Publications from Research Conducted at PTAX

The following 114 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2018 1 Publications

Matsuda M., Dissanayake S., Cheng J.G., Ma J., Yan J.Q., Uwatoko Y., Polarized neutron diffraction study in helical magnetic phases of MnP Physica B: Condensed Matter, (2018).

2017 8 Publications

Berlijn T., Snijders P.C., Delaire O., Zhou H.D., Maier T.A., Cao H.B., Chi S.X., Matsuda M., Wang Y., Koehler M.R., Kent P.R., Weitering H.H., Itinerant Antiferromagnetism in RuO 2 Physical Review Letters, 118, 7, 077201 (2017).
Li F., Feng H., Thaler A., Parnell S.R., Hamilton W.A., Crow L., Yang W., Jones A.B., Bai H., Matsuda M., Baxter D.V., Keller T., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Pynn R., High resolution neutron Larmor diffraction using superconducting magnetic Wollaston prisms Scientific Reports, 7, 1, 865 (2017).
Li S., Gan Y., Wang J., Zhong R., Schneeloch J.A., Xu Z.J., Tian W., Stone M.B., Chi S.X., Matsuda M., Sidis Y., Bourges P., Li Q., Gu G., Tranquada J.M., Xu G., Birgeneau R.J., Wen J., Suppression of the antiferromagnetic order when approaching the superconducting state in a phase-separated crystal of K x Fe 2 − y Se 2 Physical Review B, 96, 9, 094503 (2017).
Motoya K., Hagihala M., Kimura S., Matsuda M., Ouladdiaf B., Long-Time Variation in Magnetic Structure of Ce(IrxRh1−x)3Si2: A New Interpretation of Time Variation Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 86, 3, 034701 (2017).
Motoya K., Hagihala M., Shigeoka T., Pajerowski D.M., Matsuda M., Long-Time Variation of Magnetic Structure in (PrxLa1−x)Co2Si2: Coexistence of Slow and Fast Processes in Magnetic Phase Transition Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 86, 044707 (2017).
Stone M.B., Garlea V.O., Gillon B., Cousson A., Christianson A.D., Lumsden M.D., Nagler S.E., Mandrus D., Sales B.C., Excitations and magnetization density distribution in the dilute ferromagnetic semiconductor Yb 14 MnSb 11 Physical Review B, 95, 2, 020412 (2017).
Williams T.J., Aczel A.A., Stone M.B., Wilson M.N., Luke G.M., Hidden order signatures in the antiferromagnetic phase of U ( Ru 1 − x Fe x ) 2 Si 2 Physical Review B, 95, 10, 104440 (2017).
Zhu M., Shanavas K.V., Wang Y., Zou T., Sun W.F., Tian W., Garlea V.O., Podlesnyak A.A., Matsuda M., Stone M.B., Keavney D.J., Mao Z.Q., Singh D.J., Ke X., Non-Fermi surface nesting driven commensurate magnetic ordering in Fe-doped Sr2RuO4 Physical Review B, 95, 5, 054413 (2017).

2016 14 Publications

Fobes D., Zaliznyak I.A., Tranquada J.M., Xu Z.J., Gu G., He X., Ku W., Zhao Y., Matsuda M., Garlea V.O., Winn B., Forbidden phonon: Dynamical signature of bond symmetry breaking in the iron chalcogenides Physical Review B, 94, 12, B 94, 121103(R) (2016).
Kinoshita M., Seki S., Sato T.J., Nambu Y., Hong T., Matsuda M., Cao H.B., Ishiwata S., Tokura Y., Magnetic Reversal of Electric Polarization with Fixed Chirality of Magnetic Structure in a Chiral-Lattice Helimagnet MnSb2O6 Physical Review Letters, 117, 047201 (2016).
Koborinai R., Dissanayake S., Reehuis M., Matsuda M., Kajita T., Kuwahara H., Lee S.H., Katsufuji T., Orbital glass state of the nearly metallic spinel cobalt vanadate Physical Review Letters, 116, 037201 (2016).
Li F., Larmor labeling of neutron spin using superconducting Wollaston prisms Ph.D. Dissertation, Indiana University (2016).
Ma J., Kamiya Y., Hong T., Cao H.B., Ehlers G., Tian W., Batista C.D., Dun Z.L., Zhou H.D., Matsuda M., Static and Dynamical Properties of the Spin-1/2 Equilateral Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet Ba3CoSb2O9 Physical Review Letters, 116, 087201 (2016).
MacDougall G.J., Aczel A.A., Su Y., Schweika W., Faulhaber E., Schneidewind A., Christianson A.D., Zarestky J.L., Zhou H.D., Mandrus D., Nagler S.E., Revisiting the ground state of CoAl2O4: Comparison to the conventional antiferromagnet MnAl2O4 Physical Review B, 94, 184422 (2016).
Matsuda M., Ye F., Dissanayake S., Cheng J.G., Chi S.X., Ma J., Zhou H.D., Yan J.Q., Kasamatsu S., Sugino O., Kato T., Matsubayashi K., Okada T., Uwatoko Y., Pressure dependence of the magnetic ground states in MnP Physical Review B, 93, 10, 100405(R) (2016).
Motoya K., Hagihala M., Takabatake T., Matsuda M., Long-Time Variation in Magnetic Structure of CeIr3Si2: Observation of a Nucleation-and-Growth Process of Magnetic Domains Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 85, 034722 (2016).
Nakajima T., Takahashi Y., Kibayashi S., Matsuda M., Kakurai K., Ishiwata S., Taguchi Y., Tokura Y., Arima T.h., Electromagnon excitation in the field-induced noncollinear ferrimagnetic phase of Ba2Mg2Fe12O22 studied by polarized inelastic neutron scattering and terahertz time-domain optical spectroscopy Physical Review B, 93, 035119 (2016).
Nakajima T., Tokunaga Y., Matsuda M., Dissanayake S., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Kakurai K., Taguchi Y., Tokura Y., Arima T.h., Magnetic structures and excitations in a multiferroic Y-type hexaferrite BaSrCo2Fe11AlO22 Physical Review B, 94, 19, 195154 (2016).
Podlesnyak A.A., Anovitz L.M., Kolesnikov A.I., Matsuda M., Prisk T.R., Toth S., Ehlers G., Coupled antiferromagnetic spin-1/2 chains in green dioptase Cu6[Si6O18]·6H2O Physical Review B, 93, 6, 064426 (2016).
Tian W., Cao H.B., Wang J.C., Ye F., Matsuda M., Yan J.Q., Liu Y., Garlea V.O., Agrawal H.K., Chakoumakos B.C., Sales B.C., Fishman R.S., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Spin-lattice coupling mediated multiferroicity in (ND4)2FeCl5·D2O Physical Review B, 94, 214405 (2016).
Wang Q., Park J.T., Feng Y., Shen Y., Hao Y., Pan B., Lynn J.W., Ivanov A.S., Chi S.X., Matsuda M., Cao H.B., Birgeneau R.J., Efremov D.V., Zhao J., Transition from Sign-Reversed to Sign-Preserved Cooper-Pairing Symmetry in Sulfur-Doped Iron Selenide Superconductors Physical Review Letters, 116, 19, 197004 (2016).
Zhang C., Lv W., Tan G., Song Y., Carr S.V., Chi S.X., Matsuda M., Christianson A.D., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Harriger L.W., Dai P.C., Electron doping evolution of the neutron spin resonance in NaFe1−xCoxAs Physical Review B, 93, 17, 174522 (2016).

2015 15 Publications

Calder S., Kim J.W., Cao G., Cantoni C., May A.F., Cao H.B., Aczel A.A., Matsuda M., Choi Y., Haskel D., Sales B.C., Mandrus D., Lumsden M.D., Christianson A.D., Evolution of competing magnetic order in the Jeff=1/2 insulating state of Sr2Ir1−xRuxO4 Physical Review B, 92, 165128 (2015).
Chen X., Weathers A., Carrete J., Mukhopadhyay S., Delaire O., Stewart D.A., Mingo N., Girard S.N., Ma J., Abernathy D.L., Yan J.Q., Sheshka R., Sellan D.P., Meng F., Jin S., Zhou J.S., Shi L., Twisting phonons in complex crystals with quasi-one-dimensional substructures Nature Communications, 6, 6723 (2015).
Delaire O., Al-Qasir I.I., May A.F., Li C.W., Sales B.C., Niedziela J., Ma J., Matsuda M., Abernathy D.L., Berlijn T., Heavy-impurity resonance, hybridization, and phonon spectral functions in Fe1-xMxSi (M=Ir, Os) Physical Review B, 91, 094307 (2015).
Dissanayake S., Magnetic States and Excitations of Complex Spin Systems Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Virginia (2015).
Dun Z.L., Ma J., Cao H.B., Qiu Y., Copley J.R., Hong T., Matsuda M., Cheng J.G., Lee M., Choi E.S., Johnston S., Zhou H.D., Competition between the inter- and intra-sublattice interactions in Yb2V2O7 Physical Review B, 91, 064425 (2015).
Kobayashi R., Yoshizawa H., Matsuda M., Kajimoto R., Ishizaka K., Tokura Y., Neutron Diffraction Study of Parasitic Nd-Moment Order in the Checkerboard-Type Phase Nd1.3Sr0.7NiO4 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 84, 6, 064711 (2015).
Komatsu K., Munakata K., Matsubayashi K., Uwatoko Y., Yokoyama Y., Sugiyama K., Matsuda M., Zr-based bulk metallic glass as a cylinder material for high pressure apparatuses High Pressure Research, 35, 3, 254-262 (2015).
Ma J., Lee J.H., Hahn S.E., Hong T., Cao H.B., Aczel A.A., Dun Z.L., Stone M.B., Tian W., Qiu Y., Copley J.R., Zhou H.D., Fishman R.S., Matsuda M., Strong competition between orbital ordering and itinerancy in a frustrated spinel vanadate Physical Review B, 91, 020407(R) (2015).
Poudel L., dela Cruz C., Payzant E.A., May A.F., Koehler M.R., Garlea V.O., Taylor A.E., Parker D.S., Cao H.B., McGuire M.A., Tian W., Matsuda M., Jeen H., Lee H.N., Hong T., Calder S., Zhou H.D., Lumsden M.D., Keppens V., Mandrus D., Christianson A.D., Structural and magnetic phase transitions in CeCu6−xTx (T=Ag,Pd) Physical Review B, 92, 214421 (2015).
Ren Z., Combined neutron, transport and material based investigation in Ca3Ir4Sn13 Ph.D. Dissertation, Boston College (2015).
Tian W., Svoboda C., Ochi M., Matsuda M., Cao H.B., Cheng J.G., Sales B.C., Mandrus D., Arita R., Trivedi N., Yan J.Q., High antiferromagnetic transition temperature of the honeycomb compound SrRu2O6 Physical Review B, 92, 100404 (2015).
Wang J., Zhong R., Li S., Gan Y., Xu Z.J., Zhang C., Ozaki T., Matsuda M., Zhao Y., Li Q., Xu G., Gu G., Tranquada J.M., Birgeneau R.J., Wen J., Substitution of Ni for Fe in superconducting Fe0.98Te0.5Se0.5 depresses the normal-state conductivity but not the magnetic spectral weight Physical Review B, 91, 014501 (2015).
Wang J.C., Aswartham S., Ye F., Terzic J., Zheng H., Haskel D., Chikara S., Choi Y., Schlottmann P., Custelcean R., Yuan S.J., Cao G., Decoupling of the antiferromagnetic and insulating states in Tb-doped Sr2IrO4 Physical Review B, 92, 214411, 21 (2015).
Ye F., Wang X.P., Hoffmann C., Wang J.C., Chi S.X., Matsuda M., Chakoumakos B.C., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Cao G., Structure symmetry determination and magnetic structure evolution in Sr2 Ir1-xRhxO4 Physical Review B, 92, 20, 201112(R) (2015).
Yu R., Hojo H., Watanuki T., Mizumaki M., Mizokawa T., Oka K., Kim H.J., Machida A., Sakaki K., Nakamura Y., Agui A., Mori D., Inaguma Y., Schlipf M., Rushchanskii K.Z., Lezaic M., Matsuda M., Ma J., Calder S., Isobe M., Melting of Pb charge glass and simultaneous Pb-Cr charge transfer in PbCrO3 as the origin of volume collapse Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137, 39, 12719–12728 (2015).

2014 9 Publications

Dhital C., Hogan T., Yamani Z., Birgeneau R.J., Tian W., Matsuda M., Sefat A.S., Wang Z., Wilson S.D., Evolution of antiferromagnetic susceptibility under uniaxial pressure in Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 Physical Review B, 89, 21, 214404 (2014).
Kobayashi R., Kaneko K., Saito K., Mignot J.M., Andre G., Robert J., Wakimoto S., Matsuda M., Chi S.X., Haga Y., Matsuda T.D., Yamamoto E., Nishioka T., Matsumura M., Tanida H., Sera M., Influence of Electron Doping on Magnetic Order in CeRu2Al10 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 83, 104707 (2014).
Mengyan P.W., Magnetism in Mn-doped chalcopyrites Ph.D. Dissertation, Texas Tech University (2014).
Mengyan P.W., Lichti R.L., Celebi Y.G., Baker B.B., Carroll B.R., Catak E., Zawilski K.T., Schunemann P.G., Magnetic fields and fluctuations in weakly Mn doped ZnGeP2 AIP Conference Proceedings, 1583, 190 (2014).
Mesa D., Neutron scattering studies of unusual spin structure and local correlation in complex oxides Ph.D. Dissertation, Louisiana State University (2014).
Motoya K., Moyoshi T., Matsuda M., Long-time variation in magnetic structure of Ce0.98La0.02Ir3Si2: effect of randomness on time variation Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 83, 024708 (2014).
Plumb K.W., Inelastic Neutron Scattering Studies of Novel Quantum Magnets Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Toronto (2014).
Stock C., Rodriguez E.E., Sobolev O., Rodriguez-Rivera J.A., Ewings R.A., Taylor J.W., Christianson A.D., Green M.A., Soft striped magnetic fluctuations competing with superconductivity in Fe1+xTe Physical Review B, 90, 121113(R) (2014).

2013 10 Publications

Cao G., Subedi A., Calder S., Yan J.Q., Yi J., Gai Z., Poudel L., Singh D.J., Lumsden M.D., Christianson A.D., Sales B.C., Mandrus D., Magnetism and electronic structure of La2ZnIrO6 and La2MgIrO6: Candidate Jeff=1/2 Mott insulators Physical Review B, 87, 155136 (2013).
Christianson A.D., Lumsden M.D., Marty K., Wang C.H., Calder S., Abernathy D.L., Stone M.B., Mook H.A., McGuire M.A., Sefat A.S., Sales B.C., Mandrus D., Goremychkin E.A., Doping dependence of the spin excitations in the Fe-based superconductors Fe1+yTe1-xSex Physical Review B, 87, 224410 (2013).
Chung J.H., Song Y.S., Kim J.H., Suzuki T., Katsufuji T., Matsuda M., Lee S.H., Dynamic spin correlations in the frustrated cubic phase of MnV2O4 Physical Review B, 88, 094430 (2013).
Ortmann J.E., Liu J.Y., Hu J., Zhu M., Peng J., Matsuda M., Ke X., Mao Z.Q., Competition between antiferromagnetism and ferromagnetism in Sr2RuO4 probed by Mn and Co doping Scientific Reports, 3, 2950 (2013).
Plumb K.W., Yamani Z., Matsuda M., Shu G.J., Koteswararao B., Chou F.C., Kim Y.J., Incommensurate dynamic correlations in the quasi-two-dimensional spin liquid BiCu2PO6 Physical Review B, 88, 024402 (2013).
Podlesnyak A.A., Ehlers G., Cao H.B., Matsuda M., Frontzek M., Zaharko O., Kazantsev V., Gubkin A.F., Baranov N.V., Temperature-driven phase transformation in Y3Co: neutron scattering and first-principles studies Physical Review B, 88, 024117 (2013).
Wang M., Neutron scattering study of the iron based superconductors Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2013).
Wen J.S., Li S., Xu Z.J., Zhang C., Matsuda M., Sobolev O., Park J.T., Christianson A.D., Bourret-Courchesne E., Li Q., Gu G., Lee D.H., Tranquada J.M., Xu G., Birgeneau R.J., Enhanced low-energy magnetic excitations via suppression of the itinerancy in Fe0.98-zCuzTe0.5Se0.5 Physical Review B, 88, 144509 (2013).
Ye F., Chi S.X., Chakoumakos B.C., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Qi T., Cao G., Magnetic and crystal structures of Sr2IrO4: a neutron diffraction study Physical Review B, 87, 140406 (2013).
Zhao J., Rotundu C.R., Marty K., Matsuda M., Zhao Y., Setty C., Bourret-Courchesne E., Hu J.P., Birgeneau R.J., Effect of electron correlations on magnetic excitations in the isovalently doped iron-based superconductor Ba(Fe1-xRux)2As2 Physical Review Letters, 110, 147003 (2013).

2012 14 Publications

Calder S., Garlea V.O., McMorrow D.F., Lumsden M.D., Stone M.B., Lang J.C., Kim J.W., Schlueter J.A., Shi Y.G., Yamaura K., Sun Y., Tsujimoto Y., Christianson A.D., Magnetically Driven Metal-Insulator Transition in NaOsO3 Physical Review Letters, 108, 257209 (2012).
Calder S., Lumsden M.D., Garlea V.O., Kim J.W., Shi Y.G., Feng H.L., Yamaura K., Christianson A.D., Magnetic structure determination of Ca3LiOsO6 using neutron and x-ray scattering Physical Review B, 86, 054403 (2012).
Frontzek M., Ehlers G., Podlesnyak A.A., Cao H.B., Matsuda M., Zaharko O., Aliouane N., Barilo S., Shiryaev S.V., Magnetic structure of CuCrO2: a single crystal neutron diffraction study Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 24, 16004 (2012).
Fujita M., Hiraka H., Matsuda M., Matsuura M., Tranquada J.M., Wakimoto S., Xu G., Yamada K., Progress in neutron scattering studies of spin excitations in high-Tc cuprates Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 81, 11007 (2012).
Harriger L.W., Magnetic excitations in the iron based superconductors Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2012).
Matsuda M., dela Cruz C., Yoshida H., Isobe M., Fishman R.S., Partially disordered state and spin-lattice coupling in an S=3/2 triangular lattice antiferromagnet Ag2CrO2 Acta Materialia, 85, 144407 (2012).
Matsuda M., Fishman R.S., Hong T., Lee C.H., Ushiyama T., Yanagisawa Y., Tomioka Y., Ito T.M., Magnetic dispersion and anisotropy in multiferroic BiFeO3 Physical Review Letters, 109, 6, 067205 (2012).
Mitchell J.F., Saparov B., Lin W., Calder S., Li Q., Kalinin S.V., Pan M., Christianson A.D., Sefat A.S., Temperature-composition phase diagrams for Ba1-xSrxFe2As2 (0 <= x <= 1) and superconducting Ba0.5Sr0.5(Fe1-yCoy)2As2 (0 <= y <= 0.141) Physical Review B, 86, 174511 (2012).
Niedziela J., Structure and dynamics of high temperature superconductors Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2012).
Peng J., Novel quantum phenomena in doped double layer ruthenates Ph.D. Dissertation, Tulane University (2012).
Wang C.H., Lumsden M.D., Fishman R.S., Ehlers G., Hong T., Tian W., Cao H.B., Podlesnyak A.A., Dunmars C., Schlueter J.A., Manson J.L., Christianson A.D., Magnetic properties of the S=1/2 quasisquare lattice antiferromagnet CuF2(H2O)2(pyz) (pyz = pyrazine) investigated by neutron scattering Physical Review B, 86, 064439 (2012).
Wen J.S., Xu Z.J., Xu G., Jie Q., Hucker M., Zheludev A., Tian W., Winn B., Zarestky J.L., Singh D.J., Hong T., Li Q., Gu G., Tranquada J.M., Probing the connections between superconductivity, stripe order, and structure in La1.905Ba0.095Cu1-yZnyO4 Physical Review B, 85, 134512 (2012).
Xu Z.J., Wen J., Zhao Y., Matsuda M., Ku W., Liu X., Gu G., Lee D.H., Birgeneau R.J., Tranquada J.M., Xu G., Temperature-dependent transformation of the magnetic excitation spectrum on approaching superconductivity in Fe1+y-x(Ni/Cu)xTe0.5Se0.5 Physical Review Letters, 109, 227002 (2012).
Ye F., Chi S.X., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Cao H.B., Liang K.C., Wang Y.Q., Lorenz B., Chu C.W., Magnetic order and spin-flop transitions in the cobalt-doped multiferroic Mn1-xCoxWO4 Physical Review B, 86, 094429 (2012).

2011 13 Publications

Chaudhury R.P., Ye F., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Lorenz B., Wang Y.Q., Sun Y.Y., Mook H.A., Chu C.W., Robust ferroelectric state in multiferroic Mn1-xZnxWO4 Physical Review B, 83, 14401 (2011).
Frontzek M., Haraldsen J.T., Podlesnyak A.A., Matsuda M., Christianson A.D., Fishman R.S., Sefat A.S., Qiu Y., Copley J.R., Barilo S., Shiryaev S.V., Ehlers G., Magnetic excitations in the geometric frustrated multiferroic CuCrO2 Physical Review B, 84, 94448 (2011).
Harriger L.W., Luo H.Q., Liu M.S., Frost C.D., Hu J.P., Norman M.R., Dai P.C., Nematic spin fluid in the tetragonal phase of BaFe2As2 Physical Review B, 84, 54544 (2011).
Hucker M., Zimmermann M.v., Gu G., Xu Z.J., Wen J.S., Xu G., Kang H.J., Zheludev A., Tranquada J.M., Stripe order in superconducting La2-xBaxCuO4 (0.095 <= x <= 0.155) Physical Review B, 83, 10, 104506 (2011).
Ke X., Hong T., Peng J., Nagler S.E., Granroth G.E., Lumsden M.D., Mao Z.Q., Spin-wave excitation in the antiferromagnetic bilayer ruthenate Ca3Ru2O7 Physical Review B, 84, 14422 (2011).
Lipscombe O.J., Chen G.F., Fang C., Perring T.G., Abernathy D.L., Christianson A.D., Egami T., Wang N.L., Hu J.P., Dai P.C., Spin waves in the (π,0) magnetically ordered iron chalcogenide Fe1.05Te Physical Review Letters, 106, 057004 (2011).
MacDougall G.J., Gout D.J., Zarestky J.L., Ehlers G., Podlesnyak A.A., McGuire M.A., Mandrus D., Nagler S.E., Kinetically inhibited order in a diamond-lattice antiferromagnet Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108, 38, 15693-15698 (2011).
Marty K., Christianson A.D., Wang C.H., Matsuda M., Cao H.B., VanBebber L.H., Zarestky J.L., Singh D.J., Sefat A.S., Lumsden M.D., Competing magnetic ground states in nonsuperconducting Ba(Fe1-xCrx)2As2 as seen via neutron diffraction Physical Review B, 83, 060509 (2011).
Matsuda M., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Fujita M., Yamada K., Tranquada J.M., Detailed structure of the low-energy magnetic dispersion of the diagonal incommensurate phase in La1.975Sr0.025CuO4 Physical Review B, 84, 104524 (2011).
Wang M., Fang C., Yao D.X., Tan G., Harriger L.W., Song Y., Netherton T., Zhang C., Wang M., Stone M.B., Tian W., Hu J.P., Dai P.C., Spin waves and magnetic exchange interactions in insulating Rb0.89Fe1.58Se2 Nature Communications, 2, 580 (2011).
Xu Z.J., Crystal growth and neutron scattering studies of high temperature superconductors Ph.D. Dissertation, City University of New York (2011).
Yu J., The role of unconventional magnetism in the insulator-metal transition of perovskite cobaltites Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Virginia (2011).
Zaliznyak I.A., Savici A.T., Garlea V.O., Hu R., Petrovic C., Absence of localized-spin magnetism in the narrow-gap semiconductor FeSb2 Physical Review B, 83, 184414 (2011).

2010 9 Publications

Chaudhury R.P., Ye F., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Wang Y.Q., Sun Y.Y., Lorenz B., Mook H.A., Chu C.W., Magnetic and multiferroic phases of single-crystalline Mn0.85Co0.15WO4 Physical Review B, 82, 184422 (2010).
dela Cruz C., Hu W.Z., Li S., Huang Q.Z., Lynn J.W., Green M.A., Chen G.F., Wang N.L., Mook H.A., Si Q., Dai P.C., Lattice distortion and magnetic quantum phase transition in CeFeAs1-xPxO Physical Review Letters, 104, 17204 (2010).
Haraldsen J.T., Ye F., Fishman R.S., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Yamaguchi Y., Kimura K., Kimura T., Multiferroic phase of doped delafossite CuFeO2 identified using inelastic neutron scattering Physical Review B, 82, 20404 (2010).
Lumsden M.D., Christianson A.D., Goremychkin E.A., Nagler S.E., Mook H.A., Stone M.B., Abernathy D.L., Guidi T., MacDougall G.J., dela Cruz C., Sefat A.S., McGuire M.A., Sales B.C., Mandrus D., Evolution of spin excitations into the superconducting state in FeTe1−xSex Nature Physics, 6, 182-186 (2010).
Smirnov A.I., Svistov K.E., Prozorova L.A., Zheludev A., Lumsden M.D., Ressouche E., Petrenko O.A., Hagiwara M., Kimura S., Nishikawa K., Kindo K., Shapiro A.Y., Demianets L.N., Coexistance of spiral and commensurate structures in a triangular antiferromagnet KFe(MoO4)2 Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 200, 032068 (2010).
Wakimoto S., Hiraka H., Kudo K., Okamoto D., Nishizaki T., Kakurai K., Hong T., Zheludev A., Tranquada J.M., Kobayashi N., Yamada K., Magnetic field effect on Fe-induced short-range magnetic correlation and electrical conductivity in Bi1.75Pb0.35Sr1.90Cu0.91Fe0.09O6+y Physical Review B, 82, 64507 (2010).
Wilson S.D., Yamani Z., Rotundu C.R., Freelon B., Valdivia P., Bourret-Courchesne E., Lynn J.W., Chi S.X., Hong T., Birgeneau R.J., Antiferromagnetic critical fluctuations in BaFe2As2 Physical Review B, 82, 144502 (2010).
Zhao J., Neutron scattering study of the high Tc superconductors Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2010).

2009 8 Publications

Dougan B.A., Xue Z., Polarized neutron diffraction and its application to spin density studied Science in China Series B: Chemistry, 52, 12, 2083-2095 (2009).
Li S., dela Cruz C., Huang Q.Z., Chen G.F., Xia T.L., Luo J.L., Wang N.L., Dai P.C., Structural and magnetic phase transitions in Na1dFeAs Physical Review B, 80, 20504 (2009).
Lynn J.W., Dai P.C., Neutron studies of the iron-based family of high T-C magnetic superconductors Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 469, 469-476 (2009).
Masuda T., Kakurai K., Zheludev A., Spin dimers in the quantum ferrimagnet Cu2Fe2Ge4O13 under staggered and random magnetic fields Physical Review B, 80, 180412 (2009).
Moore R.G., Lumsden M.D., Stone M.B., Zhang J., Chen Y., Lynn J.W., Jin R., Mandrus D., Plummer E.W., Phonon softening and anomalous mode near the x(c)=0.5 quantum critical point in Ca2-xSrxRuO4 Physical Review B, 79, 172301 (2009).
Osborn R., Rosenkranz S., Goremychkin E.A., Christianson A.D., Inelastic neutron scattering studies of the spin and lattice dynamics in iron arsenide compounds Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 469, 498-506 (2009).
Smirnov A.I., Svistov L.E., Prozorova L.A., Zheludev A., Lumsden M.D., Ressouche E., Petrenko O.A., Nishikawa K., Kimura S., Hagiwara M., Kindo K., Shapiro A.Y., Demianets L.N., Chiral and Collinear Ordering in a Distorted Triangular antiferromagnet Physical Review Letters, 102, 37202 (2009).
Yu J., Louca D.A., Phelan D., Tomiyasu K., Horigane K., Yamada K., Uncharacteristic phase separation trends with the ionic size in cobaltites Physical Review B, 80, 52402 (2009).

2008 9 Publications

Chi S.X., Structural and magnetic properties of manganites Pr1-xCa1+xMnO4, iron pnictides CeFeAsO1-xFx, and filled skutterudite PrOs4As12 Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2008).
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2005 1 Publications