J., Sheng J.M., Luo W., Ye F., Zhao Z.Y., Sun X., Danilkin S.A., Deng G., Bao W., Simultaneous occurrence of multiferroism and short-range magnetic order in DyFeO3 Physical Review B, 93, 140403(R) (2016).
Wang J.C., Ye F., Chi S.X., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Cao H.B., Tian W., Gooch M., Poudel N., Wang Y.Q., Lorenz B., Chu C.W., Pressure effects on magnetic ground states in cobalt-doped multiferroic Mn1−xCoxWO4 Physical Review B, 93, 15, 155164 (2016).

2015 1 Publications

Wang J.C., Aswartham S., Ye F., Terzic J., Zheng H., Haskel D., Chikara S., Choi Y., Schlottmann P., Custelcean R., Yuan S.J., Cao G., Decoupling of the antiferromagnetic and insulating states in Tb-doped Sr2IrO4 Physical Review B, 92, 214411, 21 (2015).

2008 1 Publications

Rosenkranz S., Osborn R., Corelli: efficient single crystal diffraction with elastic discrimination PRAMANA- Journal of Physics, 71, 4, 705-711 (2008).