SNS-HFIR User Group Executive Committee Members

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Michelle Dolgos Chair: Michelle Dolgos

Assistant Professor,
Oregon State University
Term expires December 2018

Research interests: solid state chemistry and her research area can be broadly defined as investigating structure-property relationships in advanced functional materials. Her particular focus is in two areas of materials chemistry: 1) elucidating the structure-property relationships of lead-freepiezoelectric materials and 2) structural studies of amorphous and nanocrystalline materials for electronic applications.

Vice Chair: Marc Janoschek

Staff Scientist,
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Research interests: Understanding and discovery of emergent behavior in strongly correlated quantum materials.

Kate Ross

Past Chair: Kate Ross

Assistant Professor of Physics,
Colorado State University
Term expires December 2018

Research interests: Crystal growth and neutron scattering studies of frustrated and quantum magnets, including studies of anisotropic magnetic correlations, excitations in quantum spin liquids, and other phenomena in frustrated magnets.

Adam Aczel

Secretary Staff Scientist,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
High Flux Isotope Reactor

Research interests: Neutron scattering and muon spin relaxation studies of quantum materials, with a current emphasis on frustrated magnetism, skyrmions, and heavy transition metal magnets

Allyson Fry Allyson Fry

Assistant Professor
California State University - Fullerton

Research interests: Solid state inorganic chemistry, focused on the rational design of new materials through the use of data mining, synthesis, structural characterization and spectroscopy.

Sudipta Gupta Sudipta Gupta

Post. Doc. Fellow,
Department of Chemistry
Louisiana State University
Term expires December 2019

Research interests: constrained structure and dynamics in soft matter, including complex fluids like synthetic polymers, biological macromolecules, colloids, glasses and polymer nano-composites.

Sara Haravifard Sara Haravifard

William M. Fairbank Assistant Professor of Physics,
Duke University
Term expires December 2018

Research interests: Exploring novel collective phenomena in quantum magnets and superconductors by means of neutron and x-ray scattering techniques; Investigating quantum critical phenomena at extreme environmental conditions of ultra-low temperature, high magnetic field, and high pressure; Materials by Design: synthesis, single crystal growth and characterization of correlated electron systems, quantum magnets and high-temperature superconductors.

Eugene Mamontov

Instrument Scientist,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Spallation Neutron Source

Research interests: Microscopic dynamics in broadly defined soft matter, from simple and complex fluids to cells and organisms.

Dvora Perahia Dvora Perahia

Professor of Chemistry and Physics,
Clemson University

Research interests: Complex fluids and polymers, elastic and quasi-elastic neutron scattering and large-scale MD simulations

Gerald Schneider Gerald Schneider

Associate Professor of Chemistry,
Louisiana State University
Term expires December 2018

Research interests: Polymers, Membranes, Classical Nanocomposites, Functional Materials, Neutron Instrumentation, Neutron Spin Echo

Stephen Wilson

Stephen Wilson

Associate Professor,
University of California, Santa Barbara
Term expires December 2019

Research interests: hard-condensed matter physics and focuses on the discovery and understanding of emergent states and phase behaviors in an array of quantum materials.