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The following 152 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2024 2 Publications

Lee Y., Feldhausen T., Fancher C.M., Nandwana P., Babu S.S., Simunovic S., Love L.J., "Prediction of Residual Strain/Stress Validated with Neutron Diffraction Method for Wire-Feed Hybrid Additive/Subtractive Manufacturing", Additive Manufacturing, 79, 103920 (2024).
Pickle T., Hong Y., Augustine C., Vidal J., Yu Z.Z., "Stress Relaxation Cracking of Alloys at Temperatures Higher Than 540°C", National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL/TP-5700-80404 (2024).

2023 13 Publications

Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., Payzant E.A., Cornwell P.A., Bailey W.B., Gregory R., "The high intensity diffractometer for residual stress analysis (HIDRA), a third generation residual stress mapping neutron diffractometer at the high flux isotope reactor", Review of Scientific Instruments, 94, 035101 (2023).
Fancher C.M., Venkatakrishnan S.V., Feldhausen T., Saleeby K., Plotkowski A., "Validating the Use of Gaussian Process Regression for Adaptive Mapping of Residual Stress Fields", Materials, 16, 10, 3854 (2023).
Fouliard Q., Mayi-Rivas J., Swaby O., Bartsch M., Bunn J.R., Kapat J., Raghavan S., "Residual Strains in an Additively Processed Ni-based Superalloy Transpiration-Cooled Aerodynamic Leading Edge Structure using Neutron Diffraction", AIAA SCITECH 2023 Forum, (2023).
Hong Y., Pickle T., Vidal J., Augustine C., Yu Z., "Impact of Plate Thickness and Joint Geometry on Residual Stresses in 347H Stainless Steel Welds", Welding Journal, 102, 11, 279-292 (2023).
Plotkowski A., Saleeby K., Fancher C.M., Haley J.C., Madireddy G., An K., Kannan R., Feldhausen T., Lee Y., Yu D., Leach C., Vaughan J., Babu S.S., "Operando neutron diffraction reveals mechanisms for controlled strain evolution in 3D printing", Nature Communications, 14, 4950, (2023).
Puplampu S.B., Penumadu D., Frost M., An K., "Neutron Diffraction Measurements Of Forged Ti-6A-4V Alloy Under Tensile Loading", Advanced Engineering Materials, 25, 1, 2200793 (2023).
Raju N., Fouliard Q., Bunn J.R., Subramanian R., Kapat J., Raghavan S., "Neutron Characterization of 3D Printed Gas Turbine Alloy With Internal Cooling Structure", ASME Turbo Expo 2023: Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition, GT2023, (2023).
Roper C.M., "Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Heated Cold Spray SS304L", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Alabama Huntsville (2023).
Sabry N., Stroh J., Sediako D., "Characterization of microstructure and residual stress following the friction stir welding of dissimilar aluminum alloys", CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, 41, 365-379 (2023).
Sabry N., Stroh J., Sediako D., Byczynski G., Lombardi A., Payzant E.A., "Stress characterization for friction-stir-welded electric vehicle battery trays with application of neutron diffraction", Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 101, 1109-1123 (2023).
Wing B.J., "Characterization of Residual Stress and Precipitate Evolution in Aluminum 2xxx Self-Reacting Friction in Stir Welds", Ph.D. Dissertation, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2023).
Zhang X., Kornmeier J.R., Hofmann M., Langebeck A., Alameddin S., Alessio R.P., Fritzen F., Bunn J.R., Cabeza S., "Residual stresses in Cu matrix composite surface deposits after laser melt injection", Strain, 59, 6, e12457 (2023).

2022 8 Publications

Abusalma H.K., Eisazadeh H., Hejripour F., Bunn J.R., Aidun D.K., "Parametric study of residual stress formation in Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing", Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 75, 863-876 (2022).
D'Elia C., Carlone P., Dyer J.W., Levesque J.B., de Oliveira J.A., Prime M.B., Roy M.J., Spradlin T.J., Stilwell R., Tucci F., Vasileiou A.N., Watanable B.T., Hill M.R., "Interlaboratory Reproducibility of Contour Method Data in a High Strength Aluminum Alloy", Experimental Mechanics, 62, 1319-1331 (2022).
Lyda P.J., "Friction Stir Welding for Armor Applications", Master's Thesis, Ohio State University (2022).
Peterson N., Fancher C.M., Frontzek M., Bunn J.R., Payzant E.A., An K., Agnew S.R., "Quantitative texture analysis at the WAND2 and HIDRA diffractometers", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 55, 1432-1445 (2022).
Rivas J.M., "Prediction and Validation of Residual Stresses in Additively Manufactured Metal Parts", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Central Florida (2022).
Stroh J., Sediako D., Lombardi A., Byczynski G., Reid M., Paradowska A., "Evolution of Residual Stress Through The Processing Stages in Manufacturing of Bore-Chilled Sand-Cast Aluminum Engine Blocks With Pressed-In Iron Liners", The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 120, 4693–4705 (2022).
Yang Y., Han D., Gao Y.F., Zhang W., Bunn J.R., Payzant E.A., Yakovenko A.A., Penso J., Feng Z., "Residual stress modeling and advanced diffraction measurements of 347H steel weldments", ASME 2022 Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference, Volume 5: Operations, Applications, and Components; Seismic Engineering; ASME Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnosis and Prognosis (NDPD) Division, (2022).

2021 13 Publications

Chatzidakis S., Tang W., Miller R., Payzant E.A., Bunn J.R., Bryan C., Scaglione J., Wang J., "Neutron diffraction illustrates residual stress behavior of welded alloys used as radioactive confinement boundary", International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 191, 104348 (2021).
Eisazadeh H., Aidun D.K., "Residual stress reduction in dissimilar metals weld", Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 64, 1462-1475 (2021).
Fancher C.M., Bunn J.R., Bilheux J., Zhou W., Whitfield R.E., Borreguero J.M., Peterson P.F., "pyRS: a user-friendly package for the reduction and analysis of neutron diffraction data measured at the High Intensity Diffractometer for Residual Stress Analysis", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 54, 1886-1893 (2021).
Nicholson D.E., Padula S.A., Benafan O., Bunn J.R., Payzant E.A., An K., Penumadu D., Vaidyanathan R., "Mapping of Texture and Phase Fractions in Heterogeneous Stress States during Multiaxial Loading of Biomedical Superelastic NiTi", Advanced Materials, 33, 5, 2005092 (2021).
Nycz A., Lee Y., Noakes M., Ankit D., Masuo C., Simunovic S., Bunn J.R., Love L.J., Oancea V., Payzant E.A., Fancher C.M., "Effective Residual Stress Prediction Validated with Neutron DiffractionMethod for Metal Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing", Materials & Design, 205, 109751 (2021).
Olson M.D., DeWald A.T., Hill M.R., "Measurement Layout for Residual Stress Mapping Using Slitting", Experimental Mechanics, 62, 393-402 (2021).
Peterson N., Einhorn J.R., Fancher C.M., Bunn J.R., Payzant E.A., Agnew S.R., "Quantitative texture analysis using the NOMAD time-of-flight neutron diffractometer", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 54, 867-877 (2021).
Ryan S., Gallardy D., Zellner M., Bunn J.R., Nguyen L., Swoboda P., "Investigating the Relationship Between Radial Pre-Stress Magnitude and Ballistic Projectile Dwell in Heavy Confined Ceramic Targets", International Journal of Impact Engineering, 157, 104002 (2021).
Sediako D., Stroh J., Kianfar S., "Residual Stress in Automotive Powertrains: Methods and Analyses", Materials Science Forum, 1016, 1291–1298 (2021).
Sridharan N., Bunn J.R., Kottman M., Fancher C.M., Payzant E.A., Noakes M., Nycz A., Love L.J., Narayanan B., Babu S.S., "Consumable development to tailor residual stress in parts fabricated using directed energy deposition processes", Additive Manufacturing, 39, 101837 (2021).
Watkins T.R., Unocic K.A., Peralta A., Megahed M., Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., D'Elia C., Hill M.R., Neumann J., "Residual Stresses and Microstructure within Allvac 718Plus Laser Powder Bed Fusion Bars", Additive Manufacturing, 47, 102334 (2021).

2020 6 Publications

Abusalma H.K., "Parametric Study of Residual Stresses in Wire and Arc Additive Manufactured Parts", Master's Thesis, Old Dominion University (2020).
Liu T., Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., Nastac L., Arvikar V., Levin I., Brewer L.N., "Neutron Diffraction Analysis of Residual Strain in High-Pressure Die Cast A383 Engine Blocks", Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, (2020).
Liu T., Vaudin M.D., Bunn J.R., Ungar T., Brewer L.N., "Quantifying Dislocation Density in Al-Cu Coatings Produced by Cold Spray Deposition", Acta Materialia, 193, 115-124 (2020).
Seals M., Puplampu S.B., Penumadu D., Riedel R.A., Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., "Imaging Based Detector with Efficient Scintillators for Neutron Diffraction Measurements", Materials Research Proceedings, 15, 80-85 (2020).
Stroh J., Sediako D., Byczynski G., Lombardi A., Paradowska A., "Stress Characterization of Bore-Chilled Sand Cast Aluminum Engine Blocks in As-Cast and T7 Condition with Application of Neutron Diffraction", Light Metals 2020, p. 153-157, (2020).
Wu X., Wang Z., Bunn J.R., Kolbus L., Feng Z., Yu Z.Z., Liu S., "Control of Weld Residual Stress in a Thin Steel Plate through Low Transformation Temperature Welding Consumables", Welding Journal, 99, 124-134 (2020).

2019 12 Publications

Andreassen M., Yu Z.Z., Bunn J.R., Nielsen J.E., "Experimental Study of Residual Stresses in Hybrid Laser Arc and Submerged Arc-Welded 10-mm-Thick Low-Carbon Steel Plates", Materials Performance and Characterization, 8, 590-605 (2019).
Bedekar V., Voothaluru R., Bunn J.R., Hyde R.S., "Measurement and prediction of through-section residual stresses in the manufacturing sequence of bearing components", CIRP Annals, 68, 57-60 (2019).
Bedekar V., Voothaluru R., Bunn J.R., Hyde R.S., "Influence of Abrasive Grinding on Through-Section Residual Stresses on Bearing Steel", ASNT Research Symposium 2019, (2019).
Chatzidakis S., Tang W., Chen J., Miller R., Payzant E.A., Bunn J.R., Wang J., "Neutron Residual Stress Mapping of Repaired Spent Nuclear Fuel Welded Stainless-Steel Canisters", IHLRWM 2019 - Knoxville, Tennessee, (2019).
Fancher C.M., Hoffmann C., Frontzek M., Bunn J.R., Payzant E.A., "Probing orientation information using 3-dimensional reciprocal space volume analysis", Review of Scientific Instruments, 90, 1, 013902 (2019).
Ikeda T., Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., Motani R., Matsuda H., Okayama T., "Nondestructive Measurement of Residual Strain in Connecting Rods Using Neutrons", SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing, 12, 3, 243-250 (2019).
Ikeda T., Payzant E.A., Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., Seid A., Okayama T., Katsurai T., "Analysis of Microscopic Strain Distribution in Steel Bar with Load by Neutron", (2019).
Kustas A., Fancher C.M., Whetten S.R., Dagel D.J., Michael J.R., Susan D.F., "Controlling the extent of atomic ordering in intermetallic alloys through additive manufacturing", Additive Manufacturing, 28, 772-780 (2019).
Liu T., "Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of High Pressure Die Cast A383 Alloys", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Alabama (2019).
Liu T., Brewer L.N., Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., Nastac L., Arvikar V., Levin I., "Measurement of Residual Strain in the Cylinder Bridge of High-Pressure Die Cast A383 Engine Blocks Using Neutron Diffraction", Shape Casting: 7th International Symposium Celebrating Prof. John Campbell’s 80th Birthday, p. 303-310, (2019).
Ribeiro R.L., "Residual Stress and Fatigue Crack Growth Modeling in Complex Geometry Using Eigenstrain", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Davis (2019).

2018 14 Publications

Cornwell P.A., Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., Payzant E.A., Hubbard C.R., "Current capabilities of the residual stress diffractometer at the high flux isotope reactor", Review of Scientific Instruments, 89, 9, 092804 (2018).
Eisazadeh H., Payzant E.A., Cornwell P.A., Bunn J.R., Aidun D.K., "Exploring the Cooling Process for Residual Stress Reduction in Dissimilar Welds", Welding Journal, 97, (2018).
Hoelzer D.T., Massey C.P., Fancher C.M., Tang W., "Complete Status Report Documenting the Development of Friction Stir Welding for Producing a Butt Joint in Thin Wall Tubing of ODS Alloys", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/LTR-2018/929 (2018).
Ikeda T., Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., Seid A., Motani R., Matsuda H., Okayama T., "Non-Destructive Measurement of Residual Strain in Connecting Rods Using Neutrons", WCX SAE World Congress Experience, 2018-01-1063, SAE Technical Paper (2018).
Jayanath S., Achuthan A., "A Computationally Efficient Finite Element Framework to Simulate Additive Manufacturing Processes", Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 140, 4, 041009 (2018).
Kemerling B., "Development of a Weldability Testing Strategy for Laser Powder-Bed Fusion Applications", Ph.D. Dissertation, Ohio State University (2018).
Kemerling B., Lippold J.C., Fancher C.M., Bunn J.R., "Residual stress evaluation of components produced via direct metal laser sintering", Welding in the World, 62, 3, 663–674 (2018).
Ma R., Truster T.J., Puplampu S.B., Penumadu D., "Investigating Mechanical Degradation Due to Fire Exposure of Aluminum Alloy 5083 Using Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Method", International Journal of Solids and Structures, 134, 151-160 (2018).
Moraes J.F., Jordon J.B., Su X., Brewer L.N., Fay B.J., Bunn J.R., Sochalski-Kolbus L.M., Barkey M.E., "Residual Stresses and Plastic Deformation in Self-Pierce Riveting of Dissimilar Aluminum-to-Magnesium Alloys", SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing, 11, 2, 139-150 (2018).
Olson M.D., DeWald A.T., Hill M.R., "Assessment of Primary Slice Release Residual Stress Mapping in a Range of Specimen Types", Experimental Mechanics, 58, 9, 1371–1388 (2018).
Wang J., Payzant E.A., Bunn J.R., An K., "Neutron Residual Stress Mapping for Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Canister Weldment", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2018/827 (2018).

2017 10 Publications

Einhorn J.R., "A Survey and Comparison of Methods for Quantitative Texture Analysis", Master's Thesis, University of Virginia (2017).
Eisazadeh H., Aidun D.K., "Investigation of transient/residual strain and stress in dissimilar weld", Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 26, 372-381 (2017).
Eisazadeh H., Bunn J.R., Aidun D.K., "Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Residual Stress Distribution in a Dissimilar Ferritic-Austenitic Weld", Welding Journal, 96, 1, 21-s (2017).
Hempel N., Bunn J.R., Nitschke-Pagel T., Payzant E.A., Dilger K., "Study on the residual stress relaxation in girth-welded steel pipes under bending load using diffraction methods", Materials Science and Engineering A, 688, 289-300 (2017).
Hoelzer D.T., Gussev M.N., Bunn J.R., "Status Report Documenting Development of Friction Stir Welding for Joining Thin Wall Tubing of ODS Alloys", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2017/504 (2017).
Nicholson D.E., "Multi-axial Thermomechanical Characterization of Shape Memory Alloys for Improved Stability", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Central Florida (2017).
Puplampu S.B., Penumadu D., Ma R., Truster T.J., Woracek R., Payzant E.A., Bunn J.R., "Degradation and onset of plastic anisotropy in marine aluminum alloy due to fire exposure by bulk neutron diffraction and in situ loading", Materials Science and Engineering A, 700, 583–591 (2017).
Sowards J.W., Pfeif E.A., Connolly M.J., McColskey J.D., Miller S.L., Simonds B.J., Fekete J.R., "Low-cycle fatigue behavior of fiber-laser welded, corrosion-resistant, high-strength low alloy sheet steel", Materials & Design, 121, 393–405 (2017).
Steiner M.A., Bunn J.R., Einhorn J.R., Garlea E., Payzant E.A., Agnew S.R., "Path length dependent neutron diffraction peak shifts observed during residual strain measurements in U-8 wt% Mo castings", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 50, 3, 851-858 (2017).
Watkins T.R., Unocic K.A., Maziasz P.J., Bunn J.R., Fancher C.M., Peralta A., Sundarraj S., Neumann J., "Residual stress determination of direct metal laser sintered (DMLS) inconel specimens and parts", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2017/733 (2017).

2016 6 Publications

Bagg S.D., Sochalski-Kolbus L.M., Bunn J.R., "The Effect of Laser Scan Strategy on Distortion and Residual Stresses of Arches Made With Selective Laser Melting", American Society of Precision Engineering (ASPE) 2016 Summer Topical Meeting: Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish in Additive Manufacturing; 27-30 Jun. 2016, Raleigh, NC, M16-5377, (2016).
Cakmak E., Watkins T.R., Bunn J.R., Cooper R.G., Cornwell P.A., Wang Y., Sochalski-Kolbus L.M., Dehoff R.R., Babu S.S., "Mechanical Characterization of an Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Theta-Shaped Specimen", Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 47, 2, 971-980 (2016).
Eisazadeh H., Bunn J.R., Coules H.E., Achuthan A., Goldak J.A., Aidun D.K., "A Residual Stress Study in Similar and Dissimilar Welds ", Welding Journal, 95, 4, 111-s (2016).
Hempel N., Bunn J.R., Nitschke-Pagel T., Payzant E.A., Dilger K., "Residual Stress Analysis in Girth-welded Ferritic and Austenitic Steel Pipes Using Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction", International Conference on Residual Stresses 2016, ICRS-10, 39, (2016).
Yu X., Tzelepis D., Bunn J.R., Payzant E.A., Feng Z., "Tensile Residual Stress Mitigation Using Low Temperature Phase Transformation Filler Wire in Welded Armor Plates", International Conference on Residual Stresses 2016, ICRS-10, 78, (2016).

2015 6 Publications

Babu S.S., Love L.J., Dehoff R.R., Peter W.H., Watkins T.R., Pannala S., "Additive manufacturing of materials: Opportunities and challenges", MRS Bulletin, 40, 12, 1154-1161 (2015).
Brewer L.N., Bennett M.E., Baker B.B., Payzant E.A., Sochalski-Kolbus L.M., "Characterization of residual stress as a function of friction stir welding parameters in oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) steel MA956", Materials Science and Engineering A, 647, 313-321 (2015).
Sochalski-Kolbus L.M., Payzant E.A., Cornwell P.A., Watkins T.R., Babu S.S., Dehoff R.R., Lorenz M., "Comparison of Residual Stresses in Inconel 718 Simple Parts Made by Electron Beam Melting and Direct Laser Metal Sintering", Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 46, 3, 1419-1432 (2015).
Watkins T.R., Cornwell P.A., Dehoff R.R., Nangia V., Godfrey D.G., "Residual Stresses in Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Engine Mount", 22nd International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines, Phoenix, Arizona, ISABE 2015, (2015).
Watkins T.R., Skszek T.W., Sabau A.S., Erdman D., Ludtka G.M., Murphy B.L., Niu X., "Infared (IR) Heat Treatment of Cast Bimetallic Joints and Residual Stress Characterization, FY 2014 Annual Progress Report - Lightweight Materials R&D, 98-103", U.S. DOE (2015).
Woracek R., "Energy selective neutron imaging for the characterization of polycrystalline materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2015).

2014 6 Publications

Bennett C., Matamoros A., Barrett-Gonzales R., Rolfe S., "Enhancement of welded steel bridge girders susceptible to distortion-induced fatigue", The University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc. FHWA-KS-14-03 (2014).
Bunn J.R., "Neutron Diffraction Study of Engineering Materials Subjected to Complex Loadings", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2014).
Bunn J.R., Penumadu D., Lou X., Hubbard C.R., "Effect of multi-axial loading on residual strain tensor for 12L14 steel alloy", Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 45, 9, 3806-3813 (2014).
England R.D., "Phase Equilibria of Fe-C Binary Alloys in a Magnetic Field", Ph.D. Dissertation, Florida State University (2014).
Maziasz P.J., Wilson M., "CRADA Final Report for CRADA Number NFE-08-01671 Materials for Advanced Turbocharger Designs", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2014/632 (2014).
Simmons G.G., "Fatigue Enhancement of Undersized, Drilled Crack-Arrest Holes", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Kansas (2014).

2013 4 Publications

Davis P.B., Schutte C.L., Gibbs J.L., "2012 Annual Progress Report: Propulsion Materials Vehicle Technologies Office", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2012/571 (2013).
Hubbard C.R., Bunn J.R., Woracek R., Penumadu D., Cornwell P.A., "In situ neutron diffraction measurements of the shear moduli Ghkl for 12L14 Steel", Materials Science and Technology (MS&T), (2013).
Johnson E.M., "Progress toward a model based approach to the robust design of welded structures", Ph.D. Dissertation, Iowa State University (2013).
Watkins T.R., Bilheux H.Z., An K., Payzant E.A., Dehoff R.R., Duty C.E., Peter W.H., Blue C.A., Brice C.A., "Neutron characterization for additive manufacturing", Advanced Materials and Processes, 171, 3, 23-27 (2013).

2012 11 Publications

Aristizabal R.E., "Intercritical heat treatments in ductile iron and steel", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Alabama at Birmingham (2012).
Cornwell P.A., Bunn J.R., Schmidlin J.E., Hubbard C.R., "Laboratory guide for residual stress sample alignment and experimental planning - October 2011 version", Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN ORNL/TM-2011/460 (2012).
Druschitz A., Aristizabal R.E., Druschitz E., Hubbard C.R., Watkins T.R., Walker L., Ostrander M., "In situ studies of intercritically austempered ductile iron using neutron diffraction", Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 43, 5, 1468-1476 (2012).
Florea R.S., "Experiments and simulation for 6061-T6 aluminum alloy resistance spot welded lap joints", Ph.D. Dissertation, Mississippi State University (2012).
Florea R.S., Hubbard C.R., Solanki K.N., Bammann D.J., Whittington W., Marin E.B., "Quantifying residual stresses in resistance spot welding of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy sheets via neutron diffraction measurements", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 212, 11, 2358-2370 (2012).
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Woracek R., Bunn J.R., Penumadu D., Hubbard C.R., "Method to determine hkl strains and shear moduli under torsion using neutron diffraction", Applied Physics Letters, 100, 191904 (2012).

2011 14 Publications

Aristizabal R.E., Druschitz A., Druschitz E., Bragg R., Hubbard C.R., Watkins T.R., Ostrander M., "Intercritically austempered ductile irons", Transactions of the American Foundry Society, 119, 407-412 (2011).
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Hubbard C.R., "Neutron diffraction residual stress measurements within the phase III nozzle S-3", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2011/191 (2011).
Polvino S.M., "Accuracy, precision, and resolution of strain measurements on diffraction instruments", Ph.D. Dissertation, Columbia University (2011).
Sediako D., D'Elia F., Lombardi A., Machin A., Ravindran C., Hubbard C.R., Mackay R., "Application of neutron diffraction in analysis of residual stress profiles in the cylinder web region of an as-cast V6 Al engine block with cast-in Fe liners", Materials Fabrication, Properties, Characterization, and Modeling, (2011).
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2010 6 Publications

Bunn J.R., Penumadu D., Hubbard C.R., "Residual strain evolution in steel samples: tension versus torsion", Applied Physics A: Materials science & Processing, 99, 3, 517-578 (2010).
Hubbard C.R., "Residual stress analysis for industry using neutron scattering at Oak Ridge National Laboratory", 55, 2, BAPS.2010.MAR.V5.3 Bulletin of the American Physical Society, APS March Meeting 2010, (2010).
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Leist T., Webber K.G., Jo W., Aulbach E., Rodel J., Prewitt A.D., Jones J.L., Schmidlin J.E., Hubbard C.R., "Stress-induced structural changes in La-doped BiFeO3-PbTiO3 high-temperature piezoceramics,", Acta Materialia, 58, 18, 5962-5971 (2010).
Pramanick A., Prewitt A.D., Cottrell M.A., Lee W., Studer A.J., An K., Hubbard C.R., Jones J.L., "In situ neutron diffraction studies of a commercial, soft lead zirconate titanate ceramic: Response to electric fields and mechanical stress", Applied Physics A: Materials science & Processing, 99, 3, 557-564 (2010).
Ritter A., Kuhr B., Hubbard C.R., Watkins T.R., Boehlert C., Niu X., "Effects of shot peening aluminum alloy A356.2 cast plate with steel", TMS 2010 Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, (2010).

2009 9 Publications

An K., Bailey W.B., Craig S.O., Choo H., Hubbard C.R., Erdman D., " NRSF2 load frame: design, control, and testing ", Journal of Neutron Research, 15, 3-4, 207-213 (2009).
Cheng P., "Influence of residual stress and heat affected zone on fatigue failure of welded pipe joints", Ph.D. Dissertation, North Carolina State University (2009).
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