Publications from Research Conducted at GP-SANS

The following 266 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2018 4 Publications

Anovitz L.M., Freiburg J.T., Wasbrough M., Mildner D.F., Littrell K.C., Pipich V., Ilavsky J., The effects of burial diagenesis on multiscale porosity in the St. Peter Sandstone: An imaging, small-angle, and ultra-small-angle neutron scattering analysis Marine and Petroleum Geology, (2018).
Jiang H., Beaucage G., Vogtt K., Weaver M., The effect of solvent polarity on wormlike micelles using dipropylene glycol (DPG) as a cosolvent in an anionic/zwitterionic mixed surfactant system Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 509, 25-31 (2018).
Martin H., White B.T., Scanlon C., Saito T., Dadmun M., Tunable Synthetic Control of Soft Polymeric Nanoparticle Morphology Soft Matter, (2018).
Sakurovs R., Koval L., Grigore M., Sokolova A., Ruppert L., Melnichenko Y.B., Nanometre-sized pores in coal: Variations between coal basins and coal origin International Journal of Coal Geology, (2018).

2017 37 Publications

Baldwin A.G., Servis M.J., Yang Y., Bridges N.J., Wu D.T., Shafer J.C., The Structure of Tributyl Phosphate Solutions: Nitric Acid, Uranium (VI), and Zirconium (IV) Journal of Molecular Liquids, 246, 225-235 (2017).
Beckingham L.E., Steefel C.I., Swift A., Voltolini M., Yang L., Anovitz L.M., Sheets J.M., Cole D.R., Kneafsey T.J., Mitnick E.H., Zhang S., Landrot G., Ajo-Franklin J., DePaolo D., Mito S., Xue Z., Evaluation of accessible mineral surface areas for improved prediction of mineral reaction rates in porous media Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 205, 31-49 (2017).
Briggs S.A., Edmondson P.D., Littrell K.C., Yamamoto Y., Howard R.H., Daily C.R., Terrani K.A., Sridharan K., Field K.G., A combined APT and SANS investigation of α′ phase precipitation in neutron-irradiated model FeCrAl alloys Acta Materialia, 129, 217-228 (2017).
Chen X., Wignall G.D., He L., Lopez-Barron C., Alamo R.G., SANS Evidence of Liquid–Liquid Phase Separation Leading to Inversion of Crystallization Rate of Broadly Distributed Random Ethylene Copolymers Macromolecules, 50, 11, 4406–4414 (2017).
Cooksey T.J., Singh A., Le K.M., Wang S., Kelley E.G., He L., Vajjala Kesava S., Gomez E.D., Kidd B.E., Madsen L.A., Robertson M.L., Tuning Biocompatible Block Copolymer Micelles by Varying Solvent Composition: Core/Corona Structure and Solvent Uptake Macromolecules, 50, 11, 4322–4334 (2017).
Du P., Li A., Li X., Zhang Y., Do C., He L., Rick S.W., John V.T., Kumar R., Zhang D.H., Aggregation of Cyclic Polypeptoids bearing Zwitterionic End-groups with Attractive Dipole-Dipole and Solvophobic Interactions: A Study by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 22, 14388-14400 (2017).
Etampawala T., Tehrani M., Nematollahi A., He L., Dadmun M., The impact of solvent doping on the morphology and performance of spray-coated PEDOT:dPSS: A USANS and SANS study Organic Electronics, 51, 86-93 (2017).
Field K.G., Littrell K.C., Briggs S.A., Precipitation of α′ in neutron irradiated commercial FeCrAl alloys Scripta Materialia, 142, 41-45 (2017).
Fobes D., Luo Y., Leon-Brito N., Bauer E.D., Fanelli V.R., Taylor M.A., Debeer-Schmitt L.M., Janoschek M., Versatile strain-tuning of modulated long-period magnetic structures Applied Physics Letters, 110, 119, 192409 (2017).
Hiroi T., Structural Analysis of polymer aggregation induced by hydrophilic and hydrophobic interaction Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tokyo (2017).
Kuhn S.J., Kidder M.K., Parker D.S., dela Cruz C., McGuire M.A., Chance W.M., Li L., Debeer-Schmitt L.M., Ermentrout J., Littrell K.C., Eskildsen M.R., Sefat A.S., Structure and Property Correlations in FeS Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 534, 29-36 (2017).
Lan S., Yang H., Zhang G., Wu X., Chen Q., Chen L., Chen H., Guo T., The Importance of Solvent Removal Rate on the Morphology and Device Performance of Organic Photovoltaics with Solvent Annealing ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 24, 20679–20685 (2017).
Palit S., He L., Hamilton W.A., Yethiraj A., Yethiraj A., Combining Diffusion NMR and Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Enables Precise Measurements of Polymer Chain Compression in a Crowded Environment Physical Review Letters, 118, 9, 097801 (2017).
Palit S., He L., Hamilton W.A., Yethiraj A., Yethiraj A., The effect of crowder charge in a model polymer–colloid system for macromolecular crowding: Polymer structure and dynamics Journal of Chemical Physics, 147, 11, 114902 (2017).
Pokrzywinski J., Keum J.K., Ruther R.E., Self E.C., Chi M., Meyer H., Littrell K.C., Aulakh D., Marble S., Ding J., Wriedt M., Nanda J., Mitlin D., Unrivaled Combination of Surface Area and Pore Volume in MicelleTemplated Carbon for Supercapacitor Energy Storage Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 26, 13511-13525 (2017).
Rezhdoa O., Di Maio S., Le P., Littrell K.C., Carrier R.L., Chen S.H., Characterization of colloidal structures during intestinal lipolysis using small-angle neutron scattering Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 499, 189-201 (2017).
Schneider F., Balaceanu A., Di Z., Melnichenko Y.B., Allgaier J., Pich A., Schneider G.J., Richter D., Internal structure and phase transition behavior of stimuli-responsive microgels in PEG melts Soft Matter, 13, 15, 2738-2748 (2017).
Stefanopoulos K.L., Youngs T.G., Sakurovs R., Ruppert L., Bahadur J., Melnichenko Y.B., Neutron Scattering Measurements of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption in Pores within the Marcellus Shale: Implications for Sequestration Environmental Science & Technology, 51, 11, 6515–6521 (2017).
Sun M., Yu B., Hu Q.Y., Zhang Y., Li B., Yang R., Melnichenko Y.B., Cheng G., Pore characteristics of Longmaxi shale gas reservoir in the Northwest of Guizhou, China: Investigations using small-angle neutron scattering (SANS), helium pycnometry, and gas sorption isotherm International Journal of Coal Geology, 171, 61-68 (2017).
Tehrani M., Etampawala T., Dadmun M., Hossain M.A., Resolving Hierarchical Structures in Carbon Nanotube Networks Using Small and Ultra-Small Angle Neutron Scattering Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121, 40, 22442–22451 (2017).
Vogtt K., Jiang H., Beaucage G., Weaver M., Free Energy of Scission for Sodium Laureth-1-Sulfate Wormlike Micelles Langmuir, 33, 8, 1872–1880 (2017).
Wang J., Boy R., Nguyen N.A., Keum J.K., Cullen D., Chen J., Soliman M., Littrell K.C., Harper D., Tetard L., Rials T., Naskar A.K., Labbe N., Controlled Assembly of Lignocellulosic Biomass Components and Properties of Reformed Materials ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 5, 9, 8044–8052 (2017).
Wickramasinghe A.N., Structural Study of Multifunctional Block Copolymers in Solutions and Thin Films Master's Thesis, Clemson University (2017).
Wu X., Lan S., Zhang G., Chen Q., Chen H., Guo T., Morphology of a Ternary Blend Solar Cell Based on Small Molecule:Conjugated Polymer:Fullerene Fabricated by Blade Coating Advanced Functional Materials, 27, 40, 1703268 (2017).
Yang R., He S., Hu Q.Y., Sun M., Hu D., Yi J., Applying SANS technique to characterize nano-scale pore structure of Longmaxi shale, Sichuan Basin (China) Fuel, 197, 91-99 (2017).
Yi G., Measuring and Modeling the Long-Term Sensitization Behavior of Al 5xxx Alloys Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Utah (2017).
Yi G., Cullen D., Littrell K.C., Golumbfskie W., Sundberg E., Free M.L., Characterization of Al-Mg Alloy Aged at Low Temperatures Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 1-11 (2017).
Yi G., Littrell K.C., Poplawsky J., Cullen D., Sundberg E., Free M.L., Characterization of the effects of different tempers and aging temperatures on the precipitation behavior of Al-Mg (5.25 at.%)-Mn alloys Materials & Design, 118, 22-35 (2017).
Zhang R., Liu S., Wang Y., Fractal evolution under in situ pressure and sorption conditions for coal and shale Scientific Reports, 7, 8971 (2017).
Zhao D., Gimenez-Pinto V., Jimenez A.M., Zhao L., Jestin J., Kumar S.K., Kuei B., Gomez E.D., Prasad A.S., Schadler L.S., Khani M.M., Benicewicz B.C., Tunable Multiscale Nanoparticle Ordering by Polymer Crystallization ACS Central Science, 3, 7, 1751–758 (2017).
Zhao W., Xiao L.P., Song G., Sun R.C., He L., Singh S., Simmons B., Cheng G., From lignin subunits to aggregates: insights into lignin solubilization Green Chemistry, 19, 3272-3281 (2017).

2016 29 Publications

Ansar S.M., Mohammed F.S., White Ii G.V., Budi M., Powell K.C., Mefford O.T., Kitchens C.L., The Effect of Post-Synthesis Purifications on Gold and Silver Nanoparticle Ligand Coverage Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120, 12, 6842-6850 (2016).
Bahadur J., Medina C.R., He L., Melnichenko Y.B., Rupp J.A., Blach T.P., Mildner D.F., Determination of closed porosity in rocks by small-angle neutron scattering Journal of Applied Crystallography, 49, 2021-2030 (2016).
Briggs S.A., Correlative microscopy of [alpha prime] precipitation in neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr-Al alloys Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Wisconsin - Madison (2016).
Briggs S.A., Edmondson P.D., Field K.G., Yamamoto Y., Littrell K.C., Daily C.R., Sridharan K., Complementary Techniques for Quantification of α' Phase Precipitation in Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cr-Al Model Alloys Microscopy and Microanalysis, 22, SupplementS3, 1470-1471 (2016).
Briggs S.A., Sridharan K., Field K.G., Correlative Microscopy of Neutron-Irradiated Materials Advanced Materials & Processes, 174, 10, 16-21 (2016).
DiStefano V.H., McFarlane J., Anovitz L.M., Stack A.G., Gordon A.D., Littrell K.C., Chipera S.J., Hunt R.D., Lewis S.A., Hale Sr R.E., Perfect E., Extraction of organic compounds from representative shales and the effect on porosity Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 35, A, 645-660 (2016).
Etampawala T., Aryal D., Osti N.C., He L., Heller W.T., Willis C.L., Grest G.S., Perahia D., Association of a multifunctional ionic block copolymer in a selective solvent Journal of Chemical Physics, 145, 184903, 18 (2016).
Greene D.G., The formation and structure of precipitated protein phases Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Delaware (2016).
Hiroi T., Okazumi Y., Littrell K.C., Narita Y., Tanaka N., Shibayama M., Mechanism of heat-induced gelation for ovalbumin and its N-terminus cleaved form Polymer, 93, 152–158 (2016).
Hirosawa K., Fujii K., Ueki T., Kitazawa Y., Littrell K.C., Watanabe M., Shibayama M., SANS study on the solvated structure and molecular interactions of a thermo-responsive polymer in a room temperature ionic liquid Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18, 41713 (2016).
Imel A.E., Naskar A.K., Dadmun M., Understanding the Impact of Poly(ethylene oxide) on the Assembly of Lignin in Solution toward Improved Carbon Fiber Production ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 5, 3200-3207 (2016).
Jouault N., Crawford M.K., Chi C., Smalley R.J., Wood B., Jestin J., Melnichenko Y.B., He L., Guise W.E., Kumar S.K., Polymer Chain Behavior in Polymer Nanocomposites with Attractive Interactions ACS Macro Letters, 5, 4, 523-527 (2016).
Kumar R., Shah S., Bahadur J., Melnichenko Y.B., Sen D., Mazumder S., Vinod C.P., Chowdhury B., Highly stable In-SBA-15 catalyst for vapor phase Beckmann rearrangement reaction Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 234, 293-302 (2016).
Lam C.N., Chang D., Wang M., Chen W.R., Olsen B.D., The shape of protein–polymer conjugates in dilute solution Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 54, 2, 292–302 (2016).
Lan S., Yang H., Zhang G., Wu X., Ning W., Wang S., Chen H., Guo T., Impact of Fullerene Structure on Nanoscale Morphology and Miscibility and Correlation of Performance on Small Molecules: Fullerene Solar Cell Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120, 38, 21317–21324 (2016).
Li A., Lu L., Li X., He L., Do C., Garno J.C., Zhang D.H., Amidine-Mediated Zwitterionic Ring-Opening Polymerization of N-Alkyl N-Carboxyanhydride: Mechanism, Kinetics, and Architecture Elucidation Macromolecules, 49, 4, 1163-1171 (2016).
Lu J., Bates F.S., Lodge T.P., Addition of Corona Block Homopolymer Retards Chain Exchange in Solutions of Block Copolymer Micelles Macromolecules, 49, 4, 1405-1413 (2016).
Morgan B., Dadmun M., Illumination of Conjugated Polymer in Solution Alters Its Conformation and Thermodynamics Macromolecules, 49 , 9, 3490–3496 (2016).
Mouzakis K.M., Navarre-Sitchler A.K., Rother G., Banuelos J.L., Wang X., Kaszuba J., Heath J.E., Miller Q.R., Alvarado V., McCray J.E., Experimental Study of Porosity Changes in Shale Caprocks Exposed to CO2-Saturated Brines I: Evolution of Mineralogy, Pore Connectivity, Pore Size Distribution, and Surface Area Environmental Engineering Science, 33, 10, 725-735 (2016).
Rai D.K., Beaucage G., Ratkanthwar K., Beaucage P., Ramachandran R., Hadjichristidis N., Quantification of interaction and topological parameters of polyisoprene star polymers under good solvent conditions Physical Review E, 93, 5, 052501 (2016).
Ren F., Schmidt R., Keum J.K., Qian B., Case E.D., Littrell K.C., An K., In situ neutron scattering study of nanoscale phase evolution in PbTe-PbS thermoelectric material Applied Physics Letters, 109, 8, 081903 (2016).
Sekine Y., Endo H., Iwase H., Takeda S., Mukai S.a., Fukazawa H., Littrell K.C., Sasaki Y., Akiyoshi K., Nanoscopic Structural Investigation of Physically Cross-Linked Nanogels Formed from Self-Associating Polymers Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120, 46, 11996–12002 (2016).
Sumino Y., Yamada N.L., Nagao M., Honda T., Kitahata H., Melnichenko Y.B., Seto H., Mechanism of spontaneous blebbing in a purely chemical system: elastic stress generated by a lamellar-lamellar transition Langmuir, 32, 12, 2891–2899 (2016).
Wignall G.D., Semicrystalline polymers: Chain Conformation and Folging Materials Science and Materials Engineering Elsevir (2016).
Yang H., Zhang G., Zhu J., He W., Lan S., Liao L., Chen H., Guo T., Improving Charge Mobility of Polymer Transistors by Judicious Choice of the Molecular Weight of Insulating Polymer Additive Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120, 31, 17282-17289 (2016).
Zhang G., Yang H., He L., Hu L., Lan S., Li F., Chen H., Guo T., Importance of domain purity in semi-conducting polymer/insulating polymer blends transistors Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 54, 17, 1760–1766 (2016).

2015 38 Publications

Anovitz L.M., Cole D.R., Characterization and Analysis of Porosity and Pore Structures Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, 80, 61-164 (2015).
Anovitz L.M., Cole D.R., Jackson A.J., Rother G., Littrell K.C., Allard L.F., Pollington A.D., Wesolowski D.J., Effect of Quartz Overgrowth Precipitation on the Multiscale Porosity of Sandstone: A (U)SANS and Imaging Analysis Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 153, 1, 199-222 (2015).
Anovitz L.M., Cole D.R., Sheets J.M., Swift A., Elston H., Welch S., Chipera S.J., Littrell K.C., Mildner D.F., Wasbrough M., Effects of maturation on multiscale (nanometer to millimeter) porosity in the Eagle Ford Shale Interpretation, 3, 3, SU59-SU70 (2015).
Bahadur J., Melnichenko Y.B., He L., Contescu C.I., Gallego N., Carmichael J., SANS investigation of CO2 adsorption in microporous carbon Carbon, 95, 535 (2015).
Bahadur J., Melnichenko Y.B., He L., Contescu C.I., Gallego N., Carmichael J., SANS Investigations of CO2 Adsorption in Microporous Carbon Carbon, 95, 535–544 (2015).
Bahadur J., Radlinski A.P., Melnichenko Y.B., Mastalerz M., Schimmelmann A., Small-Angle and Ultrasmall-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS/USANS) Study of New Albany Shale: A Treatise on Microporosity Energy & Fuels, 29, 2, 567-576 (2015).
Braatz A.D., Investigation of metal ion extraction and aggregate formation combining acidic and neutral organophosphorus reagents Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California Irvine (2015).
Brady M.P., Rother G., Anovitz L.M., Littrell K.C., Unocic K.A., Elsentriecy H.H., Song G.L., Thomson J.K., Gallego N., Davis B., Film Breakdown and Nano-Porous Mg(OH)2 Formation from Corrosion of Magnesium Alloys in Salt Solutions Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 162, 4, C140-C149 (2015).
Chen W., Darling S.B., Understanding the Role of Additives in Improving the Performance of Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, S3, 2439-2440 (2015).
Coakley J., Vorontsov V., Jones N.G., Radecka A., Bagot P.A., Littrell K.C., Heenan R.K., Hu F., Magyar A.P., Bell D.C., Dye D., Precipitation processes in the Beta-Titanium alloy Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 646, 946-953 (2015).
Coakley J., Vorontsov V., Littrell K.C., Heenan R.K., Ohnuma M., Jones N.G., Dye D., Nanoprecipitation in a Beta-Titanium Alloy Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 623, 146-156 (2015).
Emmanuel S., Anovitz L.M., Day-Stirrat R.J., Effects of Coupled Chemo-Mechanical Processes on the Evolution of Pore-Size Distributions in Geological Media Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, 80, 1, 45-60 (2015).
Field K.G., Briggs S.A., Edmondson P.D., Hu X., Littrell K.C., Howard R.H., Parish C.M., Yamamoto Y., Evaluation on the Effect of Composition on Radiation Hardening and Embrittlement in Model FeCrAl Alloys Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2015/518 (2015).
Field K.G., Hu X., Littrell K.C., Yamamoto Y., Snead L.L., Radiation Tolerance of Neutron-Irradiated Model Fe-Cr-Al Alloys Journal of Nuclear Materials, 465, 746-755 (2015).
Hayes D.G., GomezdelRio J.A., Ye R., Urban V.S., Pingali S.V., O'Neill H.M., Effect of protein incorporation on nanostructure of the bicontinuous microemulsion phase of Winsor-III systems: A small-angle neutron scattering study Langmuir, 31, 6, 1901-1910 (2015).
He L., Do C., Qian S., Wignall G.D., Heller W.T., Littrell K.C., Smith G.S., Corrections for the geometric distortion of the tube detectors on SANS instruments at ORNL Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 775, 63-70 (2015).
He Z., Liu F., Wang C., Chen J., He L., Nordlund D., Wu H., Russell T.P., Cao Y., Simultaneous spin-coating and solvent annealing: manipulating the active layer morphology to a power conversion efficiency of 9.6% in polymer solar cells Materials Horizons, 2, 6, 592-597 (2015).
Imel A.E., Polymer Additives Effects on Structure and Dynamics Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2015).
Lu J., Mechanisms of Chain Exchange in Block Copolymer Micelles Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Minnesota (2015).
Mahdavi M., Baniassadi M., Baghani M., Dadmun M., Tehrani M., 3D reconstruction of carbon nanotube networks from neutron scattering experiments Nanotechnology, 26, 38, 385704 (2015).
Navarre-Sitchler A.K., Rother G., Kaszuba J., Porosity in Reactive Geochemical Systems Pore Scale Phenomena World Scientific (2015).
Pradhan S., Correlating Morphology to Performance in Conjugated Polymer Nanocomposite Thin Film Master's Thesis, University of Tennessee (2015).
Qin G., Glassman M.J., Lam C.N., Chang D., Schaible E., Hexemer A., Olsen B.D., Topological effects on Globular Protein-ELP fusion block copolymer self-assembly Advanced Functional Materials, 25, 5, 729-738 (2015).
Rai D.K., Beaucage G., Ratkanthwar K., Beaucage P., Determination of the interaction parameter and topological scaling features of symmetric star polymers in dilute solution Physical Review E, 92, 1, 012602 (2015).
Rosseel T.M., Sokolov M.A., Nanstad R.K., Machining Test Specimens From Harvested Zion RPV Segments ASME 2015 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference, (2015).
Sacci R.L., Banuelos J.L., Veith G.M., Littrell K.C., Cheng Y.Q., Wildgruber C., Jones L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Rother G., Dudney N., Structure of Spontaneously Formed Solid-Electrolyte Interphase on Lithiated Graphite Determined Using Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119, 18, 9816-9823 (2015).
Singh S., Cheng G., Sathitsuksanoh N., Wu D., Varanasi P., George A., Balan V., Gao X., Kumar R., Dale B.E., Wyman C.E., Simmons B., Comparison of different biomass pretreatment techniques and their impact on chemistry and structure Frontiers in Energy Research, 2, 62 (2015).
Smedley S.B., Water hydrogen bonding in proton exchange and neutral polymer membranes Ph.D. Dissertation, Pennsylvania State University (2015).
Wei M.H., Li B., David R.L., Jones S.C., Sarohia V., Schmitigal J.A., Kornfield J.A., Megasupramolecules for safer, cleaner fuel by end association of long telechelic polymers Science, 350, 6256, 72-75 (2015).
Xu W., Malak S., Plamper F.A., Synatschke C.V., Muller A., Heller W.T., Melnichenko Y.B., Tsukruk V.V., Structural Study of Star Polyelectrolytes and Their Porous Multilayer Assembly in Solution Physics of Liquid Matter: Modern Problems Springer (2015).
Yan Y., Qian S., Littrell K.C., Parish C.M., Plummer L.K., Fast, Quantitative, and Nondestructive Evaluation of Hydrided LWR Fuel Cladding by Small Angle Incoherent Neutron Scattering of Hydrogen Journal of Nuclear Materials, 460, 114-121 (2015).
Yiu Y., Studies Of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Using Neutron Scattering Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2015).
Zhang R., Liu S., Bahadur J., Elsworth D., Melnichenko Y.B., He L., Wang Y., Estimation and modeling of coal pore accessibility using small angle neutron scattering Fuel, 161, 323-332 (2015).
Zhang Z.W., Yao L., Wang X.L., Miller M.K., Vacancy-controlled ultrastable nanoclusters in nanostructured ferritic alloys Scientific Reports, 5, 10600 (2015).

2014 35 Publications

Anovitz L.M., Cole D.R., Swift A., Sheets J.M., Elston H., Welch S., Chipera S.J., Littrell K.C., Mildner D.F., Washbrough M.J., Multiscale (nano to mm) Porosity in the Eagle Ford Shale: Changes as a Function of Maturity Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC), (2014).
Bahadur J., Melnichenko Y.B., Mastalerz M., Furmann A., Clarkson C.R., Hierarchical Pore Morphology of Cretaceous Shale: A SANS and USANS Study Energy & Fuels, 28, 10, 6336-6344 (2014).
Boukhalfa S., Gordon D., He L., Melnichenko Y.B., Nitta N., Magasinski A., Yushin G., In-situ small angle neutron scattering revealing ion sorption in microporous carbon electrical double layer capacitors ACS Nano, 8, 3, 2495-2503 (2014).
Chen H., Hsiao Y., Chen J., Hu B., Dadmun M., Distinguishing the Importance of Fullerene Phase Separation from Polymer Ordering in the Performance of Low Band Gap Polymer:Bis-Fullerene Heterojunctions Advanced Functional Materials, 24, 46, 7284-7290 (2014).
Chen H., Hsiao Y., Hu B., Dadmun M., Tuning the morphology and performance of low bandgap polymer: Fullerene heterojunctions via solvent annealing in selective solvents Advanced Functional Materials, 24, 32, 5129-5136 (2014).
Chen H., Peet J., Hsiao Y., Hu B., Dadmun M., The Impact of Fullerene Structure on its Miscibility with P3HT and its Correlation of Performance in Organic Photovoltaics Chemistry of Materials, 26, 13, 3993-4003 (2014).
Chiang W.S., Investigation of Microstructure of Disordered Colloidal Systems by Small-Angle Scattering Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2014).
Gao J., Optimizing Morphology of Bulk Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California at Los Angeles (2014).
Gao J., Chen W., Dou L., Chen C.C., Chang W.H., Liu Y., Li G., Yang Y., Elucidating double aggregation mechanisms in the morphology optimization of diketopyrrolopyrrole-based narrow bandgap polymer solar cells Advanced Materials, 26, 19, 3142-3147 (2014).
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Kamath Y., Murthy N.S., Ramaprasad R., Preliminary analysis of the distribution of water in human hair by small-angle neutron scattering Journal of Cosmetic Science, 65, 1, 37-48 (2014).
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Kelley E.G., Murphy R.P., Seppala J.E., Smart T.P., Hann S.D., Sullivan M.O., Epps T.H., Size Evolution of Highly Amphiphilic Macromolecular Solution Assemblies via a Distinct Bimodal Pathway Nature Communications, 5, 3599 (2014).
Kudina O., Responsive polymer-based colloids for drug delivery and bioconversion Ph.D. Dissertation, North Dakota State University (2014).
Langan P., Petridis L., O'Neill H.M., Pingali S.V., Foston M., Nishiyama Y., Schulz R., Lindner B., Hanson B.L., Harton S., Heller W.T., Urban V.S., Evans B.R., Gnanakaran S., Ragauskas A., Smith J.C., Davison B., Common processes drive the thermochemical pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass Green Chemistry, 16, 63-68 (2014).
Melnichenko Y.B., Lavrik N., Popov E., Bahadur J., He L., Kravchenko I.I., Smith G.S., Pipich V., Szekely N.K., Cavitation on deterministically nanostructured surfaces in contact with an aqueous phase: A small-angle neutron scattering study Langmuir, 30, 33, 9985-9990 (2014).
Mengyan P.W., Magnetism in Mn-doped chalcopyrites Ph.D. Dissertation, Texas Tech University (2014).
Morisaki-Ishii R., Kawano-Furukawa H., Cameron A.S., Lemberger L., Blackburn E., Holmes A.T., Forgan E.M., Debeer-Schmitt L.M., Littrell K.C., Nakajima M., Kihou K., Lee C.H., Iyo A., Eisaki H., Uchida S., White J.S., Dewhurst C.D., Gavilano J.L., Zollik, Vortex lattice structure in BaFe2(As0.67P0.33)2 via small-angle neutron scattering Physical Review B, 90, 125116 (2014).
Newbloom G.M., Engineering the Multi-Length Scale Structure of Self-Assembled Conjugated Polymer Networks Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Washington (2014).
Pingali S.V., O'Neill H.M., Nishiyama Y., He L., Melnichenko Y.B., Urban V.S., Petridis L., Davison B., Langan P., Morphological changes in the cellulose and lignin components of biomass occur at different stages during steam pretreatment Cellulose, 21, 873-878, 2 (2014).
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2013 27 Publications

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2012 37 Publications

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2011 25 Publications

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2010 19 Publications

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2009 12 Publications

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2008 3 Publications

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