Publishing Your Experiment Results and Acknowledging ORNL’s Contributions to Your Research

For a nonproprietary proposal, your primary obligations after completing your experiment at ORNL are to (1) publish your results; (2) include the appropriate ORNL facilities in a credit line in your publication; and (3) provide bibliographic information to the Neutron Sciences Directorate User Office.

Intent to Publish

As a condition for performing nonproprietary research, the US Department of Energy requires users to publish results from their research. Authorship of publications based on research from these facilities should reflect the normal considerations of recognizing collaborations. It is also important to take into account the considerable efforts of the instrument scientists in their role of designing, constructing, and/or operating the instrument and related facilities. The normal guidelines for collaborations have been discussed by many organizations, including the National Academy of Sciences and the American Physical Society (02.2 APS Guidelines For Professional Conduct).

Results are typically published in peer-reviewed journals, proceedings, or presentations at technical conferences.

To avoid misunderstanding, it is appropriate that the researcher proposing the experiment and colleagues at the host facility discuss recognition as coauthor or other acknowledgement before the beginning of the experiment. ORNL expects publications that include its staff on the author list to be reviewed internally before submission for publication.

Proprietary users are not required to publish.

Acknowledgment Statement

All publications based on work done in whole, or in part, at the Spallation Neutron Source or the High Flux Isotope Reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory should acknowledge the facility (or facilities) with this required statement:

This research [or, A portion of this research] used resources at the High Flux Isotope Reactor [and/or Spallation Neutron Source, as appropriate], a DOE Office of Science User Facility operated by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In addition, users are asked to credit the instrument(s) used in the body of the paper.

Contribute to Our Publication Records

After your results have been published, please submit bibliographic information for your publications to the PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR) database. 

Publications, papers, patents, honors and awards, and citations should be reported to the User Office to assist the user facilities in recording the contributions of their users.