Venus: Neutron imaging to advance energy efficiency

Expected Performance of the VENUS Instrument

Beam SpectrumEpithermal, Thermal, Cold
ModeratorH2 decoupled poisoned (sharpest pulse at the SNS)
Wavelength bandwidth~2.4 Å (Time-Of-Flight mode)
Spatial resolution< 15 microns (a few microns with magnification)
Resolution Δd/d0.12 %
Source-to-detector distance25 m
Sample-to-detector distanceA few mm to tens of cm (as needed for magnification)
Detection system and resolutionCameras (CCDs and sCMOSs) and Micro-Channel Plate detector (few microns spatial resolution)
Flux on sample (n/s/cm2)1 × 107 in TOF mode
1 × 108 in white beam mode
Field of ViewUp to 28 cm × 28 cm in 2D imaging