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Publications from Research Conducted at CORELLI

The following 74 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2021 13 Publications

Bai X., Zhang S., Dun Z.L., Zhang H., Huang Q., Zhou H.D., Stone M.B., Kolesnikov A.I., Ye F., Batista C.D., Mourigal M., "Hybridized quadrupolar excitations in the spin-anisotropic frustrated magnet FeI2", Nature Physics, 17, 467-472 (2021).
Balz C., Janssen L., Lampen-Kelley P., Banerjee A., Liu Y., Yan J.Q., Mandrus D., Vojta M., Nagler S.E., "Field-induced intermediate ordered phase and anisotropic interlayer interactions in α−RuCl 3", Physical Review B, 103, 174417 (2021).
Doucet M., Samarakoon A.M., Do C., Heller W.T., Archibald R., Tennant D.A., Proffen T., Granroth G.E., "Machine learning for neutron scattering at ORNL", Machine Learning: Science and Technology, 2, 023001 (2021).
Dun Z.L., Daum M., Baral R., Fischer H.E., Cao H.B., Liu Y., Stone M.B., Rodriguez-Rivera J.A., Choi E.S., Huang Q., Zhou H.D., Mourigal M., Frandsen B.A., "Neutron scattering investigation of proposed Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions in the triangular-lattice Ising antiferromagnet TmMgGaO4", Physical Review B, 103, 064424 (2021).
Gati E., Wilde J.M., Khasanov R., Xiang L., Dissanayake S., Gupta R., Matsuda M., Ye F., Haberl B., Kaluarachchi U.S., McQueeney R.J., Kreyssig A., Bud'ko S.L., Canfield P.C., "Formation of short-range magnetic order and avoided ferromagnetic quantum criticality in pressurized LaCrGe3", Physical Review B, 103, 075111 (2021).
Liu Y., Wang L., Zheng Q., Huang Z., Wang X.P., Chi M., Wu Y., Chakoumakos B.C., McGuire M.A., Sales B.C., Wu W., Yan J.Q., "Site Mixing for Engineering Magnetic Topological Insulators", Physical Review X, 11, 021033 (2021).
Riberolles S.X., Trevisan T.V., Kuthanazhi B., Heitmann T.W., Ye F., Johnston D.C., Bud'ko S.L., Ryan D.H., Canfield P.C., Kreyssig A., Vishwanath A., McQueeney R.J., Wang L., Orth P.P., Ueland B.G., "Magnetic crystalline-symmetry-protected axion electrodynamics and field-tunable unpinned Dirac cones in EuIn2As2", Nature Communications, 12, 1, 999 (2021).
Sales B.C., Meier W.R., May A.F., Xing J., Yan J.Q., Gao S., Liu Y., Stone M.B., Christianson A.D., Zhang Q., McGuire M.A., "Tuning the flat bands of the kagome metal CoSn with Fe, In, or Ni doping", Physical Review Materials , 5, 044202 (2021).
Soda M., Morita K., Ehlers G., Ye F., Tohyama T., Yoshizawa H., Masuda T., Kawano-Furukawa H., "Magnetic Diffuse Scattering of YBaCo4O7 and LuBaCo4O7 on Kagome and Triangular Lattices", Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 90, 074704 (2021).
Tennant A., Samarakoon A.M., "Machine Learning for Magnetic Phase Diagrams and Inverse Scattering Problems", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, (2021).
Wang Q., Neubauer K.J., Duan C., Yin Q., Fujitsu S., Hosono H., Ye F., Zhang R., Chi S.X., Krycka K.L., Lei H., Dai P.C., "Field-induced topological Hall effect and double-fan spin structure with a c-axis component in the metallic kagome antiferromagnetic compound YMn6Sn6", Physical Review B, 103, 014416 (2021).
Weng J., "Development of 3-D Diffraction Techniques for Characterizing Disordered Systems", Ph.D. Dissertation, North Carolina State University (2021).
Ye F., Morgan Z., Tian W., Chi S.X., Wang X.P., Manley M.E., Parker D.S., Khan M.A., Mitchell J.F., Fishman R.S., "Canted antiferromagnetic order and spin dynamics in the honeycomb-lattice compound Tb 2 Ir 3 Ga 9", Physical Review B, 103, 18, 184413 (2021).

2020 15 Publications

Calder S., Haglund A.V., Liu Y., Pajerowski D.M., Cao H.B., Williams T.J., Garlea V.O., Mandrus D., "Magnetic structure and exchange interactions in the layered semiconductor CrPS4", Physical Review B, 102, 024408 (2020).
Chen H., Wang Y.D., Nie Z.H., Li R., Cong D., Liu W., Ye F., Liu Y., Cao P., Tian F., Shen X., Yu R., Vitos L., Zhang M., Li S., Zhang X., Zheng H., Mitchell J.F., Ren Y., "Unprecedented non-hysteretic superelasticity of [001]-oriented NiCoFeGa single crystals", Nature Materials, 19, 712–718 (2020).
Ding L., Hu C., Ye F., Feng E., Ni N., Cao H.B., "Crystal and magnetic structures of magnetic topological insulators MnBi2Te4 and MnBi4Te7", Physical Review B, 101, 020412(R) (2020).
Gong D., Huang S., Ye F., Gui X., Zhang J., Xie W., Jin R., "Canted Eu magnetic structure in EuMnSb2", Physical Review B, 101, 224422 (2020).
Kotegawa H., Matsuda M., Ye F., Tani Y., Uda K., Kuwata Y., Tou H., Matsuoka E., Sugawara H., Sakurai T., Ohta H., Harima H., Takeda K., Hayashi J., Araki S., Kobayashi T.C., "Helimagnetic Structure and Heavy-Fermion-Like Behavior in the Vicinity of the Quantum Critical Point in Mn 3 P", Physical Review Letters, 124, 087202 (2020).
Liu Y., Sanjeewa L.D., Garlea V.O., Pellizzeri T.S., Kolis J.W., Sefat A.S., "Complex magnetic order in the decorated spin-chain system Rb2Mn3(MoO4)3(OH)2", Physical Review B, 101, 064423 (2020).
Pellizzeri T.S., Sanjeewa L.D., Pellizzeri S., McMillen C.D., Garlea V.O., Ye F., Sefat A.S., Kolis J.W., "Single Crystal Neutron and Magnetic Measurements of Rb2Mn3(VO4)2CO3 and K2Co3(VO4)2CO3 with Mixed Honeycomb and Triangular Magnetic Lattices", Dalton Transactions, 49, 4323-4335 (2020).
Rai B., Christianson A.D., Sala G., Stone M.B., Liu Y., May A.F., "Magnetism of Nd2O3 single crystals near the Néel temperature", Physical Review B, 102, 054434 (2020).
Samarakoon A.M., Barros K., Li Y.W., Eisenbach M., Zhang Q., Ye F., Sharma V., Dun Z.L., Zhou H.D., Grigera S.A., Batista C.D., Tennant D.A., "Machine-learning-assisted insight into spin ice Dy2Ti2O7", Nature Communications, 11, 892 (2020).
Sanjeewa L.D., Liu Y., Xing J., Fishman R.S., Kolambage M.T., McGuire M.A., McMillen C.D., Kolis J.W., Sefat A.S., "Stacking Faults and Short-Range Magnetic Correlations in Single Crystal Y5Ru2O12: A Structure with Ru+4.5 One-Dimensional Chains", Physica Status Solidi B, (2020).
Schneeloch J.A., Tao Y., Duan C., Matsuda M., Aczel A.A., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Xu G., Neuefeind J., Yang J., Louca D.A., "Evolution of the structural transition in Mo1−xWxTe2", Physical Review B, 102, 054105 (2020).
Weng J., Dill E.D., Martin J.D., Whitfield R.E., Hoffmann C., Ye F., "K-space algorithmic reconstruction (KAREN): a robust statistical methodology to separate Bragg and diffuse scattering", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 53, 159-169 (2020).
Xing J., Feng E., Liu Y., Emmanouilidou E., Hu C., Liu J., Graf D., Ramirez A.P., Chen G., Cao H.B., Ni N., "Néel-type antiferromagnetic order and magnetic field–temperature phase diagram in the spin- 1/2 rare-earth honeycomb compound YbCl 3", Physical Review B, 102, 014427 (2020).
Yan J.Q., Liu Y., Parker D.S., Wu Y., Aczel A.A., Matsuda M., McGuire M.A., Sales B.C., "A-type antiferromagnetic order in MnBi4Te7 and MnBi6Te10 single crystals", Physical Review Materials , 4, 054202 (2020).
Zhou J., Shu X., Liu Y., Wang X., Lin W., Chen S., Liu L., Xie Q., Hong T., Yang P., Yan B., Han X., Chen J., "Magnetic asymmetry induced anomalous spin-orbit torque in IrMn", Physical Review B, 101, 184403 (2020).

2019 15 Publications

Bai X., "Neutron Scattering And Quantitative Modeling Of Magnetic Excitations In Frustrated Magnets", Ph.D. Dissertation, Georgia Institute of Technology (2019).
Balz C., Lampen-Kelley P., Banerjee A., Yan J.Q., Lu Z., Hu X., Yadav S.M., Takano Y., Liu Y., Tennant D.A., Lumsden M.D., Mandrus D., Nagler S.E., "Finite field regime for a quantum spin liquid in α−RuCl3", Physical Review B, 100, 060405(R) (2019).
Dissanayake S., Duan C., Yang J., Liu J., Matsuda M., Yue C., Schneeloch J.A., Teo J.C., Louca D.A., "Electronic band tuning under pressure in MoTe2 topological semimetal", npj Quantum Materials, 4, 45 (2019).
Gao B., Chen T., Tam D.W., Huang C.L., Sasmal K., Adroja D.T., Ye F., Cao H.B., Sala G., Stone M.B., Baines C., Verezhak J., Hu H., Chung J.H., Xu X., Cheong S.W., Nallaiyan M., Spagna S., Maple M.B., Nevidomskyy A.H., Morosan E., Chen G., Dai P.C., "Experimental signatures of a three-dimensional quantum spin liquid in effective spin-1/2 Ce2Zr2O7 pyrochlore", Nature Physics, 15, 1052-1057 (2019).
Garlea V.O., Sanjeewa L.D., McGuire M.A., Batista C.D., Samarakoon A.M., Graf D., Winn B., Ye F., Hoffmann C., Kolis J.W., "Exotic Magnetic Field-Induced Spin-Superstructures in a Mixed Honeycomb-Triangular Lattice System", Physical Review X, 9, 1, 011038 (2019).
Hui Y., Liu Y., "Volumetric Data Exploration with Machine Learning-Aided Visualization in Neutron Science", 257-271 Arai K., Kapoor S. (eds) Advances in Computer Vision. CVC 2019. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 943 Springer (2019).
Kanemitsu K., Matsuda M., Uedoko M., "Effect of pressure on the 3D mono-pnictides CrAs and MnP", The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology, 29, 4, 272-282 (2019).
Roth N., Ye F., May A.F., Chakoumakos B.C., Iversen B.B., "Magnetic correlations and structure in bixbyite across the spin-glass transition", Physical Review B, 100, 144404 (2019).
Sefat A.S., Wang X.P., Liu Y., Zou Q., Fu M., Gai Z., Ganesan K., Vohra Y.K., Li L., Parker D.S., "Lattice disorder effect on magnetic ordering of iron arsenides", Scientific Reports, 9, 20147 (2019).
Sheng J.M., "Neutron Scattering Study on Multiferroic Materials and Strongly Spin-Orbital Coupled Materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, Renmin University of China (2019).
Sheng J.M., Tong X., Ye F., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Cao H.B., Poudel N., Gooch M., Lorenz B., Chu C.W., Wang X., Cheong S.W., "Weak exchange striction between the 4 f and 3 d ions in the multiferroic GdMn 2 O 5", Physical Review B, 99, 094429 (2019).
Tao Y., Schneeloch J.A., Duan C., Matsuda M., Dissanayake S., Aczel A.A., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Ye F., Louca D.A., "Appearance of a T∗d phase across the Td − 1T ′ phase boundary in the Weyl semimetal MoTe 2", Physical Review B, 100, 100101(R) (2019).
Ueta D., "The Study of Crystalline Electric Field Level Scheme and Magnetic Structure of a Non-Centrosymmetric Heavy-Electron CeTSi3 (T = Rh, Ir, Pd, Pt)", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tokyo - The Institute for Solid State Physics (2019).
Yan J.Q., Tian W., Cao H.B., Chi S.X., Ye F., Llobet A., Puretzky A., Chen Q., Ma J., Ren Y., Cheng J.G., Zhou J.S., McGuire M.A., McQueeney R.J., "Lattice distortion in the spin-orbital entangled state in R VO 3 perovskites", Physical Review B, 100, 184423 (2019).
Zhou J., Wang X., Liu Y., Yu J., Fu H., Liu L., Chen S., Deng J., Lin W., Shu X., Yoong H.Y., Hong T., Matsuda M., Yang P., Adams S., Yan B., Han X., Chen J., "Large spin-orbit torque efficiency enhanced by magnetic structure of collinear antiferromagnet IrMn", Science Advances, 5, 5, eaau6696 (2019).

2018 19 Publications

Banerjee A., Lampen-Kelley P., Knolle J., Balz C., Aczel A.A., Winn B., Liu Y., Pajerowski D.M., Yan J.Q., Bridges C.A., Savici A.T., Chakoumakos B.C., Lumsden M.D., Tennant D.A., Moessner R., Mandrus D., Nagler S.E., "Excitations in the field-induced quantum spin liquid state of α-RuCl3", npj Quantum Materials, 3, 8 (2018).
Coates L., Cao H.B., Chakoumakos B.C., Frontzek M., Hoffmann C., Kovalevsky A., Liu Y., Meilleur F., dos Santos A.M., Myles D.A., Wang X.P., Ye F., "A suite-level review of the neutron single-crystal diffraction instruments at Oak Ridge National Laboratory", Review of Scientific Instruments, 89, 9, 092802 (2018).
Dally R., Chisnell R.M., Harriger L.W., Liu Y., Lynn J.W., Wilson S.D., "Thermal evolution of quasi-one-dimensional spin correlations within the anisotropic triangular lattice of α − NaMnO2", Physical Review B, 98, 14, 144444 (2018).
Garlea V.O., McGuire M.A., Sanjeewa L.D., Pajerowski D.M., Ye F., Kolis J.W., "The magnetic order of a manganese vanadate system with two-dimensional striped triangular lattice", AIP Advances, 8, 10, 101407 (2018).
Haberl B., Dissanayake S., Wu Y., Myles D.A., dos Santos A.M., Loguillo M.J., Rucker G., Armitage D., Cochran M.J., Andrews K.M., Hoffmann C., Cao H.B., Matsuda M., Meilleur F., Ye F., Molaison J.J., Boehler R., "Next-generation diamond cell and applications to single-crystal neutron diffraction", Review of Scientific Instruments, 89, 9, 092902 (2018).
Huon A., "Investigating Quadruple Perovskites: Synthesis and Characterization of CaMn7O12 Films", Ph.D. Dissertation, Drexel University (2018).
Huon A., Vibhakar A.M., Grutter A.J., Borchers J.A., Disseler S.M., Liu Y., Tian W., Orlandi F., Manuel P., Khalyavin D.D., Sharma Y., Herklotz A., Lee H.N., Fitzsimmons M.R., Johnson R.P., May S.J., "Helical magnetism in Sr-doped CaMn7O12 films", Physical Review B, 98, 22, 224419 (2018).
Krogstad M.J., "Diffuse Scattering and Local Order in Lead-Based Relaxor Ferroelectrics", Ph.D. Dissertation, Northern Illinois University (2018).
Krogstad M.J., Gehring P.M., Rosenkranz S., Osborn R., Ye F., Liu Y., Ruff J.P., Chen W., Wozniak J.M., Luo H., Chmaissem O., Ye Z.G., Phelan D., "The relation of local order to material properties in relaxor ferroelectrics", Nature Materials, 17, 718-724 (2018).
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Sheng J.M., Ye F., Hoffmann C., Cooper V.R., Okamoto S., Terzic J., Zheng H., Zhao H.D., Cao G., "Anisotropic antiferromagnetic order in the spin-orbit coupled trigonal-lattice Ca 2 Sr 2 IrO 6", Physical Review B, 97, 23, 235116 (2018).
Sinha K., "Growth and Characterization of Hexagonal Rare-Earth Ferrites (h-RFeO3; R = Sc, Lu, Yb)", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Nebraska - Lincoln (2018).
Sinha K., Wang H., Wang X., Zhou L., Yin Y., Wang W., Cheng X.M., Keavney D.J., Cao H.B., Liu Y., Wu X., Xu X., "Tuning the Néel Temperature of Hexagonal Ferrites by Structural Distortion", Physical Review Letters, 121, 23, 237203 (2018).
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Welberry R., Whitfield R.E., "Single Crystal Diffuse Neutron Scattering", Quantum Beam Science, 2, 1, 2 (2018).
Ye F., Liu Y., Whitfield R.E., Osborn R., Rosenkranz S., "Implementation of cross correlation for energy discrimination on the time-of-flight spectrometer CORELLI", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 51, 2, 315-322 (2018).
Ye F., Wang J.C., Sheng J.M., Hoffmann C., Gu T., Xiang H.J., Tian W., Molaison J.J., dos Santos A.M., Matsuda M., Chakoumakos B.C., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Tong X., Gao B., Kim J.W., Cheong S.W., "Soft antiphase tilt of oxygen octahedra in the hybrid improper multiferroic Ca 3 Mn 1.9 Ti 0.1 O 7", Physical Review B, 97, 4, 041112 (R) (2018).

2017 4 Publications

Haberl B., Dissanayake S., Ye F., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Li C.W., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Matsuda M., Molaison J.J., Boehler R., "Wide-angle diamond cell for neutron scattering", High Pressure Research, 37, 4, 495-506 (2017).
May A.F., Liu Y., Calder S., Parker D.S., Pandey T., Cakmak E., Cao H.B., Yan J.Q., McGuire M.A., "Magnetic order and interactions in ferrimagnetic Mn 3 Si 2 Te 6", Physical Review B, 95, 17, 174440 (2017).
Paddison J., Daum M., Dun Z.L., Ehlers G., Liu Y., Stone M.B., Zhou H.D., Mourigal M., "Continuous excitations of the triangular-lattice quantum spin liquid YbMgGaO4", Nature Physics, 13, 2, 117–122 (2017).
Steed C.A., Chae J., Goodall J., Hahn S.E., "Improving Scientific Data Analysis Through Multi-touch Enabled Interactive Data Visualization with Applications to Neutron Science", Immersive 2017 Workshop at IEEE VIS 2017, (2017).

2016 6 Publications

Duan C., Yang J., Ye F., Louca D.A., "Evidence of Nematicity in K0.8Fe1.7Se2", Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, 29, 663-666 (2016).
Matsuda M., Ye F., Dissanayake S., Cheng J.G., Chi S.X., Ma J., Zhou H.D., Yan J.Q., Kasamatsu S., Sugino O., Kato T., Matsubayashi K., Okada T., Uwatoko Y., "Pressure dependence of the magnetic ground states in MnP", Physical Review B, 93, 10, 100405(R) (2016).
Tian W., Cao H.B., Wang J.C., Ye F., Matsuda M., Yan J.Q., Liu Y., Garlea V.O., Agrawal H.K., Chakoumakos B.C., Sales B.C., Fishman R.S., Fernandez-Baca J.A., "Spin-lattice coupling mediated multiferroicity in (ND4)2FeCl5·D2O", Physical Review B, 94, 214405 (2016).
Wang J.C., "The tuning of magnetism in multiferroic materials and strongly spin-orbital coupled materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, Renmin University of China (2016).
Wang J.C., Liu J., Sheng J.M., Luo W., Ye F., Zhao Z.Y., Sun X., Danilkin S.A., Deng G., Bao W., "Simultaneous occurrence of multiferroism and short-range magnetic order in DyFeO3", Physical Review B, 93, 140403(R) (2016).
Wang J.C., Ye F., Chi S.X., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Cao H.B., Tian W., Gooch M., Poudel N., Wang Y.Q., Lorenz B., Chu C.W., "Pressure effects on magnetic ground states in cobalt-doped multiferroic Mn1−xCoxWO4", Physical Review B, 93, 15, 155164 (2016).

2015 1 Publications

Wang J.C., Aswartham S., Ye F., Terzic J., Zheng H., Haskel D., Chikara S., Choi Y., Schlottmann P., Custelcean R., Yuan S.J., Cao G., "Decoupling of the antiferromagnetic and insulating states in Tb-doped Sr2IrO4", Physical Review B, 92, 214411, 21 (2015).

2008 1 Publications

Rosenkranz S., Osborn R., "Corelli: efficient single crystal diffraction with elastic discrimination", PRAMANA- Journal of Physics, 71, 4, 705-711 (2008).