Capabilities of the CTAX Instrument

The scientific communities that use the CG-4C instrument include condensed matter physics and materials science. Typical applications of this instrument include studies of nuclear and magnetic structures, quasi-elastic scattering, and lattice and magnetic dynamics in a variety of materials, including superconductors, transition metal oxides, multiferroics, thermoelectric materials, and low-dimensional quantum magnets. An 11 T vertical, asymmetric field cryomagnet with a 3He insert option is dedicated to CG-4C for studies requiring a magnetic field.

Nuclear structure studies:

Determination of lattice distortion and phase transitions.


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Magnetic structure studies:



Magnetic propagation vector determination and order parameter measurement as a function of temperature or applied magnetic field.




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Phonon excitations:


Measurement of collective, low-energy lattice dynamics, including phonon lifetimes.




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Magnetic excitations:



Measurement of collective, low-energy spin dynamics.




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