Publications from Research Conducted at VULCAN

The following publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2018 12 Publications

Dessieux L., Stoica A.D., Bingham P., Single crystal to polycrystal neutron transmission simulation Review of Scientific Instruments, 89, 2, 025103 (2018).
Du Z., Zhao H., Li S., Zhang Y., Chang X., Xia Q., Chen N., Gu L., Swierczek K., Li Y., Yang T., An K., Exceptionally High Performance Anode Material Based on Lattice Structure Decorated Double Perovskite Sr2FeMo2/3Mg1/3O6−δ for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Advanced Energy Materials, (2018).
Herringer S., Ryzewski K., Bilheux H.Z., Bilheux J., Sheldon B., Evaluation of segregation in Roman sestertius coins Journal of Materials Science, 53, 3, 2161-2170 (2018).
Huang S., An K., Gao Y., Suzuki A., Determination of γ/γ′ Lattice Misfit in Ni-Based Single-Crystal Superalloys at High Temperatures by Neutron Diffraction Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 49, 3, 740–751 (2018).
Kaup K., Lalere F., Huq A., Shyamsunder A., Adermann T., Hartmann P., Nazar L.F., Correlation of structure and fast ion conductivity in the solid solution series Li1+2xZn1-xPS4 Chemistry of Materials, 30, 3, 592–596 (2018).
Liu H., Liu H., Seymour I.D., Chernova N.A., Wiaderek K.M., Trease N.M., Hy S., Chen Y., An K., Zhang M., Borkiewicz O.J., Lapidus S., Qiu B., Xia Y., Liu Z., Chupas P.J., Chapman K.W., Whittingham M.S., Grey C.P., Meng Y.S., Identifying the chemical and structural irreversibility in LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 – a model compound for classical layered intercalation Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6, 9, 4189-4198 (2018).
Voothaluru R., Bedekar V., Xie Q., Stoica A.D., Hyde R.S., An K., In-situ neutron diffraction and crystal plasticity finite element modeling to study the kinematic stability of retained austenite in bearing steels Materials Science and Engineering A, 711, 579–587 (2018).
Xie Q., Song G., Gorti S.B., Stoica A.D., Radhakrishnan B., Bilheux J., Kirka M.M., Dehoff R.R., Bilheux H.Z., An K., Applying neutron transmission physics and 3D statistical full-field model to understand 2D Bragg-edge imaging Journal of Applied Physics, 123, 7, 074901 (2018).
Xing R., Yu D., Xie G., Yang Z., Wang X., Chen X., Effect of thermal aging on mechanical properties of a bainitic forging steel for reactor pressure vessel Materials Science and Engineering A, (2018).
Yang T., Mattick V., Chen Y., An K., Ma D., Huang K., Crystal Structure and Transport Properties of Oxygen-Deficient Perovskite Sr0.9Y0.1CoO3-# ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1, 2, 822–832 (2018).

2017 41 Publications

An K., Yuan L., Dial L., Spinelli I., Stoica A.D., Gao Y.F., Neutron residual stress measurement and numerical modeling in a curved thin-walled structure by laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing Materials & Design, 135, 122-132 (2017).
Bedekar V., Voothaluru R., Xie Q., Stoica A.D., Hyde R.S., An K., In-situ Neutron Diffraction Analysis of Crystal Plasticity of Retained Austenite in Bearing Steel Proceedia Engineering, 207, 1958-1963 (2017).
Benafan O., Garg A., Noebe R.D., Skorpenske H.D., An K., Schell N., Deformation characteristics of the intermetallic alloy 60NiTi Intermetallics, 82, 40-52 (2017).
Brugger A., On the Boundary Conditions and Internal Mechanics of Parallel Wire Strands Ph.D. Dissertation, Columbia University (2017).
Brugger A., Lee S.Y., Mills J.A., Betti R., Noyan I.C., Partitioning of Clamping Strains in a Nineteen Parallel Wire Strand Experimental Mechanics, 57, 6, 921–937 (2017).
Brugger A., Lee S.Y., Noya I.C., Betti R., Designing and Validating Parallel Wire Suspension Bridge Wire Strands for Neutron Diffraction Stress Mapping Materials Science Forum, 905, 123-130 (2017).
Chen B., Mechanical Behavior of Pipeline Steels and an Al0.1CoCrFeNi High-Entropy Alloy Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2017).
Chen Y., Cheng Y.Q., Li J.C., Feygenson M., Heller W.T., Liang C., An K., Lattice-Cell Orientation Disorder in Complex Spinel Oxides Advanced Energy Materials, 7, 4, 1601950 (2017).
Chen Y., Yu D., An K., Stress-induced charge-ordering process in LiMn2O4 Materials Research Letters, 5, 2, 89-94 (2017).
Coakley J., Lass E.A., Ma D., Frost M., Seidman D.N., Dunand D.C., Stone H.J., Rafting and elastoplastic deformation of superalloys studied by neutron diffraction Scripta Materialia, 134, 110-114 (2017).
Coakley J., Lass E.A., Ma D., Frost M., Stone H.J., Seidman D.N., Dunand D.C., Lattice parameter misfit evolution during creep of a cobalt-based superalloy single crystal with cuboidal and rafted gamma-prime microstructures Acta Materialia, 136, 118-125 (2017).
Coakley J., Ma D., Frost M., Dye D., Seidman D.N., Dunand D.C., Stone H.J., Lattice strain evolution and load partitioning during creep of a Ni-based superalloy single crystal with rafted γ′ microstructure Acta Materialia, 135, 77-87 (2017).
Huang H.L., Wu Y., He J.Y., Wang H., Liu X.J., An K., Wu W., Lu Z.P., Phase-Transformation Ductilization of Brittle High-Entropy Alloys via Metastability Engineering Advanced Materials, 29, 30, 1701678 (2017).
Huang J., Liu H., Zhou N., An K., Meng Y.S., Luo J., Enhancing the Ion Transport in LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 by Altering the Particle Wulff Shape via Anisotropic Surface Segregation ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 42, 36745–36754 (2017).
Jin K., Mu S., An K., Porter W.D., Samolyuk G.D., Stocks G.M., Bei H., Thermophysical properties of Ni-containing single-phase concentrated solid solution alloys Materials & Design, 117, 185-192 (2017).
Kim D.K., Hwang J.H., Kim E.Y., Heo Y.U., Woo W.C., Choi S.H., Evaluation of the stress-strain relationship of constituent phases in AlSi10Mg alloy produced by selective laser melting using crystal plasticity FEM Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 714, 687-697 (2017).
Lin J.l., An K., Stoica A.D., Heuser B.J., Effect of external stress on deuteride (hydride) precipitation in Zircaloy-4 using in situ neutron diffraction Journal of Nuclear Materials, 487, 396-405 (2017).
Liu H., Liu H., Lapidus S., Meng Y.S., Chupas P.J., Chapman K.W., Sensitivity and Limitations of Structures from X-ray and Neutron-Based Diffraction Analyses of Transition Metal Oxide Lithium-Battery Electrodes Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 164, 9, A1802-A1811 (2017).
Liu T.K., Wu Z., Stoica A.D., Xie Q., Wu W., Gao Y.F., Bei H., An K., Twinning-mediated work hardening and texture evolution in CrCoFeMnNi high entropy alloys at cryogenic temperature Materials & Design, 131, 419–427 (2017).
Ma D., Stoica A.D., Wang Z., Beese A.M., Crystallographic texture in an additively manufactured nickel-base superalloy Materials Science and Engineering A, 684, 47-53 (2017).
Ma X., An K., Bai J., Chen H., NaAlTi3O8, A Novel Anode Material for Sodium Ion Battery Scientific Reports, 7, 162 (2017).
Nicholson D.E., Multi-axial Thermomechanical Characterization of Shape Memory Alloys for Improved Stability Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Central Florida (2017).
Nicholson D.E., Padula II S.A., Benafan O., Vaidyanathan R., Texture evolution during isothermal, isostrain, and isobaric loading of polycrystalline shape memory NiTi Applied Physics Letters, 110, 25, 251903 (2017).
Polsky Y., An K., Dessieux L., Neutron Diffraction Measurement of Pore PressureInfluence on Lattice Strains in Geological Materials 51st US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium, ARMA 17-991, (2017).
Qiu B., Zhang M., Xia Y., Liu Z., Meng Y.S., Understanding and Controlling Anionic Electrochemical Activity in High-Capacity Oxides for Next Generation Li-Ion Batteries Chemistry of Materials, 29, 3, 908-915 (2017).
Ren F., Schmidt R., Case E.D., An K., In Situ Neutron Scattering Study of Nanostructured PbTe-PbS Bulk Thermoelectric Material Journal of Electronic Materials, 46, 5, 2604–2610 (2017).
Sims Z.C., Rios O., Weiss D.T., Turchi P.E., Perron A., Lee J.R., Li T.T., Hammons J.A., Bagge-Hansen M., Willey T.M., An K., Chen Y., King A.H., McCall S.K., High performance aluminum–cerium alloys for high-temperature applications Materials Horizons, 4, 6, 1070-1078 (2017).
Song G., Lee C., Hong S., Kim K.B., Chen S., Ma D., An K., Liaw P.K., Martensitic transformation in a B2-containing CuZr-based BMG composite revealed by in situ neutron diffraction Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 723, 714–721 (2017).
Song G., Lin J.Y., Bilheux J., Xie Q., Santodonato L., Molaison J.J., Skorpenske H.D., dos Santos A.M., Tulk C.A., An K., Stoica A.D., Kirka M.M., Dehoff R.R., Tremsin A.S., Bunn J., Sochalski-Kolbus L.M., Bilheux H.Z., Characterization of Crystallographic Structures Using Bragg-Edge Neutron Imaging at the Spallation Neutron Source Journal of Imaging, 3, 4, 65 (2017).
Vadlamani B.S., Neutron Diffraction Study of Performance of Microcolumnar Si Electrodes For Li-ion Batteries Using In-situ Electrochemical Cell Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Utah (2017).
Wang D., Mu J., Chen Y., Qi Y., Wu W., Wang Y., Xu H., Zhang H., An K., A study of stress-induced phase transformation and micromechanical behavior of CuZr-based alloy by in-situ neutron diffraction Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 696, 1096–1104 (2017).
Wang H., Capolungo L., Clausen B., Tome C.N., A crystal plasticity model based on transition state theory International Journal of Plasticity, 93, 251–268 (2017).
Wang Z., Denlinger E., Michaleris P., Stoica A.D., Ma D., Beese A.M., Residual stress mapping in Inconel 625 fabricated through additive manufacturing: Method for neutron diffraction measurements to validate thermomechanical model predictions Materials & Design, 113, 169–177 (2017).
Wang Z., Stoica A.D., Ma D., Beese A.M., Stress relaxation behavior and mechanisms in Ti-6Al-4V determined via in situ neutron diffraction: Application to additive manufacturing Materials Science and Engineering A, 707, 585-592 (2017).
Wu Y., Ma D., Li Q.K., Stoica A.D., Song W.L., Wang H., Liu X.J., Stoica G.M., Wang G.Y., An K., Wang X.L., Li M., Lu Z.P., Transformation-induced plasticity in bulk metallic glass composites evidenced by in-situ neutron diffraction Acta Materialia, 124, 478-488 (2017).
Xie Q., Liang J., Stoica A.D., Li R., Yang P., Zhao Z., Wang J., Lan H., An K., Li R., In-situ neutron diffraction study on the tension-compression fatigue behavior of a twinning induced plasticity steel Scripta Materialia, 137, 83-87 (2017).
Yang H., Yu D., Chen Y., Mu J., Wang Y.D., An K., In-situ TOF neutron diffraction studies of cyclic softening in superelasticity of a NiFeGaCo shape memory alloy Materials Science and Engineering A, 680, 324-328 (2017).
Yang T., Wang J., Chen Y., An K., Ma D., Vogt T., Huang K., A Combined Variable Temperature Neutron Diffraction and Thermogravimetric Analysis Study on a Promising Oxygen Electrode SrCo0.9Nb0.1O3-δ for Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 40, 34855–34864 (2017).
Zhang X., Chen Z., Schwarz B., Sigel F., Ehrenberg H., An K., Zhang Z., Zhang Q., Li Y., Li J., Kinetic characteristics up to 4.8 V of layered LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode materials for high voltage lithium-ion batteries Electrochimica Acta, 227, 152-161 (2017).

2016 36 Publications

Bilheux H.Z., Song G., An K., Bilheux J., Stoica A.D., Kirka M.M., Dehoff R.R., Santodonato L., Gorti S.B., Radhakrishnan B., Xie Q., Neutron Characterization of Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Advanced Materials & Processes, 174, 8, 16-20 (2016).
Cakmak E., Kirka M.M., Watkins T.R., Cooper R.G., An K., Choo H., Wu W., Dehoff R.R., Babu S.S., Microstructural and micromechanical characterization of IN718 theta shaped specimens built with electron beam melting Acta Materialia, 108, 161–175 (2016).
Calhoun C., Thermomechanical Response of Polycrystalline alpha-Uranium Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Virginia (2016).
Chevali V., Summers P., Cholewa N., Khatibi A.A., Feih S., Lattimer B., Case S., Mouritz A., Fire structural modelling and testing of welded aluminium plate Fire and Materials, 40, 1, 48–64 (2016).
Gao P., Mg2(Si,Sn)-based thermoelectric materials and devices Ph.D. Dissertation, Michigan State University (2016).
He J.Y., Alloying effects on structure and mechanical properties of FeCoNiCr-based High Entropy Alloys Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Science and Technology Beijing (2016).
He J.Y., Wang H., Huang H.L., Xu X.D., Chen M., Wu Y., Liu X.J., Nieh T.G., An K., Lu Z.P., A precipitation-hardened high-entropy alloy with outstanding tensile properties Acta Materialia, 102, 187-196 (2016).
Herringer S., Archaeometallurgical Investigations of Copper Alloys Artifacts and Copper Smelting: Studies Utilizing Neutron Methods and Thermodynamic Modeling Ph.D. Dissertation, Brown University (2016).
Jorgensen S.W., Johnson T.A., Payzant E.A., Bilheux H.Z., Anisotropic storage medium development in a full-scale, sodium alanate-based, hydrogen storage system International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41, 31, 13557–13574 (2016).
Kim D.K., Woo W.C., Hwang J.H., An K., Choi S.H., Stress partitioning behavior of an AlSi10Mg alloy produced by selective laser melting during tensile deformation using in situ neutron diffraction Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 685, 281-286 (2016).
Liu H., Chen Y., Hy S., An K., Venkatachalam S., Qian D., Zhang M., Meng Y.S., Operando Lithium Dynamics in the Li-Rich Layered Oxide Cathode Material via Neutron Diffraction Advanced Energy Materials, 6, 7, 1502143 (2016).
Liu Q., Coakley J., Seidman D.N., Dunand D.C., Precipitate Evolution and Creep Behavior of a W-Free Co-based Superalloy Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 47, 12, 6090–6096 (2016).
Mauro N.A., Vogt A.J., Derendorf K.S., Johnson M.L., Rustan G.E., Quirinale D.G., Kreyssig A., Lokshin K.A., Neuefeind J., An K., Wang X.L., Goldman A.I., Egami T., Kelton K.F., Electrostatic levitation facility optimized for neutron diffraction studies of high temperature liquids at a spallation neutron source Review of Scientific Instruments, 87, 1, 013904 (2016).
Nicholson D.E., Bass M.A., Mabe J.H., Benafan O., Padula S.A., Vaidyanathan R., Heating and Loading Paths to Optimize the Performance of Trained Shape Memory Alloy Torsional Actuators ASME 2016 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, (2016).
Pramanick A., Stoica A.D., An K., High-resolution 2-D Bragg diffraction reveal heterogeneous domain transformation behavior in a bulk relaxor ferroelectric Applied Physics Letters, 109, 9, 092907 (2016).
Qiu B., Zhang M., Wu L., Wang J., Xia Y., Qian D., Liu H., Hy S., Chen Y., An K., Zhu Y., Liu Z., Meng Y.S., Gas-solid interfacial modification of oxygen activity in layered oxide cathodes for lithium-ion batteries Nature Communications, 7, 12108 (2016).
Radecka A., Coakley J., Jones I.P., Rugg D., Lindley T., Dye D., Ordering and the micromechanics of Ti–7Al Materials Science and Engineering A, 650, 28-37 (2016).
Ren F., Schmidt R., Keum J.K., Qian B., Case E.D., Littrell K.C., An K., In situ neutron scattering study of nanoscale phase evolution in PbTe-PbS thermoelectric material Applied Physics Letters, 109, 8, 081903 (2016).
Steiner M.A., Calhoun C., Klein R.W., An K., Garlea E., Agnew S.R., α-Phase transformation kinetics of U – 8 wt% Mo established by in situ neutron diffraction Journal of Nuclear Materials, 477, 149-156 (2016).
Usher T.M., Local and Average Structures in Ferroelectrics under Perturbing Fields Ph.D. Dissertation, North Carolina State University (2016).
Wang C.L., Crow L., Funk L.L., Hannan B.W., Hodges J.P., Riedel R.A., Optimizing ZnS/6LiF scintillators for wavelength-shifting-fiber neutron detectors 2015 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), (2016).
Wang H., Chen Y., Hood Z.D., Sahu G., Pandian A.S., Keum J.K., An K., Liang C., An Air-Stable Na3SbS4 Superionic Conductor Prepared by a Rapid and Economic Synthetic Procedure Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 55, 30, 8551–8555 (2016).
Wang Z., Stoica A.D., Ma D., Beese A.M., Diffraction and single-crystal elastic constants of Inconel 625 at room and elevated temperatures determined by neutron diffraction Materials Science and Engineering A, 674, 406-412 (2016).
Wu W., An K., Understanding Low-cycle Fatigue Life Improvement Mechanisms in a Pre-twinned Magnesium Alloy Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 656, 539-550 (2016).
Wu W., Chuang C.P., Qiao D., Ren Y., An K., Investigation of deformation twinning under complex stress states in a rolled magnesium alloy Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 683, 619–633 (2016).
Wu W., Gao Y.F., Li N., Parish C.M., Liu W., Liaw P.K., An K., Intragranular twinning, detwinning, and twinning-like lattice reorientation in magnesium alloys Acta Materialia, 121, 15–23 (2016).
Yang H., In-situ Neutron Diffraction Studies on Phase Transformation and Functional Behaviors of Ni(Mn)-Fe-Ga Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys Ph.D. Dissertation, Northeastern University China (2016).
Yang H., Chen Y., Bei H., dela Cruz C., Wang Y.D., An K., Annealing effects on the structural and magnetic properties of off-stoichiometric Fe-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloys Materials & Design, 104, 327–332 (2016).
Yang H., Wang Y.D., An K., Thermal annealing effects on structural and magnetic properties of Fe46Mn26Ga28 ferromagnetic shape memory alloys Chapter Advances in Computer Science Research Atlantis Press (2016).
Yu D., An K., Chen X., Bei H., Phase-specific deformation behavior of a NiAl-Cr(Mo) lamellar composite under thermal and mechanical loads Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 656, 481-490 (2016).
Zhou H., An K., Allu S., Pannala S., Li J., Bilheux H.Z., Martha S.K., Nanda J., Probing Multiscale Transport and Inhomogeneity in a Lithium-Ion Pouch Cell Using In Situ Neutron Methods ACS Energy Letters, 1, 981–986 (2016).

2015 16 Publications

Babu S.S., Love L.J., Dehoff R.R., Peter W.H., Watkins T.R., Pannala S., Additive manufacturing of materials: Opportunities and challenges MRS Bulletin, 40, 12, 1154-1161 (2015).
Bentzel G., Lane N.J., Vogel S.C., An K., Barsoum M.W., Caspi E., A high-temperature neutron diffraction study of Nb2AlC and TiNbAlC Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 98, 3, 940-947 (2015).
Chen Y., Rangasamy E., dela Cruz C., Liang C., An K., A Study of Suppressed Formation of Low-Conductive Phases in Doped Li7La3Zr2O12 Garnets by in-situ Neutron Diffraction Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 3, 22868-22876 (2015).
Chen Y., Rangasamy E., Liang C., An K., Origin of High Li+ Conduction in Doped Li7La3Zr2O12 Garnets Chemistry of Materials, 27, 16, 5491–5494 (2015).
Dehoff R.R., Kirka M.M., Sames W.J., Bilheux H.Z., Tremsin A.S., Lowe L.E., Babu S.S., Site specific control of crystallographic grain orientation through electron beam additive manufacturing Materials Science and Technology, 31, 8, 931 (2015).
Guo X.Q., Wu P.D., Wang H., Mao X.B., Study of Lattice Strain Evolution in Stainless Steel Under Tension: The Role of Self-Consistent Plasticity Model Steel Research International, 86, 8, 894–901 (2015).
He Y., Wang H., In-situ Neutron Techniques for Lithium Ion and Solid-State Rechargeable Batteries Chapter Handbook of Solid State Batteries, edited by Nancy J Ddney, William C West, and Jagit Nanda World Scientific (2015).
Huang E., Yu D., Yeh J.W., Lee C., An K., Tu S.Y., A study of lattice elasticity from low entropy metals to medium and high entropy alloys Scripta Materialia, 101, 32-35 (2015).
Huang S., Gao Y.F., An K., Zheng L.L., Wu W., Teng Z., Liaw P.K., Deformation mechanisms in a precipitation-strengthened ferritic superalloy revealed by in situ neutron diffraction studies at elevated temperatures Acta Materialia, 83, 137-148 (2015).
Johnson M.L., Structural Evolution, Chemical Order, and Crystallization of Metallic Liquids and Glasses Ph.D. Dissertation, Washington University in St Louis (2015).
Liu H., Qian D., Verde M.G., Zhang M., Baggetto L., An K., Chen Y., Carroll K.J., Lau D., Chi M., Veith G.M., Meng Y.S., Understanding the Role of NH4F and Al2O3 Surface Co-Modification on Lithium-excess Layered Oxide Li1.2Ni0.2Mn0.6O2 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7, 34, 19189–19200 (2015).
McClanahan T.C., Gallmeier F., Iverson E.B., SAC Activation Analysis and Validation Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2015/360 (2015).
Radecka A., Ordering and the deformation mechanisms of Ti-Al alloys Ph.D. Dissertation, Imperial College-London (2015).
Xu G.L., Qin Y., Ren Y., Cai L., An K., Amine K., Chen Z., Migration Mechanism of Transition Metal Ions in LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 3, 13031-13038 (2015).

2014 30 Publications

Aman A., Chen Y., Lugovy M., Orlovskaya N., Reece M.J., Ma D., Stoica A.D., An K., In-situ neutron diffraction of LaCoO3 perovskite under uniaxial compression. I. Crystal structure analysis and texture development Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 013503 (2014).
Benafan O., Padula II S.A., Skorpenske H.D., An K., Vaidyanathan R., Design and implementation of a multiaxial loading capability during heating on an engineering neutron diffractometer Review of Scientific Instruments, 85, 10, 103901 (2014).
Bo S.H., Transition Metal Borates as Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Batteries Ph.D. Dissertation, State University of New York at Stony Brook (2014).
Chen Y., Yang L., Ren F., An K., Visualizing the Structual Evolution of LSM/xYSZ Composite Cathodes for SOFE by in-situ Neutron Diffraction Scientific Reports, 4, 5179 (2014).
Druschitz A., Ostrander M., Aristizabal R.E., The science of intercritically austempered ductile iron International Foundry Research/Giesserei forschung, 66, 4, 30-42 (2014).
Lee S.Y., Skorpenske H.D., Stoica A.D., An K., Wang X.L., Noyan I.C., Measurement of Interface Thermal Resistance with Neutron Diffraction Journal of Heat Transfer, 136, 3, 031302 (2014).
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Lee S.Y., Woo W.C., Gharghouri M.A., Yoon C., An K., Micromechanical behavior of solid-solution-strengthened Mg-1wt.%Al alloy investigated by in-situ neutron diffraction Materials Science Forum, 777, 130-135 (2014).
Lugovy M., Aman A., Chen Y., Orlovskaya N., Kuebler J., Graule T., Reece M.J., Ma D., In-situ neutron diffraction of LaCoO3 perovskite under uniaxial compression. II. Elastic properties Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 013504 (2014).
Polsky Y., Anovitz L.M., An K., Dessieux L., Strain measurement of geological samples subjected to triaxial stresses experienced during hydraulic loading 39th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Proceedings of the 39th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, (2014).
Rustan G.E., Electrostatic levitation studies of supercooled liquids and metastable solid phases Ph.D. Dissertation, Iowa State University (2014).
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Stoica G.M., Stoica A.D., An K., Ma D., Vogel S.C., Carpenter J.M., Wang X.L., Extracting grain-orientation-dependent data from in situ time-of-flight neutron diffraction. I. Inverse pole figures Journal of Applied Crystallography, 47, 6, 2019-2029 (2014).
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Tang Z., Fatigue, Fracture, and Environmentally-Assisted Behavior of Advanced Engineering Materials Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2014).
Vadlamani B.S., An K., Jagannathan M., Chandran R.K., An In-Situ Electrochemical Cell for Neutron Diffraction Studies of Phase Transiitons in Small Volume Electrodes of Li-Ion Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 161, 10, A1731-A1741 (2014).
Vogt A.J., Studies of Structural and Chemical Ordering in Metallic Liquids and Glasses Using Electrostatic Levitation Ph.D. Dissertation, Washington University in St Louis (2014).
Wang S., Chen Y., Fang S., Zhang L., Tang M., An K., Brinkman K.S., Chen F., Novel chemically stable Ba3Ca1.18Nb1.82-xYxO9-sigma proton conductor: improved proton conductivity through tailored cation ordering Chemistry of Materials, 26, 6, 2021-2019 (2014).
Wu W., Qiao H., An K., Guo X.Q., Wu P.D., Liaw P.K., Investigation of Deformation Dynamics in a Wrought Magnesium Alloy International Journal of Plasticity, 62, 105-120 (2014).
Wu Y., Liu W.H., Wang X.L., Ma D., Stoica A.D., Nieh T.G., He Z.B., Lu Z.P., In-situ neutron diffraction study of deformation behavior of a multi-component high-entropy alloy Applied Physics Letters, 104, 051910 (2014).
Xiao G., Wang S., Lin Y., Zhang Y., An K., Chen F., Releasing Metal Catalysts via Phase Transition: (NiO)0.05- (SrTi0.8Nb0.2O3)0.95 as a Redox Stable Anode Material for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Applied Materials & Interfaces, 6, 22, 19990–19996 (2014).
Yan H., Co-Al-W based alloys for turbine disc applications Ph.D. Dissertation, Imperial College-London (2014).
Yan H., Coakley J., Vorontsov V., Jones N.G., Stone H.J., Dye D., Alloying and the micromechanics of Co-Al-W-X quaternary alloys Materials Science and Engineering A, 613, 201-208 (2014).
Yu D., A Study of Micro-Mechanisms and Macro-Constitutive Modeling of the Cyclic Plasticity of Austenitic Stainless Steels Ph.D. Dissertation, Tianjin University (2014).
Yu D., Bei H., Chen Y., George E.P., An K., Phase-specific deformation behavior of a relatively tough NiAl-Cr(Mo) lamellar composite Scripta Materialia, 84-85, 59-62 (2014).

2013 28 Publications

Benafan O., Noebe R.D., Padula II S.A., Gaydosh D.J., Lerch B.A., Garg A., Bigelow G.S., An K., Vaidyanathan R., Temperature dependent behavior of a polycrystalline NiTi shape memory alloy around the transformation regime Scripta Materialia, 68, 8, 571-574 (2013).
Benafan O., Noebe R.D., Padula II S.A., Lerch B.A., Bigelow G.S., Gaydosh D.J., Garg A., An K., Vaidyanathan R., Macroscopic and microstructural aspects of the transformation behavior in a polycrystalline NiTi shape memory alloy NASA NASA/TM-2013-217878 (2013).
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