Publications from Research Conducted at EQ-SANS

The following 154 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2017 29 Publications

Abney C.W., Do C., Luo H., Wright J., He L., Dai S., Controlling the Intermediate Structure of an Ionic Liquid for f-Block Element Separations Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8, 9, 2049–2054 (2017).
Bhojane P.P., Duff M.R., Bafna K., Agarwal P.K., Stanley C.B., Howell E.E., Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) Studies on R67 Dihydrofolate Reductase, a Tetrameric Protein with Intrinsically Disordered N-Termini Biochemistry, 56, 44, 5886–5899 (2017).
Bodenheimer A.M., O'Dell W.B., Stanley C.B., Meilleur F., Structural studies of Neurospora crassa LPMO9D and redox partner CDHIIA using neutron crystallography and small-angle scattering Carbohydrate Research, 448, 200-204 (2017).
Bridges C.A., Sun X.G., Guo B., Heller W.T., He L., Paranthaman M.P., Dai S., Observing Framework Expansion of Ordered Mesoporous Hard Carbon Anodes with Ionic Liquid Electrolytes via In-Situ Small-Angle Neutron Scattering ACS Energy Letters, 2, 7, 1698–1704 (2017).
Brown P., Sresht V., Eral H.B., Fiore A., de la Fuente-Nunez C., O'Mahony M., Mendes G.P., Heller W.T., Doyle P.S., Blankschtein D., Hatton T.A., CO2-Reactive Ionic Liquid Surfactants for the Control of Colloidal Morphology Langmuir, 33, 31, 7633–7641 (2017).
Callaway D.J., Matsui T., Weiss T.M., Stingaciu L., Stanley C.B., Heller W.T., Bu Z., Controllable Activation of Nanoscale Dynamics in a Disordered Protein Alters Binding Kinetics Journal of Molecular Biology, 429, 7, 987–998 (2017).
Chen Y., Cheng Y.Q., Li J.C., Feygenson M., Heller W.T., Liang C., An K., Lattice-Cell Orientation Disorder in Complex Spinel Oxides Advanced Energy Materials, 7, 4, 1601950 (2017).
Doktorova M., Heberle F.A., Kingston R.L., Khelashvili G., Cuendet M.A., Wen Y., Katsaras J., Feigenson G.W., Vogt V.M., Dick R.A., Cholesterol Promotes Protein Binding by Affecting Membrane Electrostatics and Solvation Properties Biophysical Journal, 113, 9, 2004-20015 (2017).
Dutcher J.R., Grossutti M., Atkinson J., Baylis B., Shamana H., Bergmann E., Nickels J.D., Katsaras J., Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles: Exciting Science and PromisingTechnologies from Nature Physics in Canada, 73, 2, (2017).
Eicher B., Heberle F.A., Marquardt D., Rechberger G.N., Katsaras J., Pabst G., Joint small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering data analysis of asymmetric lipid vesicles Journal of Applied Crystallography, 50, 419-429 (2017).
Gurnev P.A., Stanley C.B., Aksoyoglu M.A., Hong K., Parsegian V.A., Bezrukov S.M., Poly(ethylene glycol)s in Semidilute Regime: Radius of Gyration in the Bulk and Partitioning into a Nanopore Macromolecules, 50, 6, 2477–2483 (2017).
Han Y., Zhang Z., Smith G.S., Do C., Effect of nucleoside analogue antimetabolites on the structure of PEO-PPO-PEO micelles investigated by SANS Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 24, 15686-15692 (2017).
Hyatt J.S., Douglas A.M., Stanley C.B., Do C., Barker T.H., Fernandez-Nieves A., Charge segregation in weakly ionized microgels Physical Review E, 95, 1, 012608 (2017).
Jakes J.E., Plaza N.Z., Villegas X.A., Frihart C.R., Improved Understanding of Moisture Effects on Outdoor Wood–Adhesive Bondlines U.S. Forest Service FPL–GTR–246 (2017).
Jang Y., Choi W.T., Heller W.T., Ke Z., Wright E.R., Champion J.A., Engineering Globular Protein Vesicles through Tunable Self-Assembly of Recombinant Fusion Proteins Small, 13, 36, 1700399 (2017).
Kang T., Qian S., Smith G.S., Do C., Heller W.T., Small-angle neutron scattering study of a dense microemulsion system formed with an ionic liquid Soft Matter, 13, 39, 7154-7160 (2017).
Lee D., Gao X., Fan L., Guo E.J., Farmer T.O., Heller W.T., Ward T.Z., Eres G., Fitzsimmons M.R., Chisholm M.F., Lee H.N., Nonequilibrium Synthesis of Highly Porous Single-Crystalline Oxide Nanostructures Advanced Materials Interfaces, 4, 3, 1601034 (2017).
Li L., Ghimire-Rijal S., Lucas S.L., Stanley C.B., Wright E., Agarwal P.K., Myles D.A., Cuneo M.J., A periplasmic binding protein dimer has a second allosteric event tied to ligand binding Biochemistry, 56, 40, 5328–5337 (2017).
Mulderig A.J., Jin Y., Yu F., Keum J.K., Hong K., Browning J., Beaucage G., Smith G.S., Kuppa V.K., Determination of active layer morphology in all-polymer photovoltaic cells Journal of Applied Crystallography, 50, 5, (2017).
Narita H., Suzuki T., Motokawa R., Recent Research in Solvent Extraction of Platinum Group Metals Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials, 81, 4, 157-167 (2017).
Nickels J.D., Chatterjee S., Mostofian B., Stanley C.B., Ohl M., Zolnierczuk P.A., Schulz R., Myles D.A., Standaert R.F., Elkins J.G., Cheng X., Katsaras J., Bacillus subtilis Lipid Extract, A Branched-Chain Fatty Acid Model Membrane Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8, 4214–4217 (2017).
Nickels J.D., Chatterjee S., Stanley C.B., Qian S., Cheng X., Myles D.A., Standaert R.F., Elkins J.G., Katsaras J., The in vivo structure of biological membranes and evidence for lipid domains PLoS Biology, (2017).
Perticaroli S., Ehlers G., Stanley C.B., Mamontov E., O'Neill H.M., Zhang Q., Cheng X., Myles D.A., Katsaras J., Nickels J.D., Description of Hydration Water in Protein (GFP) Solution Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139, 3, 1098-1105 (2017).
Rodriguez N.Z., Neutron Scattering Studies of Nano-Scale Wood-Water Interactions Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Wisconsin - Madison (2017).
Srivastava S.C., Andreev M., Levi A.E., Goldfeld D.J., Mao J., Heller W.T., Prabhu V.M., de Pablo J.J., Tirrell M.V., Gel phase formation in dilute triblock copolyelectrolyte complexes Nature Communications, 8, 14131 (2017).
Usery R.D., Enoki T.A., Wickramasinghe S.P., Weiner M.D., Tsai W.C., Kim M.B., Wang S., Torng T.L., Ackerman D.G., Heberle F.A., Katsaras J., Feigenson G.W., Line Tension Controls Liquid-Disordered + Liquid-Ordered Domain Size Transition in Lipid Bilayers Biophysical Journal, 112, 7, 1431-1443 (2017).
Vogtt K., Beaucage G., Weaver M., Jiang H., Thermodynamic stability of worm-like micelle solutions Soft Matter, 13, 36, 6068-6078 (2017).
Wang Z., Lam C.N., Chen W.R., Wang W., Liu J., Liu Y., Porcar L., Stanley C.B., Zhao Z., Hong K., Wang Y., Fingerprinting Molecular Relaxation in Deformed Polymers Physical Review X, 7, 031003 (2017).

2016 29 Publications

Arai K., Sagawa N., Shikata T., Sternhagen G.L., Li X., Guo L., Do C., Zhang D.H., Pronounced Dielectric and Hydration/Dehydration Behaviors of Monopolar Poly(N-alkylglycine)s in Aqueous Solution Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120, 37, 9978–9986 (2016).
Bodenheimer A.M., Structural Characterization of the Fungal Cellulose Degrading Enzymes Cel7A and Cellobiose Dehydrogenase IIA Ph.D. Dissertation, North Carolina State University (2016).
de Almeida V.F., Liu H., Herwig K.W., Kidder M.K., Neutron Scattering of Residual Hydrogen in 1,4-Dioxane-D8 Liquid: Understanding Measurements with Molecular Dynamics Simulations Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2016/40 (2016).
Dyatkin B., Gogotsi O., Malinovskiy B., Zozulya Y., Simon P., Gogotsi Y., High capacitance of coarse-grained carbide derived carbon electrodes Journal of Power Sources, 306, 32-41 (2016).
Etampawala T., Aryal D., Osti N.C., He L., Heller W.T., Willis C.L., Grest G.S., Perahia D., Association of a multifunctional ionic block copolymer in a selective solvent Journal of Chemical Physics, 145, 184903, 18 (2016).
Greene D.G., The formation and structure of precipitated protein phases Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Delaware (2016).
Han Y., Ahn S.K., Zhang Z., Smith G.S., Do C., Functionalization of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes with Thermo-reversible Block Copolymers and Characterization by Small-angle Neutron Scattering Journal of Visualized Experiments, 112, e53969 (2016).
Han Y., Carrillo J.Y., Zhang Z., Li Y., Hong K., Sumpter B.G., Ohl M., Paranthaman M.P., Smith G.S., Do C., Thermoreversible Morphology and Conductivity of a Conjugated Polymer Network Embedded in Block Copolymer Self-Assemblies Small, 12, 35, 4857-4864 (2016).
Heberle F.A., Marquardt D., Doktorova M., Geier B., Standaert R.F., Heftberger P., Kollmitzer B., Nickels J.D., Dick R.A., Feigenson G.W., Katsaras J., London E., Pabst G., Sub-nanometer Structure of an Asymmetric Model Membrane: Interleaflet Coupling Influences Domain Properties Langmuir, 32, 20, 5195–5200 (2016).
Kim T., Kim E., Do C., Ahn H., Lee H., Han Y.S., Anomalistic Self-Assembled Phase Behavior of Block Copolymer Blended with Organic Derivative Depending on Temperature Macromolecules, 49, 17, 6541-6548 (2016).
Li A., Lu L., Li X., He L., Do C., Garno J.C., Zhang D.H., Amidine-Mediated Zwitterionic Ring-Opening Polymerization of N-Alkyl N-Carboxyanhydride: Mechanism, Kinetics, and Architecture Elucidation Macromolecules, 49, 4, 1163-1171 (2016).
Liu C., Chen H., Do C., Hong K., Spatial Distributions of Guest Molecule and Hydration Level in Dendrimer-Based Guest–Host Complex ACS Macro Letters, 5, 1004-1008 (2016).
Mansouri A.L., Grese L.N., Rowe E.L., Pino J.C., Chennubhotla S.C., Ramanathan A., O'Neill H.M., Berthelier V.M., Stanley C.B., Folding propensity of intrinsically disordered proteins by osmotic stress Molecular BioSystems, 12, 3695-3701 (2016).
Mitrea D.M., Cika J.A., Guy C.S., Ban D., Banerjee P.R., Stanley C.B., Nourse A., Deniz A.A., Kriwacki R.W., Nucleophosmin integrates within the nucleolus via multi-modal interactions with proteins displaying R-rich linear motifs and rRNA eLife, e13571 (2016).
Moon A.F., Krahn J.M., Lu X.Y., Cuneo M.J., Pedersen L.C., Structural characterization of the virulence factor Sda1 nuclease from Streptococcus pyogenes Nucleic Acids Research, 44 , 8, 3946-3957 (2016).
Motokawa R., Endo H., Nagao M., Heller W.T., Neutron Polarization Analysis for Biphasic Solvent Extraction Systems Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange , 34, 5, 399-406 (2016).
Nickels J.D., Atkinson J., Papp-Szabo E., Stanley C.B., Diallo S.O., Perticaroli S., Baylis B., Mahon P., Ehlers G., Katsaras J., Dutcher J.R., Structure and Hydration of Highly-Branched, Monodisperse Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles Biomacromolecules, 17, 3, 735-743 (2016).
Osti N.C., Naguib M., Ostadhossein A., Xie Y., Kent P.R., Dyatkin B., Rother G., Heller W.T., van Duin A.C., Gogotsi Y., Mamontov E., Effect of Metal Ion Intercalation on the Structure of MXene and Water Dynamics on its Internal Surfaces ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 14, 8859-8863 (2016).
Plaza N.Z., Pingali S.V., Qian S., Heller W.T., Jakes J.E., Informing the improvement of forest products durability using small angle neutron scattering Cellulose, 23, 3, 1593-1607 (2016).
Prabhu V.M., Reipa V., Rondinone A.J., Formo E.V., Bonnesen P.V., (Invited) Development of in situ Electrochemical Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (eSANS) for Simultaneous Structure and Redox Characterization of Nanoparticles ECS Transactions, 72, 2, 179-188 (2016).
Puster L.N., New Insights Into An Old Interaction: Developing A Model For PAI-1:VN Interactions Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2016).
Rai D.K., Qian S., Heller W.T., The Interaction of Melittin with Dimyristoyl Phosphatidylcholine-Dimyristoyl Phosphatidylserine Lipid Bilayer Membranes Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes, 1858, 11, 2788-2794 (2016).
Rai D.K., Sharma V.K., Anunciado D., O'Neill H.M., Mamontov E., Urban V.S., Heller W.T., Qian S., Neutron Scattering Studies of the Interplay of Amyloid β Peptide(1–40) and An Anionic Lipid 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoglycerol Scientific Reports, 6, 30983 (2016).
Sapir L., Stanley C.B., Harries D., Properties of Polyvinylpyrrolidone in a Deep Eutectic Solvent Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120, 19, 3253-3259 (2016).
Schauries D., Ion Tracks in Apatite and Quartz and Their Behaviour with Temperature and Pressure Ph.D. Dissertation, Australian National University (2016).
Vandavasi V., Putnam D.K., Zhang Q., Petridis L., Heller W.T., Nixon B.T., Haigler C.H., Kalluri U., Coates L., Langan P., Smith J.C., Meiler J., O'Neill H.M., A Structural Study of CESA1 Catalytic Domain of Arabidopsis Cellulose Synthesis Complex: Evidence for CESA Trimers Plant Physiology, 170, 1, 123-135 (2016).
Xia Y., Charubin K., Marquardt D., Heberle F.A., Katsaras J., Tian J., Cheng X., Liu Y., Nieh M.P., Morphology-Induced Defects Enhance Lipid Transfer Rates Langmuir, 32, 38, 9757-9764 (2016).
Yin P., Wu B., Li T., Bonnesen P.V., Hong K., Seifert S., Porcar L., Do C., Keum J.K., Reduction-Triggered Self-Assembly of Nano-Scaled Molybdenum Oxide Molecular Clusters Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138, 33, 10623-10629 (2016).

2015 29 Publications

Chen W., Darling S.B., Understanding the Role of Additives in Improving the Performance of Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, S3, 2439-2440 (2015).
Chen X., Khajeh J., Ju J.H., Gupta Y.K., Stanley C.B., Do C., Heller W.T., Aggarwal A.K., Callaway D.J., Bu Z., Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphospate clusters the cell adhesion melecule CD44 and assembles a specific CD44-Ezrin hetero complex, as revealed by small angle neutron scattering Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290, 10, 6639-6652 (2015).
Han Y., Ahn S.K., Zhang Z., Smith G.S., Do C., Tunable Encapsulation Structure of Block Copolymer Coated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Aqueous Solution Macromolecules, 48, 11, 3475–3480 (2015).
He L., Do C., Qian S., Wignall G.D., Heller W.T., Littrell K.C., Smith G.S., Corrections for the geometric distortion of the tube detectors on SANS instruments at ORNL Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 775, 63-70 (2015).
Heberle F.A., Myles D.A., Katsaras J., Biomembranes research using thermal and cold neutrons Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 192, 41–50 (2015).
Holewinski A., Sakwa-Novak M.A., Jones C.W., Linking CO2 Sorption Performance to Polymer Morphology in Aminopolymer/Silica Composites through Neutron Scattering Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137, 36, 11749–11759 (2015).
Hyatt J.S., Do C., Hu X., Choi H.S., Kim J.W., Lyon L.A., Fernandez-Nieves A., Segregation of mass at the periphery of N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylic-acid microgels at high temperatures Physical Review E, 92, 3, 030302(R) (2015).
Kumar R., Lokitz B.S., Sides S.W., Chen J., Heller W.T., Ankner J.F., Browning J., Kilbey S.M., Sumpter B.G., Microphase separation in thin films of lamellar forming polydisperse di-block copolymers RSC Advances, 5, 27, 21336-21348 (2015).
Lafalce E., Jiang X., Pan J., Whittington C., Larsen R., Sanow L.P., Zhang C., Hybrid-state emission in a polythienylenevinylene derivative with an electron deficient moiety Journal of Chemical Physics, 142, 16, 164702 (2015).
Lipfert F., Holderer O., Frielinghaus H., Appavou M.S., Do C., Ohl M., Richter D., Long wavelength undulation dominate dynamics in large surfactant membrane patches Nanoscale, 7, 2578-2586 (2015).
Mashtalir O., Chemistry of Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Carbides Ph.D. Dissertation, Drexel University (2015).
McClanahan T.C., Gallmeier F., Iverson E.B., SAC Activation Analysis and Validation Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2015/360 (2015).
Motokawa R., Kobayashi T., Endo H., Ikeda T., Yaita T., Suzuki S., Narita H., Heller W.T., Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Specific Interaction and Coordination Structure formed by Mono-acetyl Substituted Dibenzo-20-crown-6-ether and Cesium Ions Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 53, 8, 1205-1211 (2015).
Nickels J.D., Cheng X., Mostofian B., Stanley C.B., Lindner B., Heberle F.A., Perticaroli S., Feygenson M., Egami T., Standaert R.F., Smith J.C., Myles D.A., Ohl M., Katsaras J., Mechanical properties of nanoscopic lipid domains Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137, 50, 15772–15780 (2015).
Osti N.C., Neutron Study of Structure and Dynamics of Rigid Polymers Ph.D. Dissertation, Clemson University (2015).
Palacio L.A., Stanley C.B., Seifert S., Lybarger R., Petrache H.I., Small Angle Neutron and X-Ray Scattering of Plasma Glycoprotein Interactions with Lipid Membranes Biophysical Journal, 108, 2, Supplement 1, 516a (2015).
Qian S., Probing Peptide-Membrane Interaction by Neutron Scattering 24th American Peptide Symposium, Proceedings of the 24th American Peptide Symposium, (2015).
Qian S., Heller W.T., Melittin-induced cholesterol reorganization in lipid bilayer membranes Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes, 1848, 10, 2253-2260 (2015).
Senses E., Interphase and Particle Dispersion Correlations in Polymer Nanocomposites Ph.D. Dissertation, Stevens Institute of Technology (2015).
Thompson J.R., Stretz H.A., Arce P.E., Nanocomposite Polymer Hydrogel with Aligned Nanoparticles (2015).
Ulkoski D., Meister A., Busse K., Kressler J., Scholz C., Synthesis and structure formation of block copolymers of poly(ethylene glycol) with homopolymers and copolymers of l-glutamic acid y-benzyl ester and l-leucine in water Colloid and Polymer Science, 293, 8, 2147-2155 (2015).
Xia Y., Li M., Charubin K., Liu Y., Heberle F.A., Katsaras J., Jing B., Zhu Y., Nieh M.P., The Effects of Nanoparticle Morphology and Acyl Chain Length on Spontaneous Lipid Transfer Rates Langmuir, 31, 47, 12920–12928 (2015).
Xu W., Malak S., Plamper F.A., Synatschke C.V., Muller A., Heller W.T., Melnichenko Y.B., Tsukruk V.V., Structural Study of Star Polyelectrolytes and Their Porous Multilayer Assembly in Solution Physics of Liquid Matter: Modern Problems Springer (2015).
Zhu J., Han Y., Kumar R., He Y., Hong K., Bonnesen P.V., Sumpter B.G., Smith S.C., Smith G.S., Ivanov I., Do C., Controlling Molecular Ordering in Solution-State Conjugated Polymers Nanoscale, 7, 37, 15134-15141 (2015).

2014 27 Publications

Ahn S.K., Carrillo J.Y., Han Y., Kim T., Uhrig D., Pickel D.L., Hong K., Kilbey S.M., Sumpter B.G., Smith G.S., Do C., Structural Evolution of Polylactide Molecular Bottlebrushes: Kinetics Study by Size Exclusion Chromatography, Small Angle Neutron Scattering, and Simulations ACS Macro Letters, 3, 862-866 (2014).
Banuelos J.L., Feng G., Fulvio P.F., Li S., Rother G., Arend N., Faraone A., Dai S., Cummings P.T., Wesolowski D.J., The influence of a hierarchical porous carbon network on the coherent dynamics of a nanoconfined room temperature ionic liquid: A neutron spin echo and atomistic simulation investigation Carbon, 7, 415-427 (2014).
Banuelos J.L., Feng G., Fulvio P.F., Li S., Rother G., Dai S., Cummings P.T., Wesolowski D.J., Densification of ionic liquid molecules within a hierarchical nanoporous carbon structure revealed by small angle scattering and molecular dynamics simulation Chemistry of Materials, 26, 2, 1144-1153 (2014).
Chang D., Lam C.N., Tang S., Olsen B.D., Effect of Polymer Chemistry on Globular Protein-Polymer Block Copolymer Self-Assembly Polymer Chemistry, 5, 4884-4895 (2014).
Chiang W.S., Investigation of Microstructure of Disordered Colloidal Systems by Small-Angle Scattering Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2014).
Do C., Heller W.T., Stanley C.B., Gallmeier F., Doucet M., Smith G.S., Understanding inelastically scattered neutrons from water on a time-of-flight small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) instrument Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 737, 42-46 (2014).
Heberle F.A., Petruzielo R.S., Goh S.L., Konyakhina T.M., Ackerman D.G., Amazon J.J., Feigenson G.W., Liposome-Based Models for Membrane Rafts: Methodology and Applications Liposomes, Lipid Bilayers and Model Membranes: From Basic Research to Application CRC Press (2014).
Heftberger P., Kollmitzer B., Heberle F.A., Pan J., Rappolt M., Amenitsch H., Kucerka N., Katsaras J., Pabst G., Global small-angle X-ray scattering data analysis for multilamellar vesicles: the evolution of the scattering density profile model Journal of Applied Crystallography, 47, 173-180 (2014).
Khajeh J., Ju J.H., Atchiba M., Allaire M., Stanley C.B., Heller W.T., Callaway D.J., Bu Z., Molecular Conformation of the Full-Length Tumor Suppressor NF2/Merlin-A Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Study Journal of Molecular Biology, 426, 15, 2755-2768 (2014).
Kudina O., Responsive polymer-based colloids for drug delivery and bioconversion Ph.D. Dissertation, North Dakota State University (2014).
Kudina O., Hohut A., Tarnavchyk I., Hevus I., Varonov A., Solvent-Responsive Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Invertible Polymers Determined with SANS. Langmuir, 30, 12, 3310-3318 (2014).
Li X., Do C., Liu Y., Sanchez-Diaz L.E., Smith G.S., Chen W.R., A scattering function of star polymers including excluded volume effects Journal of Applied Crystallography, 47, 6, 1901-1905 (2014).
Li X., Porcar L., Sanchez-Diaz L.E., Do C., Liu Y., Kim T., Smith G.S., Hamilton W.A., Hong K., Chen W.R., Influence of Molecular Solvation on the Conformation of Star Polymers ACS Macro Letters, 3, 5, 458-461 (2014).
Li X., Sanchez-Diaz L.E., Wu B., Hamilton W.A., Falus P., Porcar L., Liu Y., Do C., Faraone A., Smith G.S., Egami T., Chen W.R., Dynamical Threshold of Diluteness of Soft Colloids ACS Macro Letters, 3, 12, 1271-1275 (2014).
Liu C., Li X., Chen W.R., Chang L., Chen Y., Chen H., Sun Y., Lai H., Huang E., PEGylation Site-dependent Structural-heterogeneity Study of MonoPEGylated Human Parathyroid Hormone Fragment hPTH(1-34) Langmuir, 30, 38, 11421-11427 (2014).
Liu Y., Li M., Yang Y., Xia Y., Nieh M.P., The effects of temperature, salinity, concentration, and PEGylated lipid on the spontaneous nanostructures of bicellar mixtures Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes, 1838, 7, 1871-1880 (2014).
Newbloom G.M., Engineering the Multi-Length Scale Structure of Self-Assembled Conjugated Polymer Networks Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Washington (2014).
Palacio L.A., Stanley C.B., Seifert S., Petrache H.I., Small Angle Scattering of Fibrinogen Polymerization Kinetics and of Alpha1 Antitrypsin Interactions with Lipid Membranes Biophysical Journal, 106, 2, supplement 1, 301a (2014).
Pan J., Cheng X., Monticelli L., Heberle F.A., Kucerka N., Tieleman D.P., Katsaras J., The molecular structure of a phosphatidylserine bilayer determined by scattering and molecular dynamics simulations Soft Matter, 10, 3716-3725 (2014).
Qian S., Rai D.K., Heller W.T., Alamethicin Disrupts the Cholesterol Distribution in Dimyristoyl Phosphatidylcholine-Cholesterol Lipid Bilayers Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 118, 38, 11200–11208 (2014).
Saffer E.M., STRUCTURE OF NEARLY IDEAL AND MULTI-COMPONENT POLYMERIC BIOMATERIALS Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2014).
Shao M., Keum J.K., Kumar R., Chen J., Browning J., Das S., Chen W.R., Hou J., Do C., Littrell K.C., Rondinone A.J., Geohegan D.B., Sumpter B.G., Xiao K., Understanding How Processing Additives Tune the Nanoscale Morphology of High Efficiency Organic Photovoltaic Blends: From Casting Solution to Spun-Cast Thin Film Advanced Functional Materials, 24, 42, 6647-6657 (2014).
Shi S., Liu D., Liu D., Tae P., Gao C.Y., Yan L., An K., Chen X., Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Changes of Proton Exchange Membrane Under Immersed Conditions Polymer Engineering & Science, 54, 10, 2215-2221 (2014).
White J.C., Strategies for Improving Oxygen Transport and Mechanical Strength in Alginate-Based Hydrogels Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2014).
Yang C., Huang Y.L., Chen C., Su C., Chen H., Ivanov V.A., Structure of the Electrostatic Complex of DNA with Cationic Dendrimer of Intermediate Generation: The Role of Counterion Entropy Macromolecules, 47, 9, 3117-3127 (2014).
Zhang Z., Carrillo J.Y., Ahn S.K., Wu B., Hong K., Smith G.S., Do C., Atomistic Structure of Bottlebrush Polymers: Simulations and Neutron Scattering Studies Macromolecules, 47, 16, 5808-5814 (2014).

2013 15 Publications

Choi I., Malak S., Xu W., Heller W.T., Tsitsilianis C., Tsukruk V.V., Multicompartmental microcapsules from star copolymer micelles Macromolecules, 46, 4, 1425-1436 (2013).
Do C., Chen W.R., Hong K., Smith G.S., Equilibrium structure of a triblock copolymer system revealed by mesoscale simulation and neutron scattering Physica B: Condensed Matter, 430, 87-94 (2013).
Do C., Lunkenheimer P., Diddens D., Gotz M., Weiss M., Loidl A., Sun X.G., Allgaier J., Ohl M., Li+ transport in poly(ethylene oxide) based electrolytes: neutron scattering, dielectric spectroscopy, and molecular dynamics simulations Physical Review Letters, 111, 018301 (2013).
Heberle F.A., Petruzielo R.S., Pan J., Drazba P., Kucerka N., Standaert R.F., Feigenson G.W., Katsaras J., Bilayer thickness mismatch controls domain size in model membranes Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 18, 6853-6859 (2013).
McCulloch B., Ho V., Hoarfrost M.L., Stanley C.B., Do C., Heller W.T., Segalman R.A., Polymer chain shape of poly(3-alkylthiophenes) in solution using small-angle neutron scattering Macromolecules, 46, 5, 1899-1907 (2013).
Munshi P., Stanley C.B., Ghimire-Rijal S., Lu X.Y., Myles D.A., Cuneo M.J., Molecular details of ligand selectivity determinants in a promiscuous beta-glucan periplasmic binding protein BMC Structural Biology, 13, 18 (2013).
Petruzielo R.S., Heberle F.A., Drazba P., Katsaras J., Feigenson G.W., Phase behavior and domain size in sphingomyelin-containing lipid bilayers Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes, 1828, 4, 1302-1313 (2013).
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