Vibrational Spectrometer (VISION)

Publications from Research Conducted at VISION

The following 79 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2019 14 Publications

Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Kolesnikov A.I., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., "Simulation of inelastic neutron scattering spectra using OCLIMAX", Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 15, 3, 1974-1982 (2019).
Dudney N.J., Hagaman E.W., Veith G.M., Gill L.W., Sacci R.L., "Lithiated and Passivated Lithium Ion Battery Anodes", (2019).
Gandara-Loe J., Missyul A., Fauth F., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Ravikovitch P.I., Silvestre-Albero J., "New insights into the breathing phenomenon in ZIF-4", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 7, 14552-14558 (2019).
Gong K., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., White C.E., "In situ quasi-elastic neutron scattering study on the water dynamics and reaction mechanisms in alkali-activated slags", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21, 10277 (2019).
Haberl B., Molaison J.J., Neuefeind J., Daemen L.L., Boehler R., "Modified Bridgman anvils for high pressure synthesis and neutron scattering", High Pressure Research, 39, 426-437 (2019).
Harrelson T.F., Dantanarayana V., Xie X., Koshnick C., Nai D., Fair R., Nunez S.A., Thomas A.K., Murrey T.L., Hickner M.A., Grey J.K., Anthony J.E., Gomez E.D., Troisi A., Faller R., Moule A.J., "Direct probe of the nuclear modes limiting charge mobility in molecular semiconductors", Materials Horizons, 6, 1, 182-191 (2019).
Li L., da Silva I., Kolokolov D.I., Han X.D., Li J., Smith G., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Morris C.G., Godfrey H.G., Jacques N.M., Zhang X., Manuel P., Frogley M.D., Murray C.A., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Cinque G., Tang C.C., Stepanov A.G., Yang S., Schroder M, "Post-synthetic modulation of the charge distribution in a metal–organic framework for optimal binding of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide", Chemical Science, 10, 5, 1472-1482 (2019).
Liu X., Chen Y., Hood Z.D., Ma C., Yu S., Sharafi A., Wang H., An K., Sakamoto J., Siegel D.J., Cheng Y.Q., Jalarvo N., Chi M., "Elucidating the mobility of H+ and Li+ ions in (Li6.25xHxAl0.25)La3Zr2O12 via correlative neutron and electron spectroscopy", Energy & Environmental Science, 12, 3, 945-951 (2019).
Osti N.C., Mamontov E., Daemen L.L., Browning J., Keum J.K., Ho H.C., Chen J., Hong K., Diallo S.O., "Side chain dynamics in semiconducting polymer MEH-PPV", Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 136, 14, 47394 (2019).
Polo-Garzon F., Fung V., Nguyen L., Tang Y., Tao F., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Foo G.S., Zhu M., Wachs I.E., Jiang D., Wu Z., "Elucidation of the Reaction Mechanism for High-Temperature Water Gas Shift over an Industrial-Type Copper–Chromium–Iron Oxide Catalyst", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141, 7990-7999 (2019).
Ramic K., Wendorff C.R., Cheng Y.Q., Kolesnikov A.I., Abernathy D.L., Daemon L., Arbanas G., Leal L., Danon Y., Liu L., "Toward a better thermal scattering law of (C5O2H8)n: Inelastic neutron scattering and oClimax + NJOY2016", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 133, 425-430 (2019).
Sato T., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Ikeda K., Aoki T., Otomo T., Orimo S.I., "Hydrogen release reaction of complex transition metal hydride with covalently bound hydrogen and hydride ions", ChemPhysChem, 20, 1392-1397 (2019).
Stavretis S.E., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Brown C.M., Moseley D.H., Bill E., Atanasov M., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Neese F., Xue Z., "Probing Magnetic Excitations in a Co(II) Single‐Molecule Magnet by Inelastic Neutron Scattering", European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, 8, 1119-1127 (2019).
Xue Z., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Brown C.M., Calder S., Cao H.B., Chakoumakos B.C., Daemen L.L., Huq A., Kolesnikov A.I., Mamontov E., Podlesnyak A.A., Wang X.P., "Neutron Instruments for Research in Coordination Chemistry", European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, 8, 1065-1089 (2019).

2018 26 Publications

Berg M.C., Benetti A.R., Telling M.T., Seydel T., Yu D., Daemen L.L., Bordallo H.N., "Nanoscale Mobility of Aqueous Polyacrylic Acid in Dental Restorative Cements", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10, 12, 9904–9915 (2018).
Cai L., Shi Y., Hrdina K., Moore L., Wu J., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., "Low-temperature vibrational dynamics of fused silica and binary silicate glasses", Physical Review B, 97, 054311 (2018).
Chi M., Liu X., Hachtel J., Jalarvo N., Cheng Y.Q., Sakamoto J., "Elucidating Ion Transport in Lithium-Ion Conductors by Combining Vibrational Spectroscopy in STEM and Neutron Scattering", Proceedings of Microscopy & Microanalysis 2018, 1496, (2018).
Ding J., Balachandran J., Sang X., Guo W.T., Anchell J.S., Veith G.M., Bridges C.A., Cheng Y.Q., Rouleau C.M., Poplawsky J., Bassiri-Gharb N., Unocic R.R., Ganesh P., "The Influence of Local Distortions on Proton Mobility in Acceptor Doped Perovskites", Chemistry of Materials, 30, 15, 4919-4925 (2018).
Dolyniuk J.A., Wang J., Marple M.A., Sen S., Cheng Y.Q., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Kovnir K., "Chemical Bonding and Transport Properties in Clathrates-I with Cu–Zn–P Frameworks", Chemistry of Materials, 30, 10, 3419–3428 (2018).
Dong L., Shao Y., Han X.D., Liu X., Xia Q., Parker S.F., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Wang Y., Yang S., "Comparison of two multifunctional catalysts [M/Nb<inf>2</inf>O<inf>5</inf> (M = Pd, Pt)] for one-pot hydrodeoxygenation of lignin", Catalysis Science & Technology, 8, 23, 6129-6136 (2018).
Duong T.D., Sapchenko S.A., da Silva I., Godfrey H.G., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Manuel P., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Yang S., Schroder M., "Optimal Binding of Acetylene to a Nitro-Decorated Metal-Organic Framework", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140, 47, 16006–16009 (2018).
Gillis R.C., Bailey T., Gallmeier F.X., Hartl M., Iverson E.B., "Raman Spectroscopy as an ortho-para diagnostic of liquid hydrogen moderators", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1021, 012062 (2018).
Gillis R.C., Cheng Y.Q., Gallmeier F.X., Hartl M., Huegle T., Iverson E.B., "A sample holder for simultaneous Raman and neutron vibrational spectroscopy ", Review of Scientific Instruments, 89, 1, 013112 (2018).
Han X.D., Godfrey H.G., Briggs L., Davies A.J., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Sheveleva A.M., Tuna F., McInnes E.J., Sun J., Drathen C., George M.W., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Thomas K.M., Yang S., Schroder M., "Reversible adsorption of nitrogen dioxide within a robust porous metal–organic framework", Nature Materials, 17, 691-696 (2018).
McFarlane J., Hale R., DiStefano V.H., Anovitz L.M., Bilheux H.Z., Cheshire M.C., Daemen L.L., Howard R.L., Perfect E., Hussey D.S., Jacobson D.L., LaManna J.M., "Water Migration in Engineered Barrier Materials for Radioactive Waste Disposal", Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, Vol 118, (2018).
Pandey A., Sedova A., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., "Exposing Key Vibrational Contributions to Properties of Organic Molecular Solids with High Signal, Low Frequency Neutron Spectroscopy and Ab Initio Simulations", Crystal Growth and Design, 18, 9, 4815-4821 (2018).
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Pili S., Rought P., Kolokolov D.I., Lin L., da Silva I., Cheng Y.Q., Marsh C., Silverwood I.P., Garcia-Sakai V., Li M., Titman J.J., Knight L., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Tang C.C., Stepanov A.G., Yang S., Schroder M., "Enhancement of proton conductivity in non-porous metal-organic frameworks: the role of framework proton density and humidity", Chemistry of Materials, 30, 21, 7593–7602 (2018).
Ramic K., "From experiments to DFT simulations : comprehensive overview of thermal scattering for neutron moderator materials", Ph.D. Dissertation, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2018).
Ramic K., Wendorff C.R., Cheng Y.Q., Kolesnikov A.I., Abernathy D.L., Daemen L.L., Arbanas G., Leal L., Danon Y., Liu L., "Thermal scattering law of (C2H4)n : Integrating experimental data with DFT calculations", Annals of Nuclear Energy, 120, 778-787 (2018).
Ramic K., Wendorff C.R., Feng J., Danon Y., Liu L., "Towards a Better Thermal Neutron Scattering Law Generation: oClimax + NJOY2016", Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, (2018).
Sato T., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Orimo S.I., "Evidence of Intermediate Hydrogen States in the Formation of a Complex Hydride", Inorganic Chemistry, 57, 2, 867–872 (2018).
Sharma A., "Applications of Nanoporous Materials in Gas Separation and Storage", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Nevada Las Vegas (2018).
Stavretis S.E., "Probing Magnetic and Vibrational Properties of Molecular Compounds by Neutron Scattering", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2018).
Stavretis S.E., Mamontov E., Moseley D.H., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Xue Z., "Effect of magnetic fields on the methyl rotation in a paramagnetic cobalt(II) complex. Quasielastic neutron scattering studies", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, (2018).
Strobel T.A., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Daemen L.L., Bhadram V.S., Jenkins T., Brown C.M., Cheng Y.Q., "Quantum Dynamics of H2 Trapped within Organic Clathrate Cages", Physical Review Letters, 120, 12, 120402 (2018).
Tan S., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Lutterman D.A., "Design of a facility for the in situ measurement of catalytic reaction by neutron scattering spectroscopy", Review of Scientific Instruments, 89, 1, 014101 (2018).
Wang J., Dolyniuk J.A., Kovnir K., "Unconventional Clathrates with Transition Metal–Phosphorus Frameworks", Accounts of Chemical Research, 5f, 1, 31–39 (2018).
Wu H., Li L., Tsuboi M., Cheng Y.Q., Wang W., Mamontov E., Uchida S., Wang Z., Yin P., "Spatial-Temporal Characteristics of Confined Polymer Motion Determine Proton Conduction of Polyoxometalate-Poly(ethylene glycol) Hybrid Nanocomposites", Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9, 19, 5772–5777 (2018).

2017 19 Publications

Bahadur J., Contescu C.I., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Mamontov E., Gallego N., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Melnichenko Y.B., "Properties of immobile hydrogen confined in microporous carbon", Carbon, 117, 383-392 (2017).
Brady M.P., Ievlev A.V., Fayek M., Leonard D.N., Frith M.G., Meyer H., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Guo W.T., Poplawsky J., Ovchinnikova O.S., Thomson J., Anovitz L.M., Rother G., Shin D., Song G.L., Davis B., "Rapid Diffusion and Nanosegregation of Hydrogen in Magnesium Alloys from Exposure to Water", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 43, 38125–38134 (2017).
Casco M.E., Fernandez-Catala J., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Cuadrado-Collados C., Silvestre-Albero J., Ramos-Fernandez E.V., "Understanding ZIF-8 Performance upon Gas Adsorption by Means of Inelastic Neutron Scattering", Chemistry Select, 2, 9, 2750–2753 (2017).
Cheng Y.Q., Balachandran J., Bi Z., Bridges C.A., Paranthaman M.P., Daemen L.L., Ganesh P., Jalarvo N., "The influence of the local structure on proton transport in a solid oxide proton conductor La0.8Ba1.2GaO3.9", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 15507–15511 (2017).
Cuadrado-Collados C., Fernandez-Catala J., Fauth F., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Silvestre-Albero J., "Understanding the breathing phenomena in nano-ZIF-7 upon gas adsorption", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 39, 20938-20946 Go (2017).
Haberl B., Dissanayake S., Ye F., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Li C.W., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Matsuda M., Molaison J.J., Boehler R., "Wide-angle diamond cell for neutron scattering", High Pressure Research, 37, 4, 495-506 (2017).
Harrelson T.F., Cheng Y.Q., Li J., Jacobs I.E., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Faller R., Moule A.J., "Identifying Atomic Scale Structure in Undoped/Doped Semicrystalline P3HT Using Inelastic Neutron Scattering", Macromolecules, 50, 6, 2424-2435 (2017).
Li Y., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Veith G.M., Levine A.M., Lee R.J., Mahurin S.M., Dai S., Naskar A.K., Paranthaman M.P., "Neutron vibrational spectroscopic studies of novel tire-derived carbon materials", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 33, 22256-22262 (2017).
Mozur E.M., Maughan A.E., Cheng Y.Q., Huq A., Jalarvo N., Daemen L.L., Neilson J.R., "Orientational Glass Formation in Substituted Hybrid Perovskites", Chemistry of Materials, 29, 23, 10168–10177 (2017).
Osti N.C., Naguib M., Ganeshan K., Shin Y.K., Ostadhossein A., van Duin A.C., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Gogotsi Y., Mamontov E., Kolesnikov A.I., "Influence of metal ions intercalation on the vibrational dynamics of water confined between MXene layers", Physical Review Materials , 1, 6, 065406 (2017).
Patterson M.C., DiTusa M.F., McFerrin C.A., Kurtz R.J., Hall R.W., Poliakoff E.D., Sprunger P.T., "Formation of environmentally persistent free radicals (EPFRs) on ZnO at room temperature: Implications for the fundamental model of EPFR generation", Chemical Physics Letters, 670, 5–10 (2017).
Perticaroli S., Mostofian B., Ehlers G., Neuefeind J., Diallo S.O., Stanley C.B., Daemen L.L., Egami T., Katsaras J., Cheng X., Nickels J.D., "Structural Relaxation, Viscosity, and Network Connectivity in a Hydrogen Bonding Liquid", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 38, 25859-25869 (2017).
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Shao Y., Xia Q., Dong L., Liu X., Han X.D., Parker S.F., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Yang S., Wang Y., "Selective production of arenes via direct lignin upgrading over a niobium-based catalyst", Nature Communications, 8, 16104 (2017).
Sharma A., Lawler K.V., Wolffis J.J., Eckdahl C.T., McDonald C.S., Rowsell J.L., Fitzgerald S.A., Forster P.M., "Hydrogen uptake on coordinatively unsaturated metal sites in VSB-5 revisited: Strong binding affinity leading to high temperature D2/H2 selectivity", Langmuir, 33, 51, 14586–14591 (2017).
Tan S., Gray M.B., Kidder M.K., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Lee D., Lee H.N., Ma Y., Doughty B., Lutterman D.A., "Insight into the Selectivity of Isopropanol Conversion at Strontium Titanate (100) Surfaces: A Combination Kinetic and Spectroscopic Study", ACS Catalysis, 7, 12, 8118–8129 (2017).
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Wu Z., Cheng Y.Q., Tao F., Daemen L.L., Foo G.S., Nguyen L., Zhang X., Beste A., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., "Direct neutron spectroscopy observation of cerium hydride species on a cerium oxide catalyst", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139, 28, 9721–9727 (2017).

2016 11 Publications

Bandosz T.J., Seredych M., Rodriguez-Castellon E., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., "Evidence for CO2 reactive adsorption on nanoporous S- and N- doped carbon at ambient conditions", Carbon, 96, 856–863 (2016).
Bousige C., Ghimbeu C.M., Vix-Guterl C., Pomerantz A.E., Suleimenova A., Vaughan G., Garbarino G., Feygenson M., Wildgruber C., Ulm F.J., Pellenq R.J., Coasne B., "Realistic molecular model of kerogen’s nanostructure", Nature Materials, 15, 576-582 (2016).
Casco M.E., Cheng Y.Q., Daemen L.L., Fairen-Jimenez D., Ramos-Fernandez E.V., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Silvestre-Albero J., "Gate-opening effect in ZIF-8: First experimental proof using inelastic neutron scattering", Chemical Communications, 2, 3639-3642 (2016).
Dyatkin B., Zhang Y., Mamontov E., Kolesnikov A.I., Cheng Y.Q., Meyer H., Cummings P.T., Gogotsi Y., " Influence of Surface Oxidation on Ion Dynamics and Capacitance in Porous and Non-Porous Carbon Electrodes", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120, 16, 8730–8741 (2016).
Hartl M., Gillis R.C., Daemen L.L., Olds D., Page K., Carlson S., Cheng Y.Q., Huegle T., Iverson E.B., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Lee Y., Muhrer G., "Hydrogen adsorption on two catalysts for the ortho- to parahydrogen conversion: Cr-doped silica and ferric oxide gel", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18, 26, 17281-17293 (2016).
Jafari A., "Sapphhire Ultraoptics for Sub-meV 121Sb and 125Te Phonon Spectroscopy", Ph.D. Dissertation, Université de Liège (2016).
Sato T., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y.Q., Tomiyasu K., Takagi S., Orimo S.I., "Hydrogen release reactions of Al-based complex hydrides enhanced by vibrational dynamics and valences of metal cations", Chemical Communications, 52, 11807-11810 (2016).
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2015 7 Publications

Chen H., Zhang Q., Guo X., Wen X., Li J., Zhuang W., Zheng J., "Nonresonant energy transfers independent on the phonon densities in polyatomic liquids", Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 119, 4, 669-680 (2015).
Crain C.A., Strange N.A., Larese J.Z., "Inelastic Neutron Scattering Studies of Natural Silkworm Proteins", MRS Proceedings, 1793, 41-46 (2015).
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2014 1 Publications

Jalarvo N., Gourdon O.A., Ehlers G., Tyagi M., Kumar S.K., Dobbs K.D., Smalley R.J., Guise W.E., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Wildgruber C., Crawford M.K., "Structure and dynamics of octamethyl-POSS nanoparticles", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118, 10, 5579-5592 (2014).

2009 1 Publications

Seeger P.A., Daemen L.L., Larese J.Z., "Resolution of VISION, a crystal-analyzer spectrometer", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 604, 719-728 (2009).