Publications from Research Conducted at MR

The following 97 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2017 10 Publications

Banu N., Singh S., Satpati B., Roy A., Basu S., Chakraborty P., Movva H.C., Lauter V.V., Dev B.N., Evidence of Formation of Superdense Nonmagnetic Cobalt Scientific Reports, 7, 41856 (2017).
Cooper J.B., Kinane C.J., Langridge S., Ali M., Hickey B.J., Niizeki T., Uchida K., Saitoh E., Ambaye H., Glavic A., Unexpected structural and magnetic depth dependence of YIG thin films Physical Review B, 96, 104404 (2017).
Guo E.J., Charlton T., Ambaye H., Desautels R.D., Lee H.N., Fitzsimmons M.R., Orientation control of interfacial magnetism at La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/SrTiO3 interfaces ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 22, 19307–19312 (2017).
Guo E.J., Petrie J.R., Roldan M.A., Li Q., Desautels R.D., Charlton T., Herklotz A., Nichols J.A., van Lierop J., Freeland J.W., Kalinin S.V., Lee H.N., Fitzsimmons M.R., Spatially Resolved Large Magnetization in Ultrathin BiFeO3 Advanced Materials, 29, 32, 1700790 (2017).
Herklotz A., Guo E.J., Wong A.T., Meyer T.L., Dai S., Ward T.Z., Lee H.N., Fitzsimmons M.R., Reversible Control of Interfacial Magnetism through Ionic-Liquid-Assisted Polarization Switching Nano Letters, 17, 3, 1665-1669 (2017).
Jiang C., Tong X., Brown D.R., Glavic A., Ambaye H., Goyette R., Hoffmann M.C., Parizzi A., Robertson L., Lauter V.V., New generation high performance in situ polarized 3He system for time-of-flight beam at spallation sources Review of Scientific Instruments, 88, 2, 025111 (2017).
Li M., Investigation of magnetic interactions in topological insulators Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2017).
Luo X., Tseng L.T., Lee W.T., Tan T.T., Bao N.N., Liu R., Ding J., Li S., Lauter V.V., Yi J.B., Probing the magnetic profile of diluted magnetic semiconductors using polarized neutron reflectivity Scientific Reports, 7, 6341 (2017).
Wu J., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., He X., Bozovic I., Search for ferromagnetic order in overdoped copper-oxide superconductors Scientific Reports, 7, 45896 (2017).
Zhang X., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Wang J.P., Thermal stability of Fe16N2 thin film on GaAs (001) substrate Materials Research Express, 4, 6, 066401 (2017).

2016 17 Publications

Bennett S.P., Feygenson M., Jiang Y., Zande B.J., Zhang X., Sankar S.G., Wang J.P., Lauter V.V., Phase Concentration Determination of Fe16N2 Using State of the Art Neutron Scattering Techniques Journal of the Minerals, Metals, & Materials Society, 68, 6, 1572–1576 (2016).
Bennett S.P., Wong A.T., Glavic A., Herklotz A., Urban C., Valmianski I., Biegalski M.D., Christen H.M., Ward T.Z., Lauter V.V., Giant Controllable Magnetization Changes Induced by Structural Phase Transitions in a Metamagnetic Artificial Multiferroic Scientific Reports, 6, 22708 (2016).
Cassidy A.M., Jorgensen M.R., Rosu-Finsen A., Lasne J., Jorgensen J.H., Glavic A., Lauter V.V., Iversen B.B., McCoustra M.R., Field D.P., Dipole-Oriented Molecular Solids Can Undergo a Phase Change and Still Maintain Electrical Polarisation Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120, 42, 24130–24136 (2016).
Eibagi N., Bit Patterned Media with Composite Structure for Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Davis (2016).
Gilev A.G., Pleshanov N.K., Bazarov B.A., Bulkin A.P., Schebetov A.F., Syromyatnikov V.G., Tarnavich V.V., Ulyanov V.A., Magnetic systems for wide-aperture neutron polarizers and analyzers Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 833, 233-238 (2016).
Glavic A., Dixit H., Cooper V.R., Aczel A.A., Constructing a magnetic handle for antiferromagnetic manganites Physical Review B, 93, 140413(R) (2016).
Herath N., Das S., Zhu J., Kumar R., Chen J., Xiao K., Gu G., Browning J., Sumpter B.G., Ivanov I., Lauter V.V., Unraveling the Fundamental Mechanisms of Solvent Additive-Induced Optimization of Power Conversion Efficiencies in Organic Photovoltaic Devices ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 31, 20220-20229 (2016).
Katmis F., Lauter V.V., Nogueira F.S., Assaf B.A., Jamer M.E., Wei P., Satpati B., Freeland J.W., Eremin I., Heiman D., Jarillo-Herrero P., Moodera J.S., A high-temperature ferromagnetic topological insulating phase by proximity coupling Nature, 533, 513–516 (2016).
Lauter V.V., Lauter H., Glavic A., Toperverg B., Reflectivity, Off-Specular Scattering, and GISANS Neutrons Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, Elsevier (2016).
Liu Z., Biegalski M.D., Hsu S.L., Shang S., Marker C., Liu J., Li L., Fan L., Meyer T.L., Wong A.T., Nichols J.A., Chen D., You L., Chen Z., Wang K., Wang K., Ward T.Z., Gai Z., Lee H.N., Sefat A.S., Lauter V.V., Liu Z.K., Christen H.M., Epitaxial Growth of Intermetallic MnPt Films on Oxides and Large Exchange Bias Advanced Materials, 28, 1, 118-123 (2016).
Meyer T.L., Lauter V.V., Freeland J.W., Nichols J.A., Guo E.J., Lee S., Ward T.Z., Balke N., Kalinin S.V., Fitzsimmons M.R., Lee H.N., Enhancing interfacial magnetization with a ferroelectric Physical Review B, 94, 174432 (2016).
Nichols J.A., Gao X., Lee S., Meyer T.L., Freeland J.W., Lauter V.V., Yi D., Liu J., Haskel D., Petrie J.R., Guo E.J., Herklotz A., Lee D., Ward T.Z., Eres G., Fitzsimmons M.R., Lee H.N., Emerging magnetism and anomalous Hall effect in iridate–manganite heterostructures Nature Communications, 7, 12721 (2016).
Prokes K., Yokaichiya F., Elastic Neutron Diffraction on Magnetic Materials Handbook of Magnetic Materials, Volume 25, pp. 67–143 Elsevier (2016).
Steffen A., Glavic A., Holderer O., Frielinghaus H., Ambaye H., Putter S., Brueckel T., Frozen O2 layer revealed by neutron reflectometry Results in Physics, 6, 263-264 (2016).
Zhang X., Ji N., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Wang J.P., Probing Giant Magnetism on Fe-N Thin Film by Polarized Neutron Reflectivity Neutron Scattering, edited by Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro InTech (2016).

2015 13 Publications

Bennett S.P., Ambaye H., Lee H., LeClair P., Mankey G.J., Lauter V.V., Direct Evidence of Anomalous Interfacial Magnetization in Metamagnetic Pd Doped FeRh Thin Films Scientific Reports, 5, 9142 (2015).
Cao S., Wu N., Echtenkamp W., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Komesu T., Binek C., Dowben P.A., The surface stability of Cr2O3 (0001) Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 27, 25, 255003 (2015).
Das S., Interface and Morphology Engineering in Solution-Processed Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2015).
Herath N., Das S., Keum J.K., Zhu J., Kumar R., Ivanov I., Sumpter B.G., Browning J., Xiao K., Gu G., Joshi P.C., Smith S.C., Lauter V.V., Peculiarity of Two Thermodynamically-Stable Morphologies of Small Molecule Bulk Heterojunction (BHJ) Solar Cells Scientific Reports, 5, 13407 (2015).
Huijben M., Liu Y., Boschker H., Lauter V.V., Egoavil R., Verbeeck J., te Velthuis S.G., Rijinders G., Koster G., Enhanced local magnetization by interface engineering in perovskite-type correlated oxide heterostructures Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2, 3, 1400416 (2015).
Jain P., Wang Q., Roldan M.A., Glavic A., Lauter V.V., Urban C., Bi Z., Ahmed T., Zhu J.X., Varela M., Jia Q.X., Fitzsimmons M.R., Synthetic Magnetoelectric Coupling in a Nanocomposite Multiferroic Scientific Reports, 5, 9089 (2015).
Liu B., Tong X., Robertson L., Jiang C., Brown D.R., Development of stable, narrow spectral line-width, fiber delivered laser source for spin exchange optical pumping Applied Optics, 54, 17, 5420-5424 (2015).
Liu Y., Ke X., Interfacial magnetism in complex oxide heterostructures probed by neutrons and x-rays Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 27, 37, 373003 (2015).
Lucy J.M., Exploration and Engineering of Physical Properties in High-Quality Sr2CrReO6 Epitaxial Films Ph.D. Dissertation, Ohio State University Research Foundation (2015).
Pramanick A., Glavic A., Samolyuk G.D., Aczel A.A., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Gai Z., Ma J., Stoica A.D., Stocks G.M., Wimmer S., Shapiro S.M., Wang X.L., Direct in situ measurement of coupled magnetostructural evolution in a ferromagnetic shape memory alloy and its theoretical modeling Physical Review B, 92, 13, 134109 (2015).
Spurgeon S., Balachandran P.V., Kepaptsoglou D.M., Damodaran A.R., Karthik J., Nejati S., Jones L., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Ramasse Q.M., Lau K.K., Martin L., Rondinelli J.M., Taheri M., Polarization screening-induced magnetic phase gradients at complex oxide interfaces Nature Communications, 6, 6735 (2015).
Zakalek P.J., Magnetic Interface Effects in Thin Film Heterostructures Ph.D. Dissertation, RWTH Aachen University (2015).

2014 14 Publications

Biegalski M.D., Takamura Y., Mehta A., Gai Z., Kalinin S.V., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Fong D., Pantelides S.T., Kim Y., He J., Borisevich A.Y., Siemons W., Christen H.M., Interrelation between Structure - Magnetic Properties in La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 Advanced Materials Interfaces, 1, 1400203 (2014).
Chen S.W., X-ray and Neutron Scattering Studies of Magnetic Domain Dynamics and Spin Structures Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California San Diego (2014).
Chen S.W., Lu X., Blackburn E., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Chan K.T., Fullerton E.E., Berkowitz A.E., Sinha S.K., Nonswitchable magnetic moments in polycrystalline and (111)-epitaxial permalloy/CoOexchange-biased bilayers Physical Review B, 89, 094419 (2014).
Liu Y., Lucy J.M., Glavic A., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Yang F., te Velthuis S.G., Effects of strain and buffer layer on interfacial magnetization in Sr2CrReO6 films determined by polarized neutron reflectometry Physical Review B, 90, 104416 (2014).
O'Brien L., Erickson M.J., Spivak D., Ambaye H., Goyette R., Lauter V.V., Crowell P.A., Leighton C., Kondo physics in non-local metallic spin transport devices Nature Communications, 5, 49210 (2014).
Petridis L., Ambaye H., Jagadamma S., Kilbey S.M., Lokitz B.S., Lauter V.V., Mayes M., Spatial arrangement of organic compounds on a model mineral surface: implications for soil organic matter stabilization Environmental Science & Technology, 48, 1, 79-84 (2014).
Spurgeon S., Sloppy J., Kepaptsoglou D.M., Balachandran P.V., Nejati S., Karthik J., Damodaran A.R., Johnson C.L., Ambaye H., Goyette R., Lauter V.V., Ramasse Q.M., Idrobo J.C., Lau K.K., Lofland S.E., Rondinelli J.M., Martin L., Taheri M., Thickness-dependent crossover from charge- to strain-mediated magnetoelectric coupling in ferromagnetic / piezoelectric oxide heterostructures ACS Nano, 8, 1, 894-903 (2014).
Syromyatnikov V.G., Ulyanov V.A., Lauter V.V., Pusenkov V.M., Ambaye H., Goyette R., Hoffmann M.C., Bulkin A.P., Kuznetsov I.N., Medvedev E.N., A new type of wide-angle supermirror analyzer of neutron polarization Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 528, 012021 (2014).
Tao Z., Anomalous Hall effect in perpendicular CoFeB thin films Chinese Physics B, 23, 4, 047504 (2014).
Tronin A., Nordgren C., Strzalka J., Kuzmenko I., Worcester D., Lauter V.V., Freites J., Tobias D., Blasie J., Direct evidence of conformational changes associated with voltage gating in a voltage sensor protein by time-resolved X-ray/neutron interferometry Langmuir, 30, 4784-4796 (2014).
Yang M., Fe-Based High Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy Thin Films Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Science and Technology Beijing (2014).
Yu J., Exploring the magnetic phases in dysprosium by neutron scattering techniques Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa (2014).

2013 9 Publications

Erickson M.J., Surface and interface effects in nanoscopic metallic spin transport devices Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Minnesota (2013).
Ji N., Lauter V.V., Zhang X., Ambaye H., Wang J.P., Strain induced giant magnetism in epitaxial Fe16N2 thin film Applied Physics Letters, 102, 072411 (2013).
Jiang C., Tong X., Brown D.R., Lee W.T., Ambaye H., Craig J.W., Crow L., Culbertson H., Goyette R., Graves-Brook M., Hagen M., Kadron B., Lauter V.V., McCollum L.W., Robertson J.L., Winn B., Vandegrift A.E., Polarized 3He neutron spin filters at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Physics Procedia, 42, 191-199 (2013).
Ke X., Belenky L.J., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Bark C.W., Eom C.B., Rzchowski M.S., Spin structure in an interfacially coupled epitaxial ferromagnetic oxide heterostructure Physical Review Letters, 110, 237201 (2013).
Mayes M., Jagadamma S., Ambaye H., Petridis L., Lauter V.V., Neutron reflectometry reveals the internal structure of organic compounds deposited on aluminum oxide Geoderma, 192, 182-188 (2013).
Schumacher D., Steffen A., Voigt J., Schubert J.P., Brueckel T., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Inducing exchange bias in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3-delta/SrTiO3 thin films by strain and oxygen deficiency Physical Review B, 88, 144427 (2013).
Tronin A., Chen C.H., Gupta S., Worcester D., Lauter V.V., Strzalka J., Kuzmenko I., Blasie J., Structural changes in single membranes in response to an applied transmembrane electric potential revealed by time-resolved neutron/X-ray interferometry Chemical Physics, 422, 283-289 (2013).
Zhang X., Ji N., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Wang J.P., Strain effect of multilayer FeN structure on GaAs substrate Journal of Applied Physics, 113, 17E149 (2013).

2012 13 Publications

Bardoel A.A., Lauter V.V., Szulczewski C., Magnetism reflectometer study shows LiF layers improve efficiency in spin valve devices Notiziario Neutroni E Luce di Sincrotrone, 17, 2, 8-9 (2012).
Ji N., Saturation magnetization of iron sixteen nitrogen two, a 40-year mystery Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Minnesota (2012).
Ji N., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Wang J.P., Growth and depth-dependence of saturation magnetization of iron nitride thin films on MgO substrate Spin, 2, 1, 1250004 (2012).
Kim Y., He J., Biegalski M.D., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Christen H.M., Pantelides S.T., Pennycook S.J., Kalinin S.V., Borisevich A.Y., Probing oxygen vacancy concentration and homogeneity in solid-oxide fuel-cell cathode materials on the subunit-cell level Nature Materials, 11, 888-894 (2012).
Kim Y., He J., Biegalski M.D., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Christen H.M., Pennycook S.J., Kalinin S.V., Pantelides S.T., Unit-cell scale measurements of oxygen vacancy concentration and homogeneity in SOFC cobaltite thin films Microscopy and Microanalysis, 18, S2, 1310-1311 (2012).
Lauter H., Lauter V.V., Reflectivity, Off-Specular Scattering, and GI-SAS: Neutrons Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference, pp. 411–432 (2012).
Pramanick A., Lauter V.V., Wang X.L., An K., Ambaye H., Goyette R., Yi J., Gai Z., Stoica A.D., Polarized neutron diffraction at a spallation source for magnetic studies Journal of Applied Crystallography, 45, 1024-1029 (2012).
Spurgeon S., Sloppy J., Winkler C., Jablonski M., Taheri M., Lofland S.E., Ramasse Q.M., Lauter V.V., Idrobo J.C., Martin L., A combined STEM-EELS and neutron reflectometry study of charge- and strain-mediated magnetoelectric coupling in LSMO/PZT heterostructures Microscopy and Microanalysis, 18, S2, 1912-1913 (2012).
Tong X., Jiang C., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Brown D.R., Crow L., Gentile T.R., Goyette R., Lee W.T., Parizzi A., Robertson J.L., In situ polarized 3He system for the Magnetism Reflectometer at the Spallation Neutron Source Review of Scientific Instruments, 83, 075101 (2012).
Ward R.C., Bilheux J., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., User's guide for REFoffSpec version 1.5.4 Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2011/403 (2012).
Zhu T., Yang Y., Yu R.C., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Xiao J.Q., The study of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in CoFeB sandwiched by MgO and tantalum layers using polarized neutron reflectometry Applied Physics Letters, 100, 202406 (2012).

2011 10 Publications

Gubarev M.V., Khaykovich B., Ramsey B., Moncton D.E., Zavlin V.E., Kilaru K., Romaine S., Rosati R.E., Bruni R., Robertson L., Crow L., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., From x-ray telescopes to neutron focusing Proc. SPIE, (2011).
Ji N., Osofsky M.S., Lauter V.V., Allard L.F., Li X., Jensen K.L., Ambaye H., Lara-Curzio E., Wang J.P., Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and high spin-polarization ratio in epitaxial Fe-N thin films Physical Review B, 84, 245310 (2011).
Kou X., Novel microwave properties and "memory effect" in magnetic nanowire array Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Delaware (2011).
Lamontagne N., Plastics testing and analysis Plastics Engineering, 67, 9, 10-16 (2011).
Lauter V.V., Muller-Buschbaum P., Lauter H., Petry W., Morphology of thin nanocomposite films of asymmetric diblock copolymer and magnetite nanoparticles Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 23, 25, 254215 (2011).
Liu Y., te Velthuis S.G., Jiang J.S., Choi Y., Bader S.D., Parizzi A., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Magnetic structure in Fe/Sm-Co exchange spring bilayers with intermixed interfaces Physical Review B, 83, 174418 (2011).
Lu H., Akgun B., Russell T.P., Morphological characterization of a low-bandgap crystalline polymer: PCBM bulk heterojunction solar cells Advanced Energy Materials, 1, 5, 870-878 (2011).
Peng C., Thio Y.S., Gerhardt R.A., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., pH-promoted exponential layer-by-layer assembly of bicomponent polyelectrolyte/nanoparticle multilayers Chemistry of Materials, 23, 20, 4548-4556 (2011).
Szulczewski G., Brauer J., Ellingsworth E., Kreil J., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Electronic and structural characterization of LiF tunnel barriers in organic spin-valve structures Journal of Applied Physics, 109, 07C509 (2011).

2010 5 Publications

Koylu D., Polymer brush-modified photopolymer network surfaces and their applications Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2010).
Lee W.T., Tong X., Pierce J., Fleenor M., Ismaili A., Robertson J.L., Chen W.C., Gentile T.R., Hailemariam A., Goyette R., Parizzi A., Lauter V.V., Klose F., Kaiser H., Lavelle C.M., Baxter D.V., Jones G.L., Wexler J., McCollum L.W., In-situ polarized 3He-based neutron polarization analyzer for SNS magnetism reflectometer Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 251, 12086 (2010).
Sharma M., Magneto-electronic phase separation at perovskite oxide interfaces: origin and consequences Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Minnesota (2010).
Tong X., Pierce J., Lee W.T., Fleenor M., Chen W.C., Jones G.L., Robertson J.L., Electrical heating for SEOP-based polarized 3He system Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 251, 12087 (2010).

2009 4 Publications

Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Goyette R., Hal Lee W.T., Parizzi A., Highlights from the magnetism reflectometer at the SNS Physica B: Condensed Matter, 404, 17, 2543-2546 (2009).
Lu Z., Magnetic anisotropy graded media and Fe-Pt alloy thin films Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Alabama (2009).
Lu Z., Walock M.J., LeClair P., Mankey G.J., Mani P., Lott D., Klose F., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Wolff M., Schreyer A., Christen H.M., Sales B.C., Structural and magnetic properties of epitaxial Fe25Pt75 Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 27, 4, 770-775 (2009).
Walock M.J., Interfacial interactions of iron-cobalt/palladiumand iron-cobalt/ruthenium multilayers Master's Thesis, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa (2009).

2008 2 Publications

Ambaye H., Goyette R., Parizzi A., Klose F., SNS magnetism reflectometer Neutron News, 19, 3, 11-13 (2008).
Walock M.J., Ambaye H., Lauter V.V., Chshiev M., Klose F., Butler W.H., Mankey G.J., High magnetization FeCo/Pd multilayers Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 26, 4, 731-734 (2008).