Sample Environment of the HYSPEC Instrument

Closed-cycle refrigeratorsCCR-10HYSPEC bottom-loading, high-temperature CCR
FurnacesHOT-06VULCAN Nb ILL furnace
 HOT-11Rotating stick furnace
Liquid helium cryostatsCRYO-01JANIS cryo/furnace
 CRYO-09100 mm HYSPEC orange cryostat
Magnet SystemsMAG-01Slim SAM 5T vertical field actively shielded
Ultra-low temperature devicesULT-006HelioxVT A – 100 mm 3HE insert
 ULT-003Oxford Dil fridge insert

There are two dedicated sample environments at HYSPEC: an AS Scientific 100 mm bore Orange Cryostat, and an ARS 210 Bottom-Loading Closed Cycle Refrigerator.

HYSPEC’s closed cycle refrigerator permits a temperature range of 4 K – 300 K. It is compatible with the 3-He polarization analysis system. It can accommodate SNS powder cans, HFIR sample cans, and the new soda cans. Users are encouraged to use one of these cans, or supply a 5/16-18 UNC threaded rod attachment, and hang the sample underneath the cold head at distances of 2.25”, 2.375” and 3” from the attachment point. If the sample is mounted in another way, please contact the HYSPEC instrument team at least 1 month prior to the experiment so we can determine feasibility and prepare an adaptor for you.

The dedicated orange cryostat can operate in the temperature range 1.5 K to 300 K. It is equipped with a motorized rotation stage for the sample stick, and is compatible with the 3He insert which provides access to temperatures down to 300 mK.

Sample environment systems at HYSPEC are ‘tail mounted’, in that they are supported from the bottom of a sample environment, below the sample. This is in contrast to many SNS instruments that employ a flange mounting system from above the sample. HYSPEC is in principle compatible with most SNS tail mounted sample environments, but if it is not listed above, then we have not made an adaptor for it yet. If you are interested in other sample environments, please contact the HYSPEC instrument team and allow for several months so we can prepare a tail adaptor.