Sample Environment of the FIE-TAX Instrument

HB-1A can accommodate almost all sample environment equipment available at HFIR, including:

Temperature Control Devices

  • Closed Cycle Refrigerator (4–300K)
  • Liquid Helium Cryostat (1.5–300K)
  • 3He-insert (0.3–300K)
  • Dilution Fridge (0.03–300K)
  • High Temperature Displex (30–700K)
  • Furnace (up to 1500 °C)

Magnet Systems

  • Symmetric 5 Tesla vertical field magnet (0–5T, 1.5–300K, or 0.3–300 K with 3He-insert)
  • Asymmetric 8T vertical field cryomagnet (0–8T, 1.5–300K, or 0.03–300K with dilution fridge)

Potential users can go to the equipment webpage to check the available sample environments at HFIR, and it is always useful to contact the instrument scientists for more detailed information and new capabilities when planning for the experiment.