CTAX-Cold Neutron Triple-Axis Spectrometer

Publications from Research Conducted at CTAX

The following 98 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2023 7 Publications

Chen S., "Study of phonon engineering using neutron scattering", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Riverside (2023).
Do S., Zhang H., Dahlbom D., Williams T.J., Garlea V.O., Hong T., Jang T.H., Cheong S.W., Park J.H., Barros K., Batista C.D., Christianson A.D., "Understanding temperature-dependent SU(3) spin dynamics in the S = 1 antiferromagnet Ba2FeSi2O7", npj Quantum Materials, 8, 5 (2023).
Hameed S., Wang Z., Gautreau D., Joe J., Olson K.P., Chi S.X., Gehring P.M., Hong T., Pajerowski D.M., Williams T.J., Xu Z., Matsuda M., Birol T., Fernandes R.M., Greven M., "Effect of random antiferromagnetic exchange on the spin waves in a three-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet", Physical Review B, 108, 13, 134406 (2023).
Scheie A., Ghioldi E.A., Xing J., Paddison J., Sherman N.E., Dupont M., Sanjeewa L.D., Lee S., Woods A.J., Abernathy D.L., Pajerowski D.M., Williams T.J., Zhang S., Manuel L.O., Trumper A.E., Pemmaraju C.D., Sefat A.S., Parker D.S., Devereaux T.P., Movsh, "Proximate spin liquid and fractionalization in the triangular antiferromagnet KYbSe2", Nature Physics, (2023).
Shu M.F., Dong W., Jiao J.L., Wu J., Lin G.T., Kamiya Y., Hong T., Cao H.B., Matsuda M., Tian W., Chi S.X., Ehlers G., Ouyang Z.W., Chen H., Zou Y., Qu Z., Huang Q., Zhou H.D., Ma J., "Static and dynamical properties of the spin- 5 2 nearly ideal triangular lattice antiferromagnet Ba3MnSb2O9", Physical Review B, 108, 17, 174424 (2023).
Taddei K.M., Lei B., Susner M.A., Zhai H.F., Bullard T.J., Sanjeewa L.D., Zheng Q., Sefat A.S., Chi S.X., dela Cruz C., Singh D.J., Lv B., "Gapless spin excitations in the superconducting state of a quasi-one-dimensional spin-triplet superconductor", Physical Review B, 107, L180504 (2023).
Wild P., "Unconventional Spin Textures and Multiferroic Properties of the Spiral Antiferromagnet Ba2CuGe2O7", Master's Thesis, Technical University of Munich (2023).

2022 9 Publications

Bai X., Lechermann F., Liu Y., Cheng Y.Q., Kolesnikov A.I., Ye F., Williams T.J., Chi S.X., Hong T., Granroth G.E., May A.F., Calder S., "Antiferromagnetic fluctuations and orbital-selective Mott transition in the van der Waals ferromagnet Fe 3 − x GeTe 2", Physical Review B, 106, L180409 (2022).
Gitgeatpong G., Zhao Y., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Hong T., Sato T.J., Piyawongwatthana P., Nawa K., Saeaun P., Matan K., "Magnetic structure and spin dynamics of the quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet Zn-doped copper pyrovanadate", Physical Review B, 106, 214438 (2022).
He X., "Phonon Anharmonicity and Phase Transitions in Perovskites", Ph.D. Dissertation, Duke University (2022).
Hong T., Ying T., Huang Q., Dissanayake S., Qiu Y., Turnbull M.M., Podlesnyak A.A., Wu Y., Cao H.B., Liu Y., Umehara I., Gouchi J., Uwatoko Y., Matsuda M., Tennant D.A., Chern G.W., Schmidt K.P., Wessel S., "Evidence for pressure induced unconventional quantum criticality in the coupled spin ladder antiferromagnet C9H18N2CuBr4", Nature Communications, 13, 3073 (2022).
Huang Q., "Quantum Magnetism in Effective Spin-1/2 Co2+ Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnets", Ph.D. Dissertation, The University of Tennessee (2022).
Huang Q., Rawl R., Xie W., Chou E.S., Zapf V.S., Ding X., Mauws C., Wiebe C.R., Feng E., Cao H.B., Tian W., Ma J., Qiu Y., Butch N.P., Zhou H.D., "Non-magnetic ion site disorder effects on the quantum magnetism of a spin-1/2 equilateral triangular lattice antiferromagnet", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 34, 205401 (2022).
Schneeloch J.A., Tao Y., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Xu G., Louca D.A., "Large change of interlayer vibrational coupling with stacking in Mo1−x Wx Te2", Physical Review B, 105, 014102 (2022).
Yang S., "Lattice Dynamics in Temperature-driven and Photo-induced Phase Transitions", Ph.D. Dissertation, Duke University (2022).
Zhang H.D., "Neutron Scattering and Transport Studies of Quantum Materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, Michigan State University (2022).

2021 11 Publications

Bai X., Fishman R.S., Sala G., Pajerowski D.M., Garlea V.O., Hong T., Lee M., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Cao H.B., Tian W., "Magnetic excitations of the hybrid multiferroic (ND4)2FeCl5⋅D2O", Physical Review B, 103, 224411 (2021).
Daum M., "Quantum Magnetism in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Rare-Earth Oxides: Neutron Scattering and Instrumentation", Ph.D. Dissertation, Georgia Institute of Technology (2021).
Do S., Zhang H., Williams T.J., Hong T., Garlea V.O., Rodriguez-Rivera J.A., Jang T.H., Cheong S.W., Park J.H., Batista C.D., Christianson A.D., "Decay and renormalization of a longitudinal mode in a quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet", Nature Communications, 12, 5331 (2021).
Fortune N.A., Huang Q., Hong T., Ma J., Choi E.S., Hannahs S.T., Zhao Z., Sun X., Takano Y., Zhou H.D., "Evolution of magnetic field induced ordering in the layered quantum Heisenberg triangular-lattice antiferromagnet Ba3CoSb2O9", Physical Review B, 103, 184425 (2021).
Hameed S., "Investigation of emergent phenomena in quantum materials induced via chemical substitution", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (2021).
Hameed S., El-Khatib S., Olson K.P., Yu B., Williams T.J., Hong T., Sheng Q., Yamakawa K., Zang J., Uemura Y.J., Zhao G.Q., Jin C.Q., Fu L., Gu Y., Ning F.L., Cai Y., Kojima K.M., Freeland J.W., Matsuda M., Leighton C., Greven M., "Nature of the ferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic transition in Y1−xLaxTiO3", Physical Review B, 104, 024410 (2021).
Hameed S., Joe J., Thoutam L.R., Garcia-Barriocanal J., Yu B., Yu G., Chi S.X., Hong T., Williams T.J., Freeland J.W., Gehring P.M., Xu Z., Matsuda M., Jalan B., Greven M., "Growth and characterization of large ( Y , La ) TiO 3 and ( Y , Ca ) TiO 3 single crystals", Physical Review Materials , 5, 125003 (2021).
Tian L., Liu P., Hong T., Seydel T., Lu X., Luo H.Q., Li S., Dai P.C., "Excess-iron driven spin glass phase in Fe1+yTe1−xSex", Chinese Physics B, 30, 087402 (2021).
Zhang X., "Low energy magneto-optics of frustrated magnetism", Ph.D. Dissertation, Johns Hopkins University (2021).
Zou H., Cui Y., Wang X., Zhang Z., Yang J., Xu G., Okutani A., Hagiwara M., Matsuda M., Wang G., Mussardo G., Hodsagi K., Kormos M., He Z., Kimura S., Yu R., Yu W., Ma J., Wu J., "E8 Spectra of Quasi-One-Dimensional Antiferromagnet BaCo2V2O8 under Transverse Field", Physical Review Letters, 127, 077201 (2021).

2020 9 Publications

Basu T., Zou T., Dun Z.L., Xu C.Q., dela Cruz C., Hong T., Cao H.B., Taddei K.M., Zhou H.D., Ke X., "Magnetic field induced phase transition in spinel GeNi2O4", Physical Review B, 102, 134421 (2020).
Ding L., Lee M., Hong T., Dun Z.L., Sinclair R., Chi S.X., Agrawal H.K., Choi E.S., Chakoumakos B.C., Zhou H.D., Cao H.B., "Noncollinear magnetic structure and magnetoelectric coupling in buckled honeycomb Co4Nb2O9: A single-crystal neutron diffraction study", Physical Review B, 102, 174443 (2020).
Dun Z.L., Bai X., Paddison J., Hollingworth E., Butch N.P., dela Cruz C., Stone M.B., Hong T., Demmel F., Mourigal M., Zhou H.D., "Quantum Versus Classical Spin Fragmentation in Dipolar Kagome Ice Ho3Mg2Sb3O14", Physical Review X, 10, 031069 (2020).
Lanigan-Atkins T., Yang S., Niedziela J., Bansal D., May A.F., Puretzky A., Lin J.Y., Pajerowski D.M., Hong T., Chi S.X., Ehlers G., Delaire O., "Extended anharmonic collapse of phonon dispersions in SnS and SnSe", Nature Communications, 11, 4430 (2020).
Matsuda M., Dissanayake S., Hong T., Ozaki Y., Ito T., Tokunaga M., Liu X.Z., Bartkowiak M., Prokhnenko O., "Magnetic field induced antiferromagnetic cone structure in multiferroic BiFeO3", Physical Review Materials , 4, 034412 (2020).
Nikitin S.E., "Competing magnetic interactions in 4f-based magnets studied by neutron scattering", Ph.D. Dissertation, Technische Universität Dresden (2020).
Schneeloch J.A., Tao Y., Duan C., Matsuda M., Aczel A.A., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Xu G., Neuefeind J., Yang J., Louca D.A., "Evolution of the structural transition in Mo1−xWxTe2", Physical Review B, 102, 054105 (2020).
Zhou J., Shu X., Liu Y., Wang X., Lin W., Chen S., Liu L., Xie Q., Hong T., Yang P., Yan B., Han X., Chen J., "Magnetic asymmetry induced anomalous spin-orbit torque in IrMn", Physical Review B, 101, 184403 (2020).

2019 11 Publications

Aji S., Ishida H., Okuyama D., Nawa K., Hong T., Sato T.J., "Effect of Ge substitution on magnetic properties in the itinerant chiral magnet MnSi", Physical Review Materials , 3, 104408 (2019).
Hase M., Rule K.C., Hester J.R., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Masuda T., Matsuo Y., "A Possible Magnetic Structure of the Cluster-Based Haldane Compound Fedotovite K2Cu3O(SO4)3", Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 88, 094706 (2019).
Hayashida S., Matsumoto M., Hagihala M., Kurita N., Tanaka H., Itoh S., Hong T., Soda M., Uwatoko Y., Masuda T., "Novel excitations near quantum criticality in geometrically frustrated antiferromagnet CsFeCl3", Science Advances, 5, 10, eaaw5639 (2019).
He L., Li C.W., Hamilton W.A., Hong T., Tong X., Winn B., Crow L., Bailey K.M., Gallego N., "Anomalous neutron scattering ‘halo’ observed in highly oriented pyrolytic graphite", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 52, 2, 296-303 (2019).
Reig-i-Plessis D., Geldern S.V., Aczel A.A., Kochkov D., Clark B.K., MacDougall G.J., "Deviation from the dipole-ice model in the spinel spin-ice candidate MgEr2Se4", Physical Review B, 99, 134438 (2019).
Sato T.J., Matan K., "Nonreciprocal Magnons in Noncentrosymmetric Magnets", Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 88, 081007 (2019).
Soda M., Hong T., Avdeev M.V., Yoshizawa H., Masuda T., Kawano-Furukawa H., "Neutron scattering study of the quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet Ba2CoSi2O7", Physical Review B, 100, 144410 (2019).
Tao Y., Schneeloch J.A., Duan C., Matsuda M., Dissanayake S., Aczel A.A., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Ye F., Louca D.A., "Appearance of a T∗d phase across the Td − 1T ′ phase boundary in the Weyl semimetal MoTe 2", Physical Review B, 100, 100101(R) (2019).
Wang G., Xu C., Cao H.B., Hong T., Huang Q., Ren Q.Y., Xu J.Q., Zhou H.D., Luo W., Qian D., Ma J., "Magnetic properties of the low-dimensional BaM2Si2O7 system (M=Cu, Co, Mn)", Physical Review B, 100, 035131 (2019).
Zhou J., Wang X., Liu Y., Yu J., Fu H., Liu L., Chen S., Deng J., Lin W., Shu X., Yoong H.Y., Hong T., Matsuda M., Yang P., Adams S., Yan B., Han X., Chen J., "Large spin-orbit torque efficiency enhanced by magnetic structure of collinear antiferromagnet IrMn", Science Advances, 5, 5, eaau6696 (2019).

2018 12 Publications

Aczel A.A., Debeer-Schmitt L.M., Williams T.J., McGuire M.A., Ghimire N.J., Li L., Mandrus D., "Extended exchange interactions stabilize long-period magnetic structures in Cr1∕3NbS2", Applied Physics Letters, 113, 3, 032404 (2018).
Hayasshida S., "Novel magnetic excitations in spin systems investigated by neutron scattering", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tokyo (2018).
Ishikado M., Shamoto S.I., Kodama K., Kajimoto R., Nakamura M., Hong T., Mutka H., "High-energy spin fluctuation in low-Tc iron-based superconductor LaFePO0.9", Scientific Reports, 8, 16343 (2018).
Kamiya Y., Ge L., Hong T., Qiu Y., Quintero-Castro D.L., Lu Z., Cao H.B., Matsuda M., Choi E.S., Batista C.D., Mourigal M., Zhou H.D., Ma J., "The nature of spin excitations in the one-third magnetization plateau phase of Ba3CoSb2O9", Nature Communications, 9, 2666 (2018).
Metoki N., Yamauchi H., Suzuki H.S., Kitazawa H., Hagihara M., Masuda T., Aczel A.A., Chi S.X., Hong T., Matsuda M., Pajerowski D.M., Fernandez-Baca J.A., "f-Electron States in PrPd5Al2", Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 87, 9, 094704 (2018).
Motoya K., Kihara T., Nojiri H., Uwatoko Y., Matsuda M., Hong T., "Time and Magnetic Field Variations of Magnetic Structure in the Triangular Lattice Magnet Ca3Co2O6", Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 87, 11, 114703 (2018).
Takahashi M., Takeya H., Aczel A.A., Hong T., Matsuda M., Kawano-Furukawa H., "Neutron scattering study of spin density wave and weak ferromagneticorders in Tb0.47Y0.53Ni211B2C", Physica B: Condensed Matter, 551, 108-110 (2018).
Tian W., Cao H.B., Clune A.J., Hughey K.D., Hong T., Yan J.Q., Agrawal H.K., Singleton J., Sales B.C., Fishman R.S., Musfeldt J.L., Fernandez-Baca J.A., "Electronic phase separation and magnetic-field-induced phenomena in molecular multiferroic (ND4)2FeCl5 ·D2O", Physical Review B, 98, 5, 054407 (2018).
Ueta D., Yoshida M., Ikeda Y., Liu Y., Hong T., Masuda T., Yoshizawa H., "Magnetic structure of a non-centrosymmetric CePtSi3", AIP Advances, 8, 11, 115006 (2018).
Zhang X., Mahmood F., Daum M., Dun Z.L., Paddison J., Laurita N.J., Hong T., Zhou H.D., Armitage N.P., Mourigal M., "Hierarchy of Exchange Interactions in the Triangular-Lattice Spin Liquid YbMgGaO4", Physical Review X, 8, 3, 031001 (2018).
Zhu M., "Neutron Scattering Studies on Correlated Transition-Metal Oxides", Ph.D. Dissertation, Michigan State University (2018).
Zhu M., Hong T., Peng J., Zou T., Mao Z.Q., Ke X., "Field-induced magnetic phase transitions and memory effect in bilayer ruthenate Ca3Ru2O7 with Fe substitution", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 30, 7, 075802 (2018).

2017 8 Publications

Hong T., Matsumoto M., Qiu Y., Chen W.C., Gentile T.R., Watson S., Awwadi F.F., Turnbull M.M., Dissanayake S., Agrawal H.K., Toft-Petersen R., Klemke B., Coester K., Schmidt K.P., Tennant D.A., "Higgs amplitude mode in a two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet near the quantum critical point", Nature Physics, 13, 7, 638–642 (2017).
Hong T., Qiu Y., Matsumoto M., Tennant D.A., Coester K., Schmidt K.P., Awwadi F.F., Turnbull M.M., Agrawal H.K., Chernyshev A.L., "Field induced spontaneous quasiparticle decay and renormalization of quasiparticle dispersion in a quantum antiferromagnet", Nature Communications, 8, 15148 (2017).
Lee J.H., Ma J., Hahn S.E., Cao H.B., Lee M., Hong T., Lee H.J., Yeom M.S., Okamoto S., Zhou H.D., Matsuda M., Fishman R.S., "Magnetic Frustration Driven by Itinerancy in Spinel CoV2O4", Scientific Reports, 7, 17129 (2017).
Matsuda M., Onishi H., Okutani A., Ma J., Agrawal H.K., Hong T., Pajerowski D.M., Copley J.R., Okunishi K., Mori M., Kimura S., Hagiwara M., "Magnetic structure and dispersion relation of the S = 1/2 quasi-one-dimensional Ising-like antiferromagnet BaCo2V2O8 in a transverse magnetic field", Physical Review B, 96, 2, 024439 (2017).
Sinclair R., Zhou H.D., Lee M., Choi E.S., Li G., Hong T., Calder S., "Magnetic ground states and magnetodielectric effect in R Cr ( BO 3 ) 2 ( R = Y and Ho)", Physical Review B, 95, 17, 174410 (2017).
Zhu M., Peng J., Hong T., Prokes K., Zou T., Mao Z.Q., Ke X., "Field-induced metastability of the modulation wave vector in a magnetic soliton lattice", Physical Review B, 95, 13, 134429 (2017).
Zhu M., Peng J., Tian W., Hong T., Mao Z.Q., Ke X., "Tuning the competing phases of bilayer ruthenate C a 3 R u 2 O 7 via dilute Mn impurities and magnetic field", Physical Review B, 95, 14, 144426 (2017).

2016 4 Publications

Chen X., Bansal D., Sullivan S., Abernathy D.L., Aczel A.A., Zhou J.S., Delaire O., Shi L., "Weak coupling of pseudoacoustic phonons and magnon dynamics in the incommensurate spin-ladder compound Sr14Cu24O41", Physical Review B, 94, 13, 134309 (2016).
Kinoshita M., Seki S., Sato T.J., Nambu Y., Hong T., Matsuda M., Cao H.B., Ishiwata S., Tokura Y., "Magnetic Reversal of Electric Polarization with Fixed Chirality of Magnetic Structure in a Chiral-Lattice Helimagnet MnSb2O6", Physical Review Letters, 117, 047201 (2016).
Ma J., Kamiya Y., Hong T., Cao H.B., Ehlers G., Tian W., Batista C.D., Dun Z.L., Zhou H.D., Matsuda M., "Static and Dynamical Properties of the Spin-1/2 Equilateral Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet Ba3CoSb2O9", Physical Review Letters, 116, 087201 (2016).
Sato T.J., Okuyama D., Hong T., Kikkawa A., Taguchi Y., Arima T.h., Tokura Y., "Magnon dispersion shift in the induced ferromagnetic phase of noncentrosymmetric MnSi", Physical Review B, 94, 14, 144420 (2016).

2015 10 Publications

Dun Z.L., Ma J., Cao H.B., Qiu Y., Copley J.R., Hong T., Matsuda M., Cheng J.G., Lee M., Choi E.S., Johnston S., Zhou H.D., "Competition between the inter- and intra-sublattice interactions in Yb2V2O7", Physical Review B, 91, 064425 (2015).
Kim M.G., Wang M., Tucker G.S., Valdivia P., Abernathy D.L., Chi S.X., Christianson A.D., Aczel A.A., Hong T., Heitmann T.W., Ran S., Canfield P.C., Bourret-Courchesne E., Kreyssig A., Lee D.H., Goldman A.I., McQueeney R.J., Birgeneau R.J., "Spin dynamics near a putative antiferromagnetic quantum critical point in Cu-substituted BaFe2As2 and its relation to high-temperature superconductivity", Physical Review B, 92, 21, 214404 (2015).
Li C.W., Hong J., May A.F., Bansal D., Chi S.X., Hong T., Ehlers G., Delaire O., "Orbitally driven giant phonon anharmonicity in SnSe", Nature Physics, 11, 1063–1069 (2015).
Ma J., Lee J.H., Hahn S.E., Hong T., Cao H.B., Aczel A.A., Dun Z.L., Stone M.B., Tian W., Qiu Y., Copley J.R., Zhou H.D., Fishman R.S., Matsuda M., "Strong competition between orbital ordering and itinerancy in a frustrated spinel vanadate", Physical Review B, 91, 020407(R) (2015).
Perez F.A., Borisov P., Johnson T.A., Stanescu T.D., Trappen R., Holcomb M.B., Lederman D., Fitzsimmons M.R., Aczel A.A., Hong T., "Phase Diagram of a Three-Dimensional Antiferromagnet with Random Magnetic Anisotropy", Physical Review Letters, 114, 097201 (2015).
Poudel L., dela Cruz C., Payzant E.A., May A.F., Koehler M.R., Garlea V.O., Taylor A.E., Parker D.S., Cao H.B., McGuire M.A., Tian W., Matsuda M., Jeen H., Lee H.N., Hong T., Calder S., Zhou H.D., Lumsden M.D., Keppens V., Mandrus D., Christianson A.D., "Structural and magnetic phase transitions in CeCu6−xTx (T=Ag,Pd)", Physical Review B, 92, 214421 (2015).
Pramanick A., Glavic A., Samolyuk G.D., Aczel A.A., Lauter V.V., Ambaye H., Gai Z., Ma J., Stoica A.D., Stocks G.M., Wimmer S., Shapiro S.M., Wang X.L., "Direct in situ measurement of coupled magnetostructural evolution in a ferromagnetic shape memory alloy and its theoretical modeling", Physical Review B, 92, 13, 134109 (2015).
Sinclair R., Ma J., Cao H.B., Hong T., Matsuda M., Dun Z.L., Zhou H.D., "Evolution of the magnetic and structural properties of Fe1−xCoxV2O4", Physical Review B, 92, 13, 134410 (2015).
Taylor A.E., Berlijn T., Hahn S.E., May A.F., Williams T.J., Poudel L., Calder S., Fishman R.S., Stone M.B., Aczel A.A., Cao H.B., Lumsden M.D., Christianson A.D., "Influence of interstitial Mn on magnetism in the room-temperature ferromagnet Mn1+(delta) Sb", Physical Review B, 91, 22, 224418 (2015).
Williams T.J., Aczel A.A., Lumsden M.D., Nagler S.E., Stone M.B., Yan J.Q., Mandrus D., "Magnetic correlations in the quasi-two-dimensional semiconducting ferromagnet CrSiTe3", Physical Review B, 92, 14, 144404 (2015).

2014 6 Publications

Cai L., "Mesoscopic Dynamical Coupling in A-site Relaxor Ferroelectrics", Ph.D. Dissertation, Lehigh University (2014).
Hong T., Schmidt K.P., Coester K., Awwadi F.F., Turnbull M.M., Qiu Y., Rodriguez-Rivera J.A., Zhu M., Ke X., Aoyama C.P., Takano Y., Cao H.B., Tian W., Ma J., Custelcean R., Zhou H.D., Matsuda M., "Magnetic ordering induced by interladder coupling in the spin-1/2 Heisenberg two-leg ladder antiferromagnet C9H18N2CuBr4", Physical Review B, 89, 174432 (2014).
Li C.W., Ma J., Cao H.B., May A.F., Abernathy D.L., Ehlers G., Hoffmann C., Wang X.P., Hong T., Huq A., Gourdon O.A., Delaire O., "Anharmonicity and atomic distribution of SnTe and PbTe thermoelectrics", Physical Review B, 90, 214303 (2014).
Ma J., Delaire O., Specht E., May A.F., Gourdon O.A., Budai J.D., McGuire M.A., Hong T., Abernathy D.L., Ehlers G., Karapetrova E., "Phonon scattering rates and atomic ordering in Ag1-xSb1+xTe2+x(x=0,0.1,0.2) investigated with inelastic neutron scattering and synchrotron diffraction", Physical Review B, 90, 134303 (2014).
MacDougall G.J., Brodsky I., Aczel A.A., Garlea V.O., Granroth G.E., Christianson A.D., Hong T., Zhou H.D., Nagler S.E., "Magnons and a two-component spin gap in FeV2O4", Physical Review B, 89, 224404 (2014).
Tian W., Tan G., Liu L., Zhang J., Winn B., Hong T., Fernandez-Baca J.A., Zhang C., Dai P.C., "Influence of doping on the spin dynamics and magnetoelectric effect in hexagonal Y 0.7 Lu 0.3 MnO 3", Physical Review B, 89, 144417 (2014).

2013 5 Publications

Hong T., Zhu L.Y., Ke X., Garlea V.O., Qiu Y., Nambu Y., Yoshizawa H., Zhu M., Granroth G.E., Savici A.T., Gai Z., Zhou H.D., "Structural and magnetic properties in the quantum S=1/2 dimer system Ba3(Cr1-xVx)2O8 with site disorder", Physical Review B, 87, 144427 (2013).
Ma J., Delaire O., May A.F., Carlton C.E., McGuire M.A., VanBebber L.H., Abernathy D.L., Ehlers G., Hong T., Huq A., Tian W., Keppens V., Shao-Horn Y., Sales B.C., "Glass-like phonon scattering from a spontaneous nanostructure in silver-antimony-tellurium", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 134, 5, 4100 (2013).
Ma J., Delaire O., May A.F., Carlton C.E., McGuire M.A., VanBebber L.H., Abernathy D.L., Ehlers G., Hong T., Huq A., Tian W., Keppens V., Shao-Horn Y., Sales B.C., "Glass-like phonon scattering from a spontaneous nanostructure in AgSbTe2", Nature Nanotechnology, 8, 445–451 (2013).
Minnich A.J., "Naturally glassy crystals", Nature Nanotechnology, 8, 392-393 (2013).
Taniguchi T., Kadowaki H., Takatsu H., Fak B., Ollivier J., Yamazaki T., Sato T.J., Yoshizawa H., Shimura Y., Sakakibara T., Hong T., Goto K., Yaraskavitch L.R., Kycia J.B., "Long-range order and spin-liquid states of polycrystalline Tb2+xTi2-xO7+y", Physical Review B, 87, 060408 (2013).

2012 6 Publications

Fishman R.S., Furukawa N., Haraldsen J.T., Matsuda M., Miyahara S., "Identifying the spectroscopic modes of multiferroic BiFeO3", Physical Review B, 86, 220402 (2012).
MacDougall G.J., Garlea V.O., Aczel A.A., Zhou H.D., Nagler S.E., "Magnetic order and ice rules in the multiferroic spinel FeV2O4", Physical Review B, 86, 060414 (2012).
Matsuda M., Fishman R.S., Hong T., Lee C.H., Ushiyama T., Yanagisawa Y., Tomioka Y., Ito T.M., "Magnetic dispersion and anisotropy in multiferroic BiFeO3", Physical Review Letters, 109, 6, 067205 (2012).
Nakajima T., Mitsuda S., Haraldsen J.T., Fishman R.S., Hong T., Terada N., Uwatoko Y., "Magnetic interactions in the multiferroic phase of CuFe1-xGaxO2 (x = 0.035) refined by inelasticneutron scattering with uniaxial-pressure control of domain structure", Physical Review B, 85, 144405 (2012).
Sato T.J., Ibuka S., Nambu Y., Yamazaki T., Hong T., Sakai A., Nakatsuji S., "Ferroquadrupolar ordering in PrTi2Al20", Physical Review B, 86, 184419 (2012).
Wang C.H., Lumsden M.D., Fishman R.S., Ehlers G., Hong T., Tian W., Cao H.B., Podlesnyak A.A., Dunmars C., Schlueter J.A., Manson J.L., Christianson A.D., "Magnetic properties of the S=1/2 quasisquare lattice antiferromagnet CuF2(H2O)2(pyz) (pyz = pyrazine) investigated by neutron scattering", Physical Review B, 86, 064439 (2012).