Publications from Research Conducted at TOPAZ

The following 154 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2023 11 Publications

Chiu T., Liao J., Wu Y.Y., Chen J., Chen Y.J., Wang X.P., Kahlal S., Saillard J., Liu C.W., "Hydride Doping Effects on the Structure and Properties of Eight-Electron Rh/Ag Superatoms: The [RhHx@Ag21–x{S2P(OnPr)2}12] (x = 0–2) Series", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 16739–16747 (2023).
Gao B., Chen T., Huang C.L., Qiu Y., Xu G., Liebman J., Chen L., Stone M.B., Feng E., Cao H.B., Wang X.P., Xu X., Cheong S.W., Winter S.M., Dai P.C., "Disorder-induced excitation continuum in a spin- 12 cobaltate on a triangular lattice", Physical Review B, 108, 2, 024431 (2023).
Guan Y., Miao L., He J., Ning J.L., Chen Y., Xie W., Sun J., Gopalan V., Zhu J., Wang X.P., Alem N., Zhang Q., Mao Z.Q., "Layered Semiconductor Cr0.32Ga0.68Te2.33 with Concurrent Broken Inversion Symmetry and Ferromagnetism: A Bulk Ferrovalley Material Candidate", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 4683-4690 (2023).
Larson J., "Flux Growth of Lanthanide Intermetallics Containing Interstitials", Ph.D. Dissertation, Florida State University (2023).
Larson J., Hoffmann C., Latturner S.E., "Ce4B2C2F0.14H2.26: Cerium Borocarbides with Fluoride and Hydride Interstitials Grown from Ce/Cu Flux", Crystal Growth and Design, 23, 5919–5924 (2023).
Li Q., Tan Y., Huang B., Yang S., Chai J., Wang X.P., Pei Y., Zhu M., "Mechanistic Study of the Hydride Migration-Induced Reversible Isomerization in Au22(SR)15H Isomers", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145, 15859-15868 (2023).
McGuire M.A., Zhang H., May A.F., Okamoto S., Moore R.G., Wang X.P., Girod C., Thomas S.M., Ronning F., Yan J.Q., "Superconductivity by alloying the topological insulator SnBi2Te4", Physical Review Materials , 7, 034802 (2023).
McWilliams S.F., Mercado B.Q., MacLeod K.C., Fataftah M.S., Tarrago M., Wang X.P., Bill E., Ye S., Holland P.L., "Dynamic effects on ligand field from rapid hydride motion in an iron(ii) dimer with an S = 3 ground state", Chemical Science, 14, 2303-2312 (2023).
Sandemann J., Stockler K.A., Wang X.P., Chakoumakos B.C., Iversen B.B., "Benchmark Crystal Structure of Defect-Free Spinel ZnFe2O4", Journal of the American Chemical Society, (2023).
Singh R., "Generation of Nanoparticles from Waste via Solvent Extraction Method", 1-23 Handbook of Green and Sustainable Nanotechnology Springer (2023).
Yin J., Liu S., Reshniak V., Wang X.P., Zhang G., "A scalable transformer model for real-time decision making in neutron scattering experiments", Journal of Machine Learning for Modeling and Computing, 4, 95-107 (2023).

2022 12 Publications

Chen L., Mao C., Chung J.H., Stone M.B., Kolesnikov A.I., Wang X.P., Murai N., Gao B., Delaire O., Dai P.C., "Anisotropic magnon damping by zero-temperature quantum fluctuations in ferromagnetic CrGeTe3", Nature Communications, 13, 4037 (2022).
Chiu T., Liao J., Gam F., Wu Y.Y., Wang X.P., Kahlal S., Saillard J., Liu C.W., "Hydride-Containing Eight-Electron Pt/Ag Superatoms: Structure, Bonding, and Multi-NMR Studies", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 10599-10607 (2022).
Dronova M.G., Ye F., Cooper S.E., Krishnadas A., Hoffmann C., Fujisawa Y., Okada Y., Khomskii D., Feng Y., "Controlling inversion disorder in a stoichiometric spinel magnet", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119, e2208748119 (2022).
Elakkat V., Tessema E., Lin C.H., Wang X.P., Chang H.C., Zheng Y.N., Huang Y.C., Gurumallappa G., Zhang Z.Y., Chan K.L., Asti H.R., Francisco J.S., Lu N., "Unusual Changes of C–H Bond Lengths in Chiral Zinc Complexes Induced by Noncovalent Interactions", Angewandte Chemie International Edition, (2022).
Limbach M.N., Antevska A., Oluwatoba D.S., Gray A.L., Carroll X.B., Hoffmann C., Wang X.P., Voehler M.W., Steren C.A., Do T.D., "Atomic View of Aqueous Cyclosporine A: Unpacking a Decades-Old Mystery", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 12602-12607 (2022).
Mu S., Dixit K.D., Wang X.P., Abernathy D.L., Cao H.B., Nagler S.E., Yan J.Q., Lampen-Kelley P., Mandrus D., Polanco C.A., Liang L., Halasz G.B., Cheng Y.Q., Banerjee A., Berlijn T., "Role of the third dimension in searching for Majorana fermions in α − RuCl 3 via phonons", Physical Review Research, 4, 013067 (2022).
Porro J.M., Shalan A.E., Salado M., "Advanced Neutron and Synchrotron Characterization Techniques for Nanocomposite Perovskite Materials Toward Solar Cells Applications", 613-661 Advances in Nanocomposite Materials for Environmental and Energy Harvesting Applications Springer (2022).
Scheie A., Ziebel M., Chica D.G., Bae Y.J., Wang X.P., Kolesnikov A.I., Zhu X., Roy X., "Spin Waves and Magnetic Exchange Hamiltonian in CrSBr", Advanced Science, 9, 2202467 (2022).
Silalahi R.P., Wang Q., Liao J., Chiu T., Wu Y.Y., Wang X.P., Kahlal S., Saillard J., Liu C.W., "Reactivities of Interstitial Hydrides in a Cu11 Template: En Route to Bimetallic Clusters", Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 61, 2, e202113266 (2022).
van Zyl W.E., Liu C.W., "Interstitial Hydrides in Nanoclusters can Reduce M(I) (M=Cu, Ag, Au) to M(0) and Form Stable Superatoms", Chemistry - A European Journal, 28, e202104241 (2022).
Wang X., Wang C., Liu B., Ma X., Li G., Wang X.P., Wang C., Shi Y., Yang Y.f., Li S., "Neutron diffraction and linear Grüneisen parameter studies of magnetism in NdFe 2 Ga 8", Physical Review B, 105, 035152 (2022).
Wilde J.M., Riberolles S.X., Das ., Liu Y., Heitmann T.W., Wang X.P., Straszheim W.E., Bud'ko S.L., Canfield P.C., Kreyssig A., McQueeney R.J., Ryan D.H., Ueland B.G., "Canted antiferromagnetic phases in the candidate layered Weyl material EuMnSb 2", Physical Review B, 106, 024420 (2022).

2021 17 Publications

Bruhwiler K.C., Bruhwiler D.L., Nagler R., Moeller P., Hoffmann C., Savici A.T., Morgan Z., Tucker M.G., Kuhn A., Mensmann J., Messmer P., Nienhaus M., Roemer S., Tatulea D., "Rapid Browser-Based Visualization of Large Neutron Scattering Datasets", 12th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 2021), (2021).
Chakrahari K.K., Liao J., Silalahi R.P., Chiu T., Liao J., Wang X.P., Kahlal S., Saillard J., Liu C.W., "Isolation and Structural Elucidation of 15-Nuclear Copper Dihydride Clusters: An Intermediate in the Formation of a Two-Electron Copper Superatom", Small, 17, 27, 2002544 (2021).
Curley J.B., Smith N.E., Bernskoetter W.H., Ertem M.Z., Hazari N., Mercado B.Q., Townsend T.M., Wang X.P., "Understanding the Reactivity and Decomposition of a Highly Active Iron Pincer Catalyst for Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation Reactions", ACS Catalysis, 11, 10631–10646 (2021).
Custelcean R., "Direct air capture of CO2 via crystal engineering", Chemical Science, 12, 12518-12528 (2021).
Fancher C.M., Hoffmann C., Wang X.P., Daemen L.L., Schultz A.J., "Operando single crystal neutron diffraction reveals insight into the field response mechanisms in the hydrogen-bonded KH2PO4 ferroelectric", APL Materials, 9, 021111 (2021).
Gao Y., Meshkat S., Johnston A., Zheng C., Walters G., Feng Q., Wang X.P., Sun M., Najarian A.M., Xue D., Wang Y., Saidaminov M.I., Voznyy O., Hoogland S., Sargent E.H., "Electro-Optic Modulation Using Metal-Free Perovskites", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13, 16, 19042–19047 (2021).
Gaudet J., Yang H.Y., Baidya S., Lu B., Xu G., Zhao Y., Rodriguez-Rivera J.A., Hoffmann C., Graf D., Torchinsky D.H., Nikolic P., Vanderbilt D.E., Tafti F.F., Broholm C., "Weyl-mediated helical magnetism in NdAlSi", Nature Materials, 20, 1650-1656 (2021).
Hertz M.B., Baumbach R.E., Wang X.P., Latturner S.E., "Unexpected Hydride: Ce4B2C2H2.42, a Stuffed Variant of the Nd2BC Structure Type", Crystal Growth and Design, 21, 5164-5171 (2021).
Kim S., "Catalytic Hydrogenation of Metal Nitrides to Generate Ammonia Using Transition Metal Hydrides", Ph.D. Dissertation, Princeton University (2021).
Liu Y., Wang L., Zheng Q., Huang Z., Wang X.P., Chi M., Wu Y., Chakoumakos B.C., McGuire M.A., Sales B.C., Wu W., Yan J.Q., "Site Mixing for Engineering Magnetic Topological Insulators", Physical Review X, 11, 021033 (2021).
Lu N., Elakkat V., Thrasher J.S., Wang X.P., Tessema E., Chan K.L., Wei R.J., Trabelsi T., Francisco J.S., "Neutron Diffraction Study of Significant sp3 and sp2 C–H Bond Shortening in a Fluorinated Pyridinium Saccharinate", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143, 14, 5550–5557 (2021).
Morgan Z., Zhou H., Chakoumakos B.C., Ye F., "rmc-discord: reverse Monte Carlo refinement of diffuse scattering and correlated disorder from single crystals", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 54, 1867-1885 (2021).
Rahn M.C., Gallagher A., Orlandi F., Khalyavin D.D., Hoffmann C., Manuel P., Baumbach R.E., Janoschek M., "Collinear antiferromagnetic order in URu2Si2-x Px revealed by neutron diffraction", Physical Review B, 103, 214403 (2021).
Weng J., "Development of 3-D Diffraction Techniques for Characterizing Disordered Systems", Ph.D. Dissertation, North Carolina State University (2021).
Ye F., Morgan Z., Tian W., Chi S.X., Wang X.P., Manley M.E., Parker D.S., Khan M.A., Mitchell J.F., Fishman R.S., "Canted antiferromagnetic order and spin dynamics in the honeycomb-lattice compound Tb 2 Ir 3 Ga 9", Physical Review B, 103, 18, 184413 (2021).

2020 16 Publications

Barik S.K., Huo S., Wu C., Chiu T., Liao J., Wang X.P., Kahlal S., Saillard J., Liu C.W., "Polyhydrido Copper Nanoclusters with a Hollow Icosahedral Core: [Cu30H18{E2P(OR)2}12] (E=S or Se; R=n Pr, i Pr or i Bu)", Chemistry - A European Journal, 26, 46, 10471-10479 (2020).
Cao G., Zheng H., Zhao H.D., Ni Y.F., Pocs C.A., Zhang Y., Ye F., Hoffmann C., Wang X.P., Lee M., Hermele M., Kimchi I., "Quantum liquid from strange frustration in the trimer magnet Ba4Ir3O10", npj Quantum Materials, 5, 26 (2020).
Custelcean R., Williams N.J., Wang X.P., Garrabrant K.A., Martin H., Kidder M.K., Ivanov A.S., Bryantsev V., "Dialing in Direct Air Capture of CO2 by Crystal Engineering of Bis‐iminoguanidines", ChemSusChem, 13, 23, 6381-6390 (2020).
Engstrand T.O., Cope E.M., Vasquez G., Haddock J.W., Hertz M.B., Wang X.P., Latturner S.E., "Flux Synthesis of a Metal Carbide Hydride Using Anthracene As a Reactant", Inorganic Chemistry, 59, 11651-11657 (2020).
Hertz M.B., "Explorations in Metal Flux Synthesis: from Layered Materials to f-Block Chemistry", Ph.D. Dissertation, Florida State University (2020).
Jin S., Xu H., Wang X.P., Jacobs R., Morgan D., "The incommensurately modulated structures of low-temperature labradorite feldspars: a single-crystal X-ray and neutron diffraction study", Acta Crystallographica Section B, B76, 93-107 (2020).
Johnston A., Dinic F., Todorovic P., Chen B., Sagar L.K., Saidaminov M.I., Hoogland S., Voznyy O., Sargen E.H., "Narrow Emission from Rb3Sb2I9 Nanoparticles", Advanced Optical Materials, 8, 1901606 (2020).
Massani B., Loveday J.S., Molaison J.J., Dos Santos A.M., Wang X.P., Daemen L.L., Haberl B., Boehler R., Guthrie M., "On single-crystal neutron-diffraction in DACs: quantitative structure refinement of light elements on SNAP and TOPAZ", High Pressure Research, 40, 3, 339-357 (2020).
Purevjav N., Okuchia T., Hoffmann C., "Strong hydrogen bonding in a dense hydrous magnesium silicate discovered by neutron Laue diffraction", IUCrJ, 7, 370-374 (2020).
Silalahi R.P., Huang G.R., Liao J., Chiu T., Chakrahari K.K., Wang X.P., Cartron J., Kahlal S., Saillard J., Liu C.W., "Copper Clusters Containing Hydrides in Trigonal Pyramidal Geometry", Inorganic Chemistry, 59, 2536-2547 (2020).
Smith J.A., "Strategies Toward Nucleophilic Additions to eta-2 Bound Arenes", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Virginia (2020).
Smith J.A., Wilson K.B., Sonstrom R.E., Kelleher P.J., Welch K.D., Pert E.K., Westendorff K.S., Dickie D.A., Wang X.P., Pate B.H., Harman W.D., "Preparation of cyclohexene isotopologues and stereoisotopomers from benzene", Nature, 581, 288-293 (2020).
Tener Z.P., "Control of Itinerant Magnetism Through Modification and Chemical Design", Ph.D. Dissertation, Florida State University (2020).
Weng J., Dill E.D., Martin J.D., Whitfield R.E., Hoffmann C., Ye F., "K-space algorithmic reconstruction (KAREN): a robust statistical methodology to separate Bragg and diffuse scattering", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 53, 159-169 (2020).
Ye F., Hoffmann C., Tian W., Zhao H.D., Cao G., "Pseudospin-lattice coupling and electric control of the square-lattice iridate Sr 2 Ir O 4", Physical Review B, 102, 115120 (2020).

2019 21 Publications

Athauda A., Louca D.A., "Nanoscale Atomic Distortions in the BiS2 Superconductors: Ferrodistortive Sulfur Modes", Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 88, 4, 041004 (2019).
Cammarota R.C., Xie J., Burgess S.A., Vollmer M.V., Vogiatzis K.D., Ye J., Linehan J.C., Appel A.M., Hoffmann C., Wang X.P., Young V.G., Lu C.C., "Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of H2 and N2 binding to bimetallic nickel-group 13 complexes and neutron structure of a Ni(h2 -H2) adduct", Chemical Science, 10, 7029-7042 (2019).
Chakrahari K.K., Silalahi R.P., Wang X.P., Kahlal S., Liu Y.C., Chiang M.H., Saillard J., Liu C.W., "Synthesis of Bimetallic Copper‐Rich Nanoclusters Encapsulating a Linear Palladium Dihydride Unit", Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58, 15, 4943-4947 (2019).
Fancher C.M., Hoffmann C., Frontzek M., Bunn J.R., Payzant E.A., "Probing orientation information using 3-dimensional reciprocal space volume analysis", Review of Scientific Instruments, 90, 1, 013902 (2019).
Garlea V.O., Sanjeewa L.D., McGuire M.A., Batista C.D., Samarakoon A.M., Graf D., Winn B., Ye F., Hoffmann C., Kolis J.W., "Exotic Magnetic Field-Induced Spin-Superstructures in a Mixed Honeycomb-Triangular Lattice System", Physical Review X, 9, 1, 011038 (2019).
Garner M.E., "Synthesis and Reactivity of Actinide Bis(N-Heterocyclic Carbene)Borate Complexes", Master's Thesis, University of California Berkeley (2019).
Jin S., "A comprehensive study on the subsolidus phase relations of the plagioclase feldspar solid solution", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Wisconsin - Madison (2019).
Jin S., Xu H., Wang X., Zhang D., Jacobs R., Morgan D., "The incommensurately modulated structures of volcanic plagioclase: displacement, ordering and phase transition", Acta Crystallographica Section B, 75, 643-656 (2019).
Kim S., Loose F., Bezdek M.J., Wang X.P., Chirik P., "Hydrogenation of N-Heteroarenes Using Rhodium Precatalysts: Reductive Elimination Leads to Formation of Multimetallic Clusters", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141, 17900-17908 (2019).
Lengyel J., "Search for Electrically Ordered Phases in Hydrogen-Bonded Molecular Cocrystals", Ph.D. Dissertation, Florida State University (2019).
Lengyel J., Wang X.P., Choi E.S., Besara T., Schonemann R., Ramakrishna S.K., Holleman J., Blockmon A.L., Hughey K.D., Liu T., Hudis J., Beery D., Balicas L., McGill S.A., Hanson K., Musfeldt J.L., Siegrist T., Dalal N., Shatruk M., "Antiferroelectric Phase Transition in a ProtonTransfer Salt of Squaric Acid and 2,3-Dimethylpyrazine", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141, 16279-16287 (2019).
Meier W.R., Yan J.Q., McGuire M.A., Wang X.P., Christianson A.D., Sales B.C., "Reorientation of antiferromagnetism in cobalt doped FeSn", Physical Review B, 100, 184421 (2019).
Schmehr J.L., Zoghlin E., Porter Z., Wang X.P., Ruff J.P., Tian W., Islam Z., Wilson S.D., "Preferential quenching of 5d antiferromagnetic order in Sr3(Ir1−x Mn x )2O7", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 31, 24, 244003 (2019).
Schneeloch J.A., Duan C., Yang J., Liu J., Wang X.P., Louca D.A., "Emergence of topologically protected states in the MoTe2 Weyl semimetal with layer-stacking order", Physical Review B, 99, 16, 161105(R) (2019).
Sefat A.S., Wang X.P., Liu Y., Zou Q., Fu M., Gai Z., Ganesan K., Vohra Y.K., Li L., Parker D.S., "Lattice disorder effect on magnetic ordering of iron arsenides", Scientific Reports, 9, 20147 (2019).
Xue Z., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Brown C.M., Calder S., Cao H.B., Chakoumakos B.C., Daemen L.L., Huq A., Kolesnikov A.I., Mamontov E., Podlesnyak A.A., Wang X.P., "Neutron Instruments for Research in Coordination Chemistry", European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, 8, 1065-1089 (2019).
Xue Z., Stavretis S.E., Moseley D.H., Fei F., Cui H.H., Cheng Y.Q., Podlesnyak A.A., Wang X.P., Daemen L.L., Hoffmann C., Ozerov M., Lu Z., Thirunavukkuarasu K., Smirnov D., Chang T., Chen Y.S., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Chen X.T., "Spectroscopic Studies of the Magnetic Excitation and Spin-Phonon Couplings in a Single-Molecule Magnet", Chemistry - A European Journal, 25, 69, 15846-15857 (2019).
Yamada T., Yano N., Hosoya T., Kusaka K., "Single-crystal time-of-flight neutron Laue methods: application to manganese catalase from Thermus thermophilus HB27", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 52, (2019).
Zhao H.D., Hu B., Ye F., Hoffmann C., Kimchi I., Cao G., "Nonequilibrium orbital transitions via applied electrical current in calcium ruthenates", Physical Review B, 100, 241104(R) (2019).
Zhao H.D., Ye F., Zheng H., Hu B., Ni Y.F., Zhang Y., Kimchi I., Cao G.H., "Ground state in the novel dimer iridate Ba13Ir6O30 with Ir6+ (5d3) ions", Physical Review B, 100, 064418 (2019).

2018 22 Publications

Barry M.C., "Exploring Heterometallic β-Diketonates for the Low Temperature Synthesis of Energy-Related Oxide and Fluoride Materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, University at Albany, State University of New York (2018).
Coates L., Cao H.B., Chakoumakos B.C., Frontzek M., Hoffmann C., Kovalevsky A., Liu Y., Meilleur F., Dos Santos A.M., Myles D.A., Wang X.P., Ye F., "A suite-level review of the neutron single-crystal diffraction instruments at Oak Ridge National Laboratory", Review of Scientific Instruments, 89, 9, 092802 (2018).
Fancher C.M., Hoffmann C., Sedov V.N., Parizzi A., Zhou W., Schultz A.J., Wang X.P., Long D., "Time filtering of event based neutron scattering data: A pathway to study the dynamic structural responses of materials", Review of Scientific Instruments, 89, 9, 092803 (2018).
Huegle T., Iverson E.B., Gallmeier F.X., "Beam power nonlinearity: twice the power, but not twice the neutrons?", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1021, 1, 012070 (2018).
Juda C., "Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity of Heterometallic Trinuclear Clusters", Ph.D. Dissertation, Harvard University (2018).
Kim J.S., VanGennep D., Hamlin J.J., Wang X.P., Sefat A.S., Stewart G.R., "Unusual Effects of Be doping in the Iron Based Superconductor FeSe", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 30, 44, 445701 (2018).
Pasco C.M., Trump B.A., Tran T.T., Kelly Z.A., Hoffmann C., Heinmaa I., Stern R., McQueen T.M., "Single-crystal growth of C u 4 ( OH ) 6 BrF and universal behavior in quantum spin liquid candidates synthetic barlowite and herbertsmithite", Physical Review Materials , 2, 4, 044406 (2018).
Prisk T.R., Hoffmann C., Kolesnikov A.I., Mamontov E., Podlesnyak A.A., Wang X.P., Kent P.R., Anovitz L.M., "Fast Rotational Diffusion of Water Molecules in a 2D Hydrogen Bond Network at Cryogenic Temperatures", Physical Review Letters, 120, 196001 (2018).
Purevjav N., Okuchi T., Wang X.P., Hoffmann C., Tomioka N., "Determination of hydrogen site and occupancy in hydrous Mg2SiO4 spinel by single-crystal neutron diffraction", Acta Crystallographica Section B, 74, 1, 115-120 (2018).
Sharninghausen L.S., "Transition Metal Complexes for Glycerol Dehydrogenation and Study of Water Oxidation Catalysis", Ph.D. Dissertation, Yale University (2018).
Sheng J.M., Ye F., Hoffmann C., Cooper V.R., Okamoto S., Terzic J., Zheng H., Zhao H.D., Cao G., "Anisotropic antiferromagnetic order in the spin-orbit coupled trigonal-lattice Ca 2 Sr 2 IrO 6", Physical Review B, 97, 23, 235116 (2018).
Shoshani M.M., Beck R., Wang X.P., McLaughlin M.J., Johnson S.A., "Synthesis of Surface-Analogue Square-Planar Tetranuclear Nickel Hydride Clusters and Bonding to μ4-NR, -O and -BH Ligands", Inorganic Chemistry, 57, 5, 2438–2446 (2018).
Stavretis S.E., "Probing Magnetic and Vibrational Properties of Molecular Compounds by Neutron Scattering", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2018).
Sullivan B., Archibald R., Dobbek H., Bommer M., McFeeters R.L., Coates L., Wang X.P., Gallmeier F.X., Carpenter J.M., Lynch V.E., Langan P., Langan P.S., "Improving the accuracy and resolution of neutron crystallographic data by three-dimensional profile fitting of Bragg peaks in reciprocal space", Acta Crystallographica Section D, D74, 10, 946-1038 (2018).
Tran T.T., Quintero M.A., Arpino K.E., Kelly Z.A., Panella J.R., Wang X.P., McQueen T.M., "Chemically controlled crystal growth of (CH3NH3)2AgInBr6", CrystEngComm, 20, 39, 5929-5934 (2018).
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Yang B., Ming W., Du M., Keum J.K., Puretzky A., Rouleau C.M., Huang J., Geohegan D.B., Wang X.P., Xiao K., "Real‐Time Observation of Order‐Disorder Transformation of Organic Cations Induced Phase Transition and Anomalous Photoluminescence in Hybrid Perovskites", Advanced Materials, 30, 22, 1705801 (2018).
Ye F., Wang J.C., Sheng J.M., Hoffmann C., Gu T., Xiang H.J., Tian W., Molaison J.J., Dos Santos A.M., Matsuda M., Chakoumakos B.C., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Tong X., Gao B., Kim J.W., Cheong S.W., "Soft antiphase tilt of oxygen octahedra in the hybrid improper multiferroic Ca 3 Mn 1.9 Ti 0.1 O 7", Physical Review B, 97, 4, 041112 (R) (2018).
Zheng S.L., Chen Y.S., Wang X.P., Hoffmann C., Volkov A., "From the source: student-centred guest lecturing in a chemical crystallography class", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 51, 909-914 (2018).

2017 13 Publications

Athauda A., Hoffmann C., Aswartham S., Terzic J., Cao G., Zhu X., Ren Y., Louca D.A., "Ferro-Lattice-Distortions and Charge Fluctuations in Superconducting LaO1−xFxBiS2", Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 86, 5, 054701 (2017).
Campbell E.V., Wang X.P., Miller J.S., "Crystal Structure of Hydrazinium Iodide by Neutron Diffraction", Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 47, 6, 241–244 (2017).
Hogan T., Wang X.P., Chu H., Hsieh D., Wilson S.D., "Doping-driven structural distortion in the bilayer iridate ( Sr 1 − x La x ) 3 Ir 2 O 7", Physical Review B, 95, 17, 174109 (2017).
Joergensen M.R., Piccoli P.M., Hathwar V.R., Wang X.P., Hoffmann C., Yakovenko A.A., Halder G.J., Schlueter J.A., Iversen B.B., Schultz A.J., "Neutron and X-ray investigations of the Jahn-Teller switch in partially deuterated ammonium copper Tutton salt, (NH4)2[Cu(H2O)6](SO4)2", Acta Crystallographica Section B, 73, 1, 87-93 (2017).
Kibalin I.A., Yan Z., Voufack A.B., Gueddida S., Gillon B., Gukasov A., Porcher F., Bataille A.M., Morini F., Claiser N., Souhassou M., Lecomte C., Gillet J.M., Ito M., Suzuki K., Sakurai H., Sakurai Y., Hoffmann C., Wang X.P., "Spin density in YTiO 3 : I. Joint refinement of polarized neutron diffraction and magnetic x-ray diffraction data leading to insights into orbital ordering", Physical Review B, 96, 5, 054426 (2017).
Lieberman C.M., Barry M.C., Wei Z., Rogachev A.Y., Wang X.P., Liu J.L., Clerac R., Chen Y.S., Filatov A.S., Dikarev E.V., "Position Assignment and Oxidation State Recognition of Fe and Co Centers in Heterometallic Mixed-Valent Molecular Precursors for the Low-Temperature Preparation of Target Spinel Oxide Materials", Inorganic Chemistry, 56, 16, 9574–9584 (2017).
McNally J.S., Wang X.P., Hoffmann C., Wilson A.D., "Self-assembly of molecular ions via like-charge ion interactions and through-space defined organic domains", Chemical Communications, 53, 79, 10934-10937 (2017).
Olds T., Dembowski M., Wang X.P., Hoffmann C., Alam T.M., Hickam S., Pellegrini K.L., He J., Burns P.C., "Single-Crystal Time-of-Flight Neutron Diffraction and Magic-Angle-Spinning NMR Spectroscopy Resolve the Structure and 1H and 7Li Dynamics of the Uranyl Peroxide Nanocluster U60", Inorganic Chemistry, 56, 16, 9676–9683 (2017).
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