Magnetism Reflectometer

Publications from Research Conducted at MAGREF

The following 196 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2023 16 Publications

Cassidy A.M., McCoustra M.R., Field D.P., "A Spontaneously Electrical State of Matter", Accounts of Chemical Research, 56, 1909-1919 (2023).
Charlton T.R., Guo E.J., Lavrik N., Fitzsimmons M.R., "Liquid Helium as a reference may provide clarity for some neutron reflectometry experiments", Journal of Neutron Research, 25, 29-40 (2023).
Chi H., Ou Y., Eldred T.B., Gao W., Kwon S., Murray J., Dreyer M., Butera R.E., Foucher A.C., Ambaye H., Keum J.K., Greenberg A.T., Liu Y., Neupane M.R., de Coster G.J., Vail O.A., Taylor P.J., Folkes P.A., Rong C., Yin G., Lake R.K., Ross F.M., Lauter V, "Strain-tunable Berry curvature in quasi-two-dimensional chromium telluride", Nature Communications, 14, 3222 (2023).
Cress C.D., van T Erve O., Prestigiacomo J., LaGasse S., Glavic A., Lauter V.V., Bennett S.P., "Domain State Exchange Bias in a Single Layer FeRh Thin Film Formed via Low Energy Ion Implantation", Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 11, 903-909 (2023).
Dryzhakov B., "Developing Spin and Polarization Order in 2D Hybrid Perovskites", Ph.D. Dissertation, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee (2023).
Eby D., Jakowski M., Lauter V.V., Doucet M., Ganesh P., Fuentes-Cabrera M., Kumar R., "Extraction of Interaction Parameters from Specular Neutron Reflectivities in Thin Films of Diblock Copolymers: An “Inverse Problem”", Nanoscale, 15, 7280-7291 (2023).
Guo J., "Elucidation Of Quantum Magnetic Dynamics In Semi-Classical Honeycomb Lattice", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Missouri (2023).
Jin Q., Zhang Q., Bai H., Huon A., Charlton T.R., Chen S., Lin S., Hong H., Cui T., Wang C., Guo H., Gu L., Zhu T., Fitzsimmons M.R., Jin K.j., Wang S., Guo E.J., "Emergent Magnetic States and Tunable Exchange Bias at 3d Nitride Heterointerfaces", Advanced Materials, 35, 2208221 (2023).
Patel S., "Static and Dynamic Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Magnetic Thin Films", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California San Diego (2023).
Wang J., Wang T., Ozerov M., Zhang Z., Bermejo-Ortiz J., Bac S.K., Trinh H., Zhukovskyi M., Orlova T., Ambaye H., Keum J.K., de Vaulchier L., Guldner Y., Smirnov D., Lauter V.V., Liu X., Assaf B.A., "Energy gap of topological surface states in proximity to a magnetic insulator", Communications Physics, 6, 200 (2023).
Wang Y., Lauter V.V., Maximova O., Konakanchi S.T., Upadhyaya P., Keum J.K., Ambaye H., Wang J., Zhukovskyi M., Orlova T., Assaf B.A., Liu X., Rokhinson L.P., "Exchange coupling in Bi2 Se3/EuSe heterostructures and evidence of interfacial antiferromagnetic order formation", Physical Review B, 108, 19, 195308 (2023).
Wen X., Pierce J., Lavrik N., Randolph S.J., Guo W., Fitzsimmons M.R., "Flow of the normal component of He-II about bluff objects observed with He ∗ 2 excimers", Physical Review B, 107, 174501 (2023).
Will-Cole A., Hart J.L., Lauter V.V., Grutter A.J., Dubs C., Lindner M., Reimann T., Valdez N.R., Pearce C.I., Monson T.C., Cha J.J., Heiman D., Sun N.X., "Negligible magnetic losses at low temperatures in liquid phase epitaxy grown Y3Fe5O12 films", Physical Review Materials , 7, 054411 (2023).
Yang D., "Growth and Emergent Functionalities of Oxide Thin Films Utilizing Interface Engineering", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Nebraska - Lincoln (2023).
Zhang Z., Liu Y., Yuan Y., Xiong R., Lu Z., "Large exchange bias effect and interfacial magnetic structure in FePt3 (partially ordered)/FePt3 (disordered) multilayer film", Intermetallics, 163, 108088 (2023).

2022 25 Publications

Andrejevic N., "Machine Learning-Augmented Spectroscopies for Intelligent Materials Design", Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2022).
Andrejevic N., Chen Z., Nguyen T., Fan L., Heiberger H., Zhou L.J., Zhao Y.F., Chang C.Z., Grutter A.J., Li M., "Elucidating proximity magnetism through polarized neutron reflectometry and machine learning", Applied Physics Reviews, 9, 011421 (2022).
Bhattacharjee N., Mahalingam K., Fedorko A., Lauter V.V., Matzelle M., Singh B., Grutter A.J., Will-Cole A., Page M., McConney M., Markiewicz R.S., Bansil A., Heiman D., Sun N.X., "Topological Antiferromagnetic van der Waals Phase in Topological Insulator/Ferromagnet Heterostructures Synthesized by CMOS-Compatible Sputtering Technique", Advanced Materials, 34, 2108790 (2022).
Broussard L.J., Barrow J.L., Debeer-Schmitt L.M., Dennis T., Fitzsimmons M.R., Frost M., Gilbert C.E., Gonzalez F.M., Heilbronn L., Iverson E.B., Johnston A., Kamyshkov Y., Kline M., Lewiz P., Matteson C., Ternullo J., Varriano L., Vavra S., "Experimental Search for Neutron to Mirror Neutron Oscillations as an Explanation of the Neutron Lifetime Anomaly", Physical Review Letters, 128, 212503 (2022).
Chaturvedi V., Ghosh S., Gautreau D., Postiglione W.M., Dewey J.E., Quarterman P., Balakrishnan P.P., Kirby B.J., Zhou H., CHENG H., Huon A., Charlton T.R., Fitzsimmons M.R., Korostynski C., Jacobson A., Figari L., Barriocanal J.G., Birol T., Mkhoyan K.A, "Room-temperature valence transition in a strain-tuned perovskite oxide", Nature Communications, 13, 7774 (2022).
Chen S., Zhang Q., Li X., Zhao J., Lin S., Jin Q., Hong H., Huon A., Charlton T.R., Li Q., Yan W., Wang J., Ge C., Wang C., Wang B.T., Fitzsimmons M.R., Guo H., Gu L., Yin W., Jin K.j., Guo E.J., "Atomically engineered cobaltite layers for robust ferromagnetism", Science Advances, 8, eabq3981 (2022).
Costa A., Sutula M., Lauter V.V., Song J., Fabian J., Moodera J.S., "Signatures of superconducting triplet pairing in Ni–Ga-bilayer junctions", New Journal of Physics, 24, 033046 (2022).
Doucet M., Browning J.F., Doyle B.L., Charlton T.R., Ambaye H., Seo J., Mazza A.R., Wenzel J.F., Burns G.R., Wixom R.R., Veith G.M., "Study of Chromium Migration in a Nickel-Based Alloy Using Polarized Neutron Reflectometry and Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126, 1, 605–610 (2022).
Jeong S.G., Kim J., Seo A., Park S., Jeong H.Y., Kim Y.M., Lauter V.V., Egami T., Han J.H., Choi W.S., "Unconventional interlayer exchange coupling via chiral phonons in synthetic magnetic oxide heterostructures", Science Advances, 8, eabm4005 (2022).
Jeong S.G., Song S., Park S., Lauter V.V., Choi W.S., "Atomic-Scale Modulation of Synthetic Magnetic Order in Oxide Superlattices", Small Methods, 7, 2, 2201386 (2022).
Jin Q., Wang Z., Zhang Q., Yu Y., Lin S., Chen S., Qi M., Bai H., Huon A., Li Q., Wang L., Yin X., Tang C.S., et al. ., "Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism at an Oxide-Nitride Interface", Physical Review Letters, 128, 017202 (2022).
Lamichhane T.N., Charlton T.R., Andrews B., Malaviya D., Pathak A.K., Ambaye H., Doucet M., Lauter V.V., Katsaras J., Post B.K., Paranthaman M.P., "Additively Manufactured NdFeB Polyphenylene Sulfide Halbach Magnets to Generate Variable Magnetic Fields for Neutron Reflectometry", 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, 9, 245-254 (2022).
Lauter V.V., Wang K., Mewes T., Glavic A., Toperverg B.P., Ahmadi M., Assaf B.A., Hu B., Li M., Liu X., Liu Y., Moodera J.S., Rokhinson L.P., Singh D.K., Sun N.X., "M-STAR: Magnetism Second Target Advanced Reflectometer at the Spallation Neutron Source", Review of Scientific Instruments, 93, 103903 (2022).
Mazza A.R., Lapano J., Meyer III H.M., Nelson C., Smith T., Pai Y.Y., Noordhoek K., Lawrie B.J., Charlton T.R., Moore R.G., Ward T.Z., Du M., Eres G., Brahlek M., "Surface-Driven Evolution of the Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetic Topological Insulator MnBi2Te4 Thin Films", Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2202234 (2022).
Mazza A.R., Miettinen A., Gai Z., He X., Charlton T.R., Ward T.Z., Conrad M., Bian G., Conrad E.H., Miceli P.F., "The structural modification and magnetism of many-layer epitaxial graphene implanted with low-energy light ions", Carbon, 192, 462-472 (2022).
Mazza A.R., Skoropata E., Sharma Y., Lapano J., Heitmann T.W., Musico B.L., Keppens V., Gai Z., Freeland J.W., Charlton T.R., Brahlek M., Moreo A., Dagotto E., Ward T.Z., "Designing Magnetism in High Entropy Oxides", Advanced Science, 9, 2200391 (2022).
Seung Gyo J., "Strongly correlated quantum phenomena in atomic-scale SrRuO3/SrTiO3 superlattices", Ph.D. Dissertation, Sungkyunkwan University (2022).
Sharma Y., Paudel B., Huon A., Schneider M.E., Roy P., Corey Z., Schonemann R., Jones A.C., Jaime M., Yarotski D., Charlton T.R., Fitzsimmons M.R., Jia Q.X., Pettes M.T., Yang P., Chen A.P., "Induced Ferromagnetism in Epitaxial Uranium Dioxide Thin Films", Advanced Science, 9, 2203475 (2022).
Shoup J.A., "Magnetic and Structural Effects in Interfacial Magnetism: Molecular Magnets and Ferrimagnetic Alloys", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of South Florida (2022).
Wang Y., Liu X., Bac S.K., Wang J., Furdyna J.K., Assaf B.A., Zhukovskyi M., Orlova T., Lauter V.V., Dilley N.R., Rokhinson L.P., "Epitaxial growth and magnetic characterization of EuSe thin films with various crystalline orientations", Journal of Applied Physics, 131, 055302 (2022).
Wen X., McDonald L., Pierce J., Guo W., Fitzsimmons M.R., "Observing flow of He II with unsupervised machine learning", Scientific Reports, 12, 203873 (2022).
Yumnam G., Guo J., Chen Y., Dahal A., Ghosh P., Cunningham Q., Keum J.K., Lauter V.V., Abdullah A., Almasri M., Singh D.K., "Magnetic charge and geometry confluence for ultra-low forward voltage diode in artificial honeycomb lattice", Materials Today Physics, 22, 100574 (2022).

2021 15 Publications

Cassidy A.M., Joergensen M.R., Glavic A., Lauter V.V., Plekan O., Field D.P., "Low temperature aging in a molecular glass: the case of cis-methyl formate", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23, 15719-15726 (2021).
Cassidy A.M., Joergensen M.R., Glavic A., Lauter V.V., Plekan O., Field D.P., "A mechanism for ageing in a deeply supercooled molecular glass", Chemical Communications, 57, 6368-6371 (2021).
Chen Y., Yumnam G., Guo J., Stingaciu L., Zolnierczuk P.A., Lauter V.V., Singh D.K., "Magnetic charge's relaxation propelled electricity in two-dimensional magnetic honeycomb lattice", iScience, 24, 3, 102206 (2021).
Doucet M., Archibald R., Heller W.T., "Machine Learning for Neutron Reflectometry Data Analysis of Two-Layer Thin Films", Machine Learning: Science and Technology, 2, 035001 (2021).
Guo J., Yumnam G., Dahal A., Chen Y., Lauter V.V., Singh D.K., "Local Spin Ice Order Induced Planar Hall Effect in Nd–Sn Artificial Honeycomb Lattice", Advanced Electronic Materials, 7, 2100079 (2021).
Hang X., "Magnetic Properties and Potential Applications of Fe16N2", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (2021).
Lin S., Zhang Q., Sang X., Zhao J., Cheng S., Huon A., Jin Q., Chen S., Chen S., Cui W., Guo H., He M., Ge C., Wang C., Wang J., Fitzsimmons M.R., Gu L., Zhu T., Jin K.j., Guo E.J., "Dimensional Control of Octahedral Tilt in SrRuO3 via Infinite-Layered Oxides", Nano Letters, 21, 7, 3146–3154 (2021).
Liu C., Liu Y., Zhang B., Sun C.J., Lan D., Chen P., Wu X., Yang P., Yu X., Charlton T.R., Fitzsimmons M.R., Ding J., Chen J., Chow G.M., "Ferroelectric Self-Polarization Controlled Magnetic Stratification and Magnetic Coupling in Ultrathin La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Films", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13, 25, 30137–30145 (2021).
Mahalik J.P., Li W., Savici A.T., Hahn S.E., Lauter H., Ambaye H., Sumpter B.G., Lauter V.V., Kumar R., "Dispersity-Driven Stabilization of Coexisting Morphologies in 2 Asymmetric Diblock Copolymer Thin Films", Macromolecules, 54, 1, 450–459 (2021).
Skoropata E., Mazza A.R., Herklotz A., Ok J.M., Eres G., Brahlek M., Charlton T.R., Lee H.N., Ward T.Z., "Post-synthesis control of Berry phase driven magnetotransport in SrRuO3 films", Physical Review B, 103, 085121 (2021).
Steffen A., Glavic A., Gutberlet T., Ambaye H., Schubert J.P., Geprags S., Barthel J., Mattauch S., Zander W., Kruth M., Schoeffmann P., Puetter S., Brueckel T., "Unexpected Precipitates in Conjunction with Layer-by-Layer Growth in Mn-Enriched LaSrMnO Thin Films", Thin Solid Films, 735, 138862 (2021).
Wang M., Xu H., Wu T., Ambaye H., Qin J., Keum J.K., Ivanov I., Lauter V.V., Hu B., "Optically Induced Static Magnetization in Metal Halide Perovskite for Spin‐Related Optoelectronics", Advanced Science, 8, 11, 2004488 (2021).
Yumnam G., Chen Y., Guo J., Keum J.K., Lauter V.V., Singh D.K., "Quantum disordered state of magnetic charges in nanoengineered honeycomb lattice", Advanced Science, 8, 6, 2004103 (2021).

2020 7 Publications

Kane A.M., Chiu I.T., Ahlm N.J., Chopdekar R.V., N'Diaye A.T., Arenholz E., Mehta A., Lauter V.V., Takamura Y., "Controlling Magnetization Vector Depth Profiles of La 0.7 Sr 0.3 CoO 3 /La 0.7 Sr 0.3 MnO 3 Exchange Spring Bilayers via Interface Reconstruction", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 45437-45443 (2020).
Khaykovich B., Romaine S., Ames A., Bruni R., Ambaye H., Glavic A., Lauter V.V., Engelhaupt D., "Fabrication and testing of high-performance all-metal neutron guides and axisymmetric mirrors by electrochemical replication", MRS Advances, 5, 1513-1528 (2020).
Lin S., Zhang Q., Roldan M.A., Das S., Charlton T.R., Fitzsimmons M.R., Jin Q., Li S., Wu Z., Chen S., Guo H., Tong X., He M., Ge C., Wang C., Gu L., Jin K.j., Guo E.J., "Switching Magnetic Anisotropy of Sr Ru O 3 by Capping-Layer-Induced Octahedral Distortion", Physical Review Applied, 13, 3, 034033 (2020).
Wen X., Bao S., McDonald L., Pierce J., Greene G.L., Crow L., Tong X., Mezzacappa A., Glasby R., Guo W., Fitzsimmons M.R., "Imaging Fluorescence of He∗2 Excimers Created by Neutron Capture in Liquid Helium II", Physical Review Letters, 124, 134502 (2020).
Yumnam G., Guo J., Chen Y., Lauter V.V., Singh D.K., "Nonconventional magnetic phenomena in neodymium thin film", Physical Review Research, 2, 042018 (2020).

2019 14 Publications

Chen K., Philippi-Kobs A., Lauter V.V., Vorobiev A., Dyadkina E., Yakovchuk V.Y., Stolyar S., Lott D., "Observation of a Chirality-Induced Exchange-Bias Effect", Physical Review Applied, 12, 024047 (2019).
Chen Y., Summers B., Dahal A., Lauter V.V., Vignale G., Singh D.K., "Field and Current Control of the Electrical Conductivity of an Artificial 2D Honeycomb Lattice", Advanced Materials, 31, 16, 1808298 (2019).
Ding X., Cui X., Xiao C., Luo X., Bao N.N., Rusydi A., Yu X., Lu Z., Du Y., Guan X., Tseng L.T., Lee W.T., Ahmed S., Zheng R., Liu T., Wu T., Ding J., Suzuki K., Lauter V.V., Vinu A., Ringer S.P., Yi J.B., "Confinement-Induced Giant Spin-Orbit-Coupled Magnetic Moment of Co Nanoclusters in TiO2 Films", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 11, 46, 43781-43788 (2019).
Fitzsimmons M.R., Charlton T.R., "Strategies to minimize the influence of instrumental bias in neutron scattering", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 941, 162330 (2019).
Guo E.J., Desautels R.D., Lee D., Roldan M.A., Liao Z., Charlton T.R., Ambaye H., Molaison J.J., Boehler R., Keavney D.J., Herklotz A., Ward T.Z., Lee H.N., Fitzsimmons M.R., "Exploiting Symmetry Mismatch to Control Magnetism in a Ferroelastic Heterostructure", Physical Review Letters, 122, 18, 187202 (2019).
Mazza A.R., "Exploring defects and induced magnetism in epitaxial graphene films", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Missouri-Columbia (2019).
Mazza A.R., Miettinen A., Daykin A.A., He X., Charlton T.R., Conrad M., Guha S., Lu Q., Bian G., Conrad E.H., Miceli P.F., "Revealing interfacial disorder at the growth-front of thick many-layer epitaxial graphene on SiC: a complementary neutron and X-ray scattering investigation", Nanoscale, 11, 14434-14445 (2019).
Paudel B., Vasiliev I., Hammouri M., Karpov D., Chen A.P., Lauter V.V., Fohtung E., "Strain vs. charge mediated magnetoelectric coupling across the magnetic oxide/ferroelectric interfaces", RSC Advances, 9, 13033 (2019).
Singh D.K., Summers B., Dahal A., "Magnetic Diode in Artificial Magnetic Honeycomb Lattice", (2019).
Tornos J., Gallego F., Valencia S., Liu Y., Rouco V., Lauter V.V., Abrudan R., Luo C., Ryll H., Wang Q., Hernandez-Martin D., Orfila G., Cabero M., Cuellar F., Arias D., Mompean F.J., Garcia-Hernandez M., Radu F., Charlton T.R., Rivera-Calzada A., Sefrio, "Ferroelectric Control of Interface Spin Filtering in Multiferroic Tunnel Junctions", Physical Review Letters, 122, 3, 037601 (2019).
Tronin A., Maciunas L.J., Grasty K.C., Loll P.J., Ambaye H., Parizzi A., Lauter V.V., Geragotelis A.D., Freites J.A., Tobias D.J., Blasie J.K., "Voltage-Dependent Profile Structures of a KvChannel via Time-Resolved Neutron Interferometry", Biophysical Journal, 117, 4, 751-766 (2019).
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Xu H., Xu H., "Magneto-optical Effects in Multifunctional Materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee Knoxville (2019).

2018 15 Publications

Banu N., Singh S., Basu S., Roy A., Movva H.C., Lauter V.V., Satpati B., Dev B.N., "High density nonmagnetic cobalt in thin films", Nanotechnology, 29, 19, 195703 (2018).
Fontana M.T., Kang H., Yee P.Y., Fan Z., Hawks S.A., Schelhas L.T., Subramaniyan S., Hwang Y.J., Jenekhe S.A., Tolbert S.H., Schwartz B.J., "Low-Vapor-Pressure Solvent Additives Function as Polymer Swelling Agents in Bulk Heterojunction Organic Photovoltaics", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122, 29, 16574-16588 (2018).
Glavic A., Summers B., Dahal A., Kline J., Van Herck W., Sukhov A., Ernst A., Singh D.K., "Spin Solid versus Magnetic Charge Ordered State in Artificial Honeycomb Lattice of Connected Elements", Advanced Science, 5, 4, 1700856 (2018).
Guo E.J., Roldan M.A., Charlton T.R., Liao Z., Zheng Q., Ambaye H., Herklotz A., Gai Z., Ward T.Z., Lee H.N., Fitzsimmons M.R., "Removal of the Magnetic Dead Layer by Geometric Design", Advanced Functional Materials, 28, 30, 180922 (2018).
Guo E.J., Roldan M.A., Sang X., Okamoto S., Charlton T.R., Ambaye H., Lee H.N., Fitzsimmons M.R., "Influence of chemical composition and crystallographic orientation on the interfacial magnetism in BiFe O 3 / L a 1 − x S r x Mn O 3 superlattices", Physical Review Materials , 2, 11, 114404 (2018).
Hang X., Zhang X., Ma B., Lauter V.V., Wang J.P., "Epitaxial Fe16N2 thin film on nonmagnetic seed layer", Applied Physics Letters, 112, 19, 192402 (2018).
Mahalik J.P., Dugger J.W., Sides S.W., Sumpter B.G., Lauter V.V., Kumar R., "Interpreting Neutron Reflectivity Profiles of Diblock Copolymer Nanocomposite Thin Films Using Hybrid Particle-Field Simulations", Macromolecules, 51, 8, 3116–3125 (2018).
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Walter J., Charlton T.R., Ambaye H., Fitzsimmons M.R., Orth P.P., Fernandes R.M., Leighton C., "Giant electrostatic modification of magnetism via electrolyte-gate-induced cluster percolation in La1−xSrxCoO3−δ", Physical Review Materials , 2, 11, 111406(R) (2018).
Zhang X., "Giant Saturation Magnetization Fe16N2 Thin Film", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (2018).

2017 16 Publications

Banu N., Singh S., Satpati B., Roy A., Basu S., Chakraborty P., Movva H.C., Lauter V.V., Dev B.N., "Evidence of Formation of Superdense Nonmagnetic Cobalt", Scientific Reports, 7, 41856 (2017).
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Zhang X., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Wang J.P., "Thermal stability of Fe16N2 thin film on GaAs (001) substrate", Materials Research Express, 4, 6, 066401 (2017).

2016 17 Publications

Bennett S.P., Feygenson M., Jiang Y., Zande B.J., Zhang X., Sankar S.G., Wang J.P., Lauter V.V., "Phase Concentration Determination of Fe16N2 Using State of the Art Neutron Scattering Techniques", Journal of the Minerals, Metals, & Materials Society, 68, 6, 1572–1576 (2016).
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