Conventional Facilities Upgrades

The Basics

Each stage of the PPU involves addressing technical systems, referred to as conventional facilities, that support the primary components of the Linear Accelerator, Radio-Frequency Systems, Accumulator Ring, and Target System. The conventional facilities include heating and cooling equipment, electrical power, lighting, and fire protection systems. There is also a short section of new beamline, called a “stub,” that will be installed just before the target station to enable diverting some of the increased beam power to a second target station.

PPU Upgrades

The PPU includes adding a 625-square foot water pump room for the additional 28 klystrons and adding upgraded heating and cooling, electrical, lighting, and fire protection systems to the existing portion of the klystron gallery.

During a planned 6-month outage at the SNS, the tunnel stub will be installed underground. The stub will enable future connection to the Second Target Station without impacting the first target station operations.

This new water pump room will help support the 28 additional klystrons.







Tunnel stub to facilitate connecting the linac to the future Second Target Station.