Information for HYSPEC Users

Useful tools for operating HYSPEC

Shipping Addresses for Samples

  • Non-activated samples coming to SNS:

Attention: Special requirements (like refrigeration) 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory / SNS Site Chestnut Ridge, Bldg 8920 
Oak Ridge, TN 37830 

Replace the XXXX with your IPTS (Integrated Proposal Tracking System) number.


  • Activated samples (these will also be brought to SNS but must go through check-in procedures at another on-site location):

Attention: Special requirements (like refrigeration)
To: Neutron Sciences User Sample IPTS # XXXX
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Bethel Valley Road, Bldg 7001
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

For more detailed information, please visit the ORNL User Facilities Sample Handling and Shipping page.


Publishing Your Experiment Results

Please submit publications, thesis, patents, etc., to PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR) to assist us in recording your contribution. Both the credit statement and links to PuSH are on the Neutron Sciences Publications website.

Additionally, we encourage the citation of the HYSPEC instrument paper:

B. Winn, U. Filges, V. O. Garlea, M. Graves-Brook, M. Hagen, C. Jiang, M. Kenzelmann, L. Passell, S. M. Shapiro, X. Tong, and I. Zaliznyak. "Recent progress on HYSPEC, and its polarization analysis capabilities." EPJ Web of Conferences. 83, 03017 (2015). (